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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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I was thinking of waiting but after the pokewalk and events, I think I'm going to go ahead and import from Japan :D
Heart Gold because Ho-oh was one of my favorite legends, whom I never actually got to capture in my Crystal :(


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I will wait until they come out here in the US and I'm getting Heartgold because my friend is a g/s fenatic who got silver so i'll be his counterpart, I already have a legit Lugia from XD, and I played the original Gold before. Plus, If anything fasinates my curiousity, I can go here or to bulbapedia and research it so that I know what to expect when it comes out here. Plus, I don't speak Japanese.


Soul Silver with a Cyndaquil American version for me. I decide to get it instead of Heart Gold because I got Silver first but I had both. I was thinking HS first since Lugia would be stronger but I decide to just go with Soul Silver mainly for Skarmory. I might change my mine again depending on the pokemon in this version.
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Im way to impatient to wait, so I'll be importing HG, even though I dont understand any japanese and buying SS when it comes to the US.


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I played the original Gold/Silver in japanese for gameboy color without a walk through or any type of outside assistance and I was about 12 or so...I felt so accomplished but it was hard as crap. I doubt I'll be playing anymore japanese version due to the intricacy(spelling?) of the touch screen and the what not, so I'll just wait till they get released in the US and get em both :D

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Yeah im aiming for SoulSilver but only when it comes out in my country. Don't they get Groudon after E4?
Importing Heart Gold, Buying in english Soul Silver. In HG, I'm gonna be the Mario-like girl, and in SS Gold.


I'm importing SoulSilver just as i did with Pokemon Silver all those years ago, ahhh the memories this game will bring to light. XD


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I'm waiting for it to come out in my country and i'll get soul silver because I LOVE Lugia and since my brother is going to buy Heart Gold :)


I don't want to play a Japanese game, so I'll wait until it is in America.

I've owned played silver and gold, but silver was my first game so im getting that. I am not importing


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I'm going to get both hopefully, but I have never imported anything >_<
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