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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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New Member
I live in Australia, so i have to wait for it to come out in Japan, the USA, then Europe, then finally Australia (That's how it is with 90% of games). I may import in when it comes out in USA, or i might wait for it to come out in AUS. I'm 70% sure I'm gonna get Soulsilver


Well-Known Member
I won't be importing either. (Can't read Japanese) I will be getting SoulSilver first (Cause my first Johto Game was Silver) and then Heart Gold later. I have managed to get all the main games so far from Red/Blue on so why stop now?!


Well-Known Member
It's weird... in this generation it seems like the secondary game (Blue,Silver,Sapphire, Pearl) is more preferred, whereas it seems like in all the others it's the opposite.


Musical Star
im waiting till it comes out in the Netherlands ( europe)
im thinking im going to get heartgold, but im not sure.

bardock the saiyan

Active Member
I am gonna wait too till it comes out in my country.
cuse if you import it from japan.
you can't read it!
and I don't know wich 1.
if my bro takes heartgold,I take soulsilver.
and if he choose soulsilver I take heartgold.


Feather Trainer
I just submitted my descriptions for Heart Gold and Soul Silver to PlayAsia. They accepted my Soul Silver submission and refused my Heart Gold one. That's quite amusing considering their Heart Gold submission says that the game is set in Hoenn.


I'm not going to import, never did (can't read japanese XD), but I'm definitly getting Soul Silver when it comes out here! Can't wait! XD


Zatch 89

Well-Known Member
I can't read japanese so Im obviously not importing. I'll wait till they come out in the states and Im going to buy both on the day of the release and start my Soul Silver game first, picking Totodile. Then my Heart Gold game, picking Cyndaquil, after I've beaten Soul Silver.

Pseudo Lovely

Dream your heart out
I wish I could import, but I can't read Japanese, so I wouldn't really get anywhere if I imported. I want SoulSilver though because I had the original silver.


Well-Known Member
I will import Soul Silver from japan, just because that I have Silver and Gold looks
boring for some reason, so Heart Gold seems the same.


Well-Known Member
I hate the fact that playasia despatches on the day of release, as where most vendors despatch about 2 days before to give enough time for the item to arrive on the day of release... any case i'm pre-ordering HG, then will get both when they come to the US and import them from there :D


I have returned!
I will be importing them both I love have a importing game store in my area :)

Shadow Tepi 8

Prince of Blue
Nah, I'm not going to import it. I'll wait for it to come out here in Australia.

As for the version, I'm most likely getting HeartGold.
I will simply wait for it to reach the U.S. And I will go with Soul Silver, because back in the day I remember my seven year old self buying Silver. I actually don't think I've ever been this excited for a pokemon game simply because this one is a remake of my favorite one of all time.


Well-Known Member
Are the statues available with the play-asia preorders? It doesn't say on their site...
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