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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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I might import them from the US, depending on how impatient I'm feeling at the time and also on whether there should happen to be any region issues, but I don't see why there would be. And also on whether or not Blazios imports them.

In any case, I'm getting both versions.

The Flash

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i don't know japenese so i'll be waiting in the states. yay. but i'm getting gold, i thought that it had the better version exclusives. and for the ones that i needed my brother, who will be getting silver, can now easily trade with me for the pokemon i want. now i can fully evolve alakazam. and donphan can now be on my team.
I am waiting until they come out in the U.S.A., and I am getting HeartGold.


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I'm gonna wait til they come to the US, as for which version - Soul Silver!

Chaos Shadow

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I'm waiting for the US version (can't read a lick of Japanese, so importing will do me no good). And Soul Silver.

Because IMO, Lugia > Ho-Oh, aesthetically (if not statistically).


I've had to change my mind now... I'm still importing Soul Silver as i prefer all things silver to all things gold BUT... since there might be an event concerning kyogre and groudon and raquaza and since i want kyogre (it's in heart gold wah...) i'll probably now be getting the HG as well.


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i'm getting both now with all the cool stuff which varies from both


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You can trade between english and japanese,right?

Then,I'm importing the japanese Soulsilver. I'm not sure why though..


You can trade between english and japanese,right?

Then,I'm importing the japanese Soulsilver. I'm not sure why though..

Yes, however (if it does have it is not yet confirmed, but) migration from an English GBA game to a Japanese DS game does not work. The other trading all works.


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I've thought about it for awhile and decided...
IF my mom can be convinced, I will import SoulSilver from Japan. It would be my first non-English game, an I can't think of a better one to be that.


SoulSilver, I mean I had both but I just like silver better, oh and im waiting until it comes to the US
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Back in the day I bought Gold, so I'm going to get Silver this time I think, but I may get both - one Japanese in november and another English when it comes out in Europe. I love these games to bit and by the looks of the legendary pokemon available, there's gonna be a lot of cool new stuff.

Although i want to encounter a wild Groudon as I had sapphire, so when more news comes out about the Gen 3 legends in the games I may change my mind :D

Edit: groudon's in soulSilver - infinite win.
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h0v0rさんこそうまいですよ ^^
仮名が読めるだけで結構ですよ ^^ 後は電子辞書に任せたらいい 笑 <3
皆さん、頑張ってくださいね :)


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Hi everybody I just joined the Forum.I live in Greece and I love pokemon so I hope you would excuse me if I make any mistakes. As far as the topic is SS and HG I will firstly buy SS and then HG. I have not played before neither G nor S which would you suggest me..........?;492-s;


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For everybody's information, Pre-orders for the games begins on July 4th. Players who pre-order HeartGold or SoulSilver will get a Ho-Oh or Lugia figure, respectively, or an Arceus figure if both games were pre-ordered.


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I will not import either of the japanese games because I dont understand any of it. Ill just wait until it comes to america to buy it.

Im getting soul silver :D

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