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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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Soul Silver, definitely. But I think that I'll wait until its English release, just as I did with D/P and Platinum.

Spring 2010 isn't that much of a wait, honestly. Platinum's release flew by like nothing.


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I'm importing both from Eygpt lol...

Yeah I want both as soon as possible


An Inside Joke
Waiting for the US release. I'll be getting both versions because I never got Gold, and my Silver's cart battery died recently


Previously Iota
I'll most likely buy both if I do import, which I'm sure I will. I have the japanese Diamond and Pearl and the english of both, and also the american Platinum as well as the japanese.

So I more than likely would get both if I do at all.

So my answer is yes...pretty much.



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I've played silver in the past so I'll most likely buy SoulSilver or pretty much anything that the majority doesn't buy.


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For me it's all going to depend on how good the games actually seem to be. If the games are going to be similar as to how FireRed and Leafgreen were, then I will wait to buy them when they are released in the United States. On the other hand, if the games turn out to be completely overhauled (in a good way), then I might just have to import HeartGold. (I like Silver/SoulSilver better so I would much rather have it in English).


Up all night
I'll probably wait until they come out here in the US, the logistics just work better that way. Besides, we'll see them here in...what April 2010? I'll be a second semester senior then...I'll have all the time in the world.

Soul Silver for me...at least thats what I'm leaning towards now.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
I will get...

... Chances are that I will get Soul Silver since my old Silver Version was my favorite game back then. I might get Heart Gold though. It's guarenteed that I won't be importing the game from Japan so I will wait for the English games to come out in like Spring 2010.


The Anomaly
I'm going to wait untell they come to Canada then get Soul Silver right off the bat, as silver was by far my favorite. And eventually get Heart Gold some time down the road.

EDIT: Sorry, double post...

Crystal Firestorm

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I imagine I'll wait until it comes out in the UK (like I still am with Platinum >_>). But I'll definitely get SoulSilver, I had Silver before and it was awesome.


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Depends on how much money I have at the time.


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im gonna wait till they come out in the US, even though spring 2010 is NEVER GONNA GET HERE. i would import it, but i cant read japanese. and since i originally had gold, im getting soulsilver (even though growlithe will be in heartgold since it was only in regular gold.)


Crobat Kid
Im not getting the japan version, but if the UK version is too late, ill get the US version. Im getting soulsilver =>
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