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Windows Movie Maker + Music?

So. Just recently got myself a nice webcam that's been working fine and I have some decent footage of some of my exploits done in Brawl and such. No questions so far. Now, I want to upload the footage to Youtube, as essentially the goal of this "project" if you will. So I take the footage, place it on Windows Movie Maker, and edit out all the unwanted stuff. Still no questions, but here's where my essential question of this thread arises.

I want to add music to the footage. Any kind, really, so long as it fits the bill. So my first impression is to take some music I have from iTunes and Import it into WMM...But I can't. When I go to the destination of any file of any song, it says "No files match your search." Even if I change the preference of the search to certain files (Only audio, audio and video, etc.). So then I try Copy + Pasting the files. Still no luck. It gives me this error message:

The file [Filename here] cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to import the file again.
Peculiar. But I just assume it's something with iTunes, and I need this codec to play the files. So here's the question:

-What codec would be needed to use the music in WMM? And is there any way I can...get it?
-If not, do I have to change the file type in some way? WMM will accept MP3 (.mp3 file) musics that I have lying around, but not MPEG-4 (.m4p file) musics, which are the ones from iTunes.

Sorry for burdening anyone with this problem. At the same time thanks in advance to those who can help. ^.^


[Insert Wacky Title]
Firstly, screw iTunes format.
The reason it doesnt work is iTunes format is protected; there's nothing you can do about it. You'll have to convert the audio file to mp3. Any ordinary converter won't work, but being a bit creative, you can easily get mp3 files from the m4p file. Burn the files to a disc, then rip it as mp3. Those files will be importable to WMM.


Hadou Aprentice
Personally speaking about the conversions, I would recommend NCH Switch for audio conversion.


Plus, iTunes and everything Mac made is encrypted differently, so you just can't copy from iTunes onto a folder or Windows Movie maker.
Yeah, thanks for the help, both of you. I have ripped the music in MP3 format, and they play just fine on WMM. Thanks very much for the help, and now I know in advance some extra stuff about iTunes. ^_^