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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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What's the point in importing it when it'll be out in the UK a few months later?

I'll get SS, but i'll wait for it to come out in the UK.

a few months gets me annoyed im gettin it imported then buying the other to get the pokewalker :)


I will be waiting for the US release, and I will be getting Soul Silver because I got Silver in the past and I love Lugia. However, if I find out I really like the updated Soul Silver I might consider getting Heart Gold since Gold/Silver were my favorite games out of all of them.


Pokémon Trainer
I want to get silver but in the end I am going to get the oposite of what my friends are getting and of course if they don't play that means I am going to be forced to get both.

For the Japaneses versions. I am not going to import them. I rather watch someone play a live walk threw on youtube, and learn from there.

If I really really really want to play (I don`t know Japaneses.) I will get the dumped version and play it on Emulator on my computer and of course quit because I will have problem understanding, (but I guess the story line will be the same up to a certain point.)


Not Banned
I don't feel like importing them, seems like a waste of cash.

But I'll see what I can do.


Well-Known Member
If the games turn out to be to much more amazing looking I might actually consider importing one of them.

At the moment the one that has my interests is Soul Silver...
but I guess version exclusives could possible sway my opinion.


Cool X Dangerous
I doubt I'll be importing them as I'd rather wait for HGSS to get released in the US. I would get HG though since I prefer Ho-oh to Lugia.


Active Member
I really want to enjoy this game. I might be outta college by the time another comes out and I therefore might not buy any games after this. So I'll wait till it comes out over here and do it the right way. as in the way I can understand it and fully enjoy it.

oh and right now i am only getting HG as I have every other pokemon(beside lugia and ho-oh) and you can get both in HG, and I think I like the in game pokemon choices better. that and I need arceus but that is beside the point.
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Well-Known Member
This pre-order thing starts next month don't it? 4th or around there? Do you think playasia will have it to pre-order on that day? last time i imported US plat from there i had to pay extra 12 quid charge to the post office never had to with jap diamond.


boredom....its wierd
I think I will wait till it comes out here...


Strawberry fields.
I'll most likely stick to importing one, and buy the other edition, when they're released.


New Member
I am not importing, I can't read in most other languages...

I am getting SS, and my sister is getting her first Pokémon game, HG!


Shadow Stalker
I'd never import. I just don't want to read Japanese.
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