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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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Buck The Bidoof Masta

No HM Slaves Here
Im not gonna import at this point, likely not at least.

Ive never played a GSC game, so I figured id go with the legend I liked best, and Soul Silver it will be.


Definitely not importing, especially for such a text-heavy game. Plus, GSC was not my favorite generation (I know, shocking!!!), so I'm not so excited that I can't wait for the domestic release. I'll probably get the silver version and leave it at that, but we'll see (I usually get both versions, but only for the main series--I only got Leaf Green).


New Member
I've been waiting for a Gold & Silver remake for ever and can't wait another year for them to be released in English.

I will probably import SoulSilver from Japan and buy both versions once they're out in English. I'll play through HeartGold at that point.


4th Gen. Dragon '88
both us versions will be mine in poland, just like platinum:)


~*I'm Kute*~
SoulSilver for me :3


Hero Trainer
Going with SoulSilver, when it comes out in the USA.


All soul, no heart.
I will not import the games, but I will get both and use different teams in each of them.

Maes Hughes

Well-Known Member
I'm waiting until it comes out here in the States, I'll probably end up pre-ordering it from Gamestop as soon as they start taking pre-orders.

As for which version I'm getting, Most likely Soul Silver, but that could change once version exclusives are known.


Friends are Diamonds
I'm not going to Import it I'm gonna wait for it to come out in North America.

I'm getting HeartGold :) OMG I CAN'T WAIT

Tabby Catty

Courtney loves Ruby
Since I spent my money on Platinum, I think I'll wait until it comes out in English since actually understanding what things say would make the game a little more enjoyable (I have experienced this before when I played Yellow before I was able to read!)

But I will definitely get HeartGold because well, I like Gold, gold just seems like a cooler metal than silver.


continues to strive!
i will wait and i will buy both :)


Eh, ragazzo!
I am waiting until it comes in my country. I want to have the full experience by understanding the speech of the characters that are in the game.

As to which version I am getting, I usually wait until version exclusives are announced, but if it is all the same to me, then I'll most likely get Soul Silver.

Crystal Clair

Well-Known Member
I'll be getting the English Heart Gold version because the Gold version was my main version.
I've never imported a game before and even though I'm sort of good in Japanese and it's a remake, I rather be able to understand it.
Funny thing though as before FRLG game out, I was so impatient about getting it that I actually went the length of downloading the Japanese rom and for some reason, I thought the Japanese version would have different music. Thank you 4kids, thank you.

I usually only play through one game per set though but with the way things have been going these days at Gamestop, I'll end up getting both because the way they say it, they somehow convince you to get both versions. That's how I ended up with Firered and Pearl.
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Team Rocket 4ever
i will import the japanese soulsilver version;249; and then buy both versions when they are release in the uk;249;;250;. man i can't wait to ride the train again.
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