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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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I am very excited for these games, and this just made my bad day. Back in the day I had Gold, so I guess I'll be getting HeartGold. I've always prefered the "red" versions of the Pokemon games anyway.

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I'll only be importing if its more than a year's wait for the US. This ofcorse depends on if they follow the 10 year anvi for the US or if its just for JPN. I will be getting Soul Silver, because I like Lugia more than Ho-oh, and I got silver back in the day. But who knows I might pick both up



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Eh, I can wait. I'll buy both though.
I'm gonna import both because i imported Diamond and Platinum from japan and since all the text is in Hiragana and Katakana I will have few problems reading it. It will just be a slow process if i try to translate so ill do what i did with the other two and blunder around enjoying the game and figuring out the story if they differ slightly from the originals. plus ican rub it in my friends' faces. :D


Fear the Deer
I shall endeavor to import both, but I'll settle for just one(Mainly Heart Gold, since Gold is the first Second Gen game I played)

Then when the US release comes around, I shall get both.

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I'll wait for it to hit my country, I made the mistake to buy a different language version of diamond.
I'm not gonna import, mainly cause I don't wanna buy games that require reading that I can't read, only to buy the games in a language I can read 4-6 months later. Patience pays off, and costs less.
I'm not importing, not worth it for me.

I'm getting Heart Gold because:
-I like the logo and the color combo
-Ho-Oh is one of the few Pokemon I still need.
-It is the least popular so far.

The version choice needs a poll of its own.


I'll buy Soul Silver when it comes out here.

My cousin's getting Heart Gold, so no problem.


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I will buy both eventually when they come out in the US, but Heart Gold first.


Crude mother fxxker
Hell no, ill wait tell it comes to ME.
And mostly i would rather not waste time confusing myself when i dont know a single character of japanese and have to pay about 2x more then i should becuase of the shipping.


<-I'm gonna have it!
i'm waiting for the games to come to America even thoughmy friend is importing it, and the game for me is definitly SoulSilver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Im not sure if I will import since it will ruin the fun when I play the english version. Also, I will be getting soul silver :p since I had silver version in 2nd gen, but I might get both and keep silver as my main.


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I'll wait until the game is released in US, I mean what's the rush anyway, its just a remake of gold and silver.
And I'm gonna get HeartGold version.


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MAYBE I will import Gold. It will work on a US DS, right?


I'm not gonna import it. I'll just be patient and wait for the US release. =/


There's no reason to import and it pretty much spoils the fun of playing it in English. The only advantage would probably be those Japanese exclusive events over wifi.
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