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Will you still play?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by darkpkmn fan1, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. darkpkmn fan1

    darkpkmn fan1 Well-Known Member

    The third gen games are brill no doubt. But the question is, will you still play if you get D/P? Tough question eh.
  2. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Yeah, I will. Just not as much.
  3. yeah I'll still play them not just when I'm trading my good pokes to D/P
  4. dragonmaster_jonathan

    dragonmaster_jonathan Local Dragonmaster

    not that tough for me. Im going to still play and pay attention to my main team on firered, but Im also going to have a main team on Diamond as well. I might move alot of stuff to Diamond from Firered though.
  5. FireHead Hank

    FireHead Hank Matt Fanboy

    I guess I'm going to trade all my ev trained and "special" Pokemon to D/P, so I wont play Emerald as much as I'm playing it right now. But I think I'm not going to QUIT playing Emerald, because I really like Hoenn, it's Gym Leaders and else.
  6. -SI-

    -SI- I'm baaaaaack

    I still play Blue for gods sake. Hell yes i will.
  7. 2Percent Miltank

    2Percent Miltank [~Meganium~]

    Sorry, but that has to be the best quote all day. XDD *applauds thee* ;P

    Anywho, if I do get D/P, I will still play Emerald. Like Sneasel Inferno, I still play the older games, namely my Crystal Version. X3
  8. Megg Lavender

    Megg Lavender Inactive

    Of course I will. But, I would never trade in my Sapphire Pokemon into the D/P games. Just because a new game is around, doesn't mean I have to ignore my old Pokemon games. They're still fun. ^^
  9. Pottsie

    Pottsie I'm Back

    I will always play the Third Generation Games, because I won't be getting the Diamond/Pearl Games, because I never liked the DS and I won't bother buying one just for one Game.
  10. RPG Maker

    RPG Maker Lost Dreamer

    Of course I will still play. The only reason I don't play Gold/Silver/Crystal is because the batteries are dead. I still don't have FireRed or Emerald so I will for sure to get them before Diamond/Pearl and play them.
  11. AkariKanzaki

    AkariKanzaki Guest

    Sure. There will be a bunch of Pokemon from 3rd gen that won't be available in 4th gen natively so you must trade them in. There may be 4th gen players that don't have the 3rd gen games and will want traded Pokemon. Also I may want to use some of these Pokemon for battling, either competitively or in-game.
  12. coolcobra77

    coolcobra77 Your Worst Nightmare

    I will I gotta trade my lvl 100 team over to the awesomest D/P
  13. Moonlight.

    Moonlight. Well-Known Member

    Yeah. Heck, I still play RBY even though they've been remade.
  14. Manene

    Manene The Ultimate Absol~

    Maybe. If I do, it defiantly won't be as much. But I'll probaly use up to about 55-70% of the time that I do play trading my Pokemon to Diamond and/or Pearl.

    Manene out;manene;
  15. Sneasel

    Sneasel Sneasel Master

    Yes, I will play these games even after D/P comes out, but not as much as I currently do.
  16. Caterpie Master

    Caterpie Master Oh My! Noodlesoup!

    Hmm, I don;t know...
    Sometimes maybe....but not as much as I used to...
  17. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    I'll play them maybe 20 mins for every 5 hours of D/P 8D.
  18. Leon Phelps

    Leon Phelps Don't Tread on Me

    I'll still play Emerald from time to time. D/P will occupy most of my free time though.
  19. Kabuto

    Kabuto little punks!

    Probably play them eventually to raise good pokemon to add to my collection or just play to explore the lands again. Not like I can't trade, so I wouldn't be making progress for nothing.
  20. Theneedleman

    Theneedleman crazyengage

    Does trading pokes from Fr/Lg/R/S/E count? -.- Not as much....as D/P
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