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Wimbledon 2013


Highly illogical...
Well done Murray!

Spectacular performance, well deserved.

But deserving of a very good shout out was his semi-final match up!

Who do you think was the most outstanding in Wimbledon this year?


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Glad to see Murray finally win Wimbledon. People are already trying to take that away from him though, because of Nadal and Federer losing early.

But beating Novak ****ing Djokovic in straight sets is dang impressive!

7 tyranitars

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Well done Murray, and congratz brits.


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Murray won.



I was watching men's final with my parents and at the time they were playing the last point which eventually ended the game. Luckily I came back just to see the last ball. I was so happy for Andy, he really deserved that. Now he won't get any peace anytime soon :D Novak wasn't at his best today, too bad :/ But congrats to Andy and good luck to both for next challenges.

Are people really saying that he got the victory easily since many favourites dropped out early? Easy victory my a**, he beat Novak in the final 3-0 and he's probably the toughest opponent you'll nowadays meet in a tennis match!