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Wing It! The Angel/Devil Shop

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Really and truly
Wing It!
The Angel and Devil Shop

Well, first off, you’re probably wondering what is done here. Here, wings are applied to your favorite Pokémon, so it will make it into either an Angel, or Devil for you!

Here, we work for customer satisfaction, so if you’re not satisfied with your finished sprite, it will be fixed/replaced immediately, so don’t worry if you don't like it the first time! I keep working until you’re happy!

I am not new to spriting, as I have been doing it for around a year, now, so I know what I’m doing- I have a good bit of experience, so you can trust me to do a neat job! If you aren't content, don't hesitate to say so!
Here are a few examples of my work.
Angel Pokémon:




















Devil Pokémon:

















So, how do you get one of these winged creatures? Just fill out the form!

Pokémon: What Pokémon you want.
Angel or Devil: Self explanatory.
Version: I can only do sprites from the Third Generation. For anything else, try another shop. Just say if you want it to be from Ruby/Saffire, Fire Red/Leaf Green or Emerald.
Colors: Do you want it to keep its original colors or should it be Angel/Devil colored? Any specific colors you want it wings to be? The Angel colors are: light blue, light pink, light yellow and white. The Devil colors are: red, grey and black.
OR For Angel I could take its original colors and just make them light, like I did for Delcatty. OR For Devil I could just take its original colors and make them darker.
Other: I can put a halo on an Angel Pokémon, but please specify if you want it to be gold or silver/white.
Note: Unless specified otherwise, your Pokémon will have wings according to whether it’s an Angel or Devil.
ALSO NOTE: I can only use third generation sprites to make the Angels and Devils, don't ask for anything from any other generation.

Also, I will do the same for trainer sprites. Examples:

For one of these Angel or Devil Trainers, tell me the trainer sprite, or give me a link if it is a custom and tell me:
Angel or Devil: Again, self explanatory.
Sprite: Which trainer/Gym Leader/whatever. Or provide a link to a (custom) sprite.
Version: Is there a specific version you want it from? If so: from Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green or Emerald?
Colors: For clothing, hair, even skin. You don’t tell me, all I’ll do is give it wings (usually based on the colors of the clothng) and that will be that.
Other: Do you want a gold or silver/white halo for your Angel?

Please be specific when requesting. If you just tell me ‘Angel Persian’ I do not know if you want it to be green or black and red. I’m not a mind-reader (despite my name)! But if you give me just one or two colors, I'll just use those however I want.

Another feature of Wing It! is Adoption Cards, our special form of adopting Pokémon. Whether created by you or just found floating in the thread, you can take any Angel or Devil Pokémon home with you! Each one comes in their own habitat, and at the bottom can contain information about the Pokémon you adopted. Environments differ between Angel and Devil Pokémon. Here are some examples:






To adopt an Angel or Devil in this way, just fill out the following form, stating clearly which sprite you want. You don’t HAVE to fill out every single one if you don’t want, but here are all the options:
Angel/Devil (this will be at the top no matter what- it just says which the sprite is)
Species: (the species of that particular Pokémon)
Name: (the nickname you want to give this Pokémon)
Gender: (male or female)
Level: (what level is it at?)
Adopted By: (the name of the member who adopted it, aka your name)
NOTE that if you want you can leave out as many of these as you want, so if you don’t want to give it a nickname or you don’t want it to be at a level, that’s perfectly okay.

Also, please state which Pokémon sprite you are adopting. It can only be an Angel or Devil from this shop, but it can be absolutely any one you want, even one you requested yourself. Please state clearly which one, or post the picture/link to the picture.

This concept is COMPLETELY new to the FanArt forum and has not yet been done. Nobody has permission to rip off or steal my idea in any way, and anyone caught doing so will be punished immediately.

Please follow all of Serebii’s Rules for the FanArt Requests, as I will not be repeating them. You ignore the rules, I ignore you.
My Rules:
*Only request up to three sprites at a time. If you ask for four, all four requests will be ignored.
*Be patient. I’m taking my own time to do this. I can’t help it if I have other things I’d like to do in my life.
*Give credit. If you use my sprites or put one of the adoption forms sprites in your sig, you must say I made it. If you use it on another site/forum, specify that Psychic from SPPf made it for you. Don't spell it wrong.
*Do not claim my sprites as your own. I put a lot of effort into them, and claiming that you made them yourself is stealing, and I will not tolerate it.
*Do not steal my concept. Everything you see in this thread is completely original, especially the environments for the Adoption Cards. If you like the idea and want to use it, contact me privately first. If you don’t and you don’t give credit I will accuse you of stealing.
*I will only edit sprites that are official, Third Generation sprites at the moment- nothing, and I mean NOTHING from the Fourth Generation.
*I will only edit non-official sprites if it was made by you, or whoever made it gave permission for you to use and edit it. In this case, please give credit to both spriters.
*You may put the Angel/Devil sprites on your Trainer Card or whatever you want, but you still have to give me the proper credit. If you ask someone else to edit the sprite I made you, you still have to give me partial credit for it.
*You may adopt any sprite you want, but you must ask permission first. I don’t mind at all if you adopt it into your sig or anything, just follow the above rules when doing so.
*I am currently closed for like, ever. However, I will take requests that are sent over PM. I will only take requests that use the form, and somewhere in the PM you must say "the owl is watching" in a green font colour. This shows me that you have read and can follow the rules. I will make your sprite during my free time and PM it to you asap as thanks for being a good member.

To adopt an Angel or Devil, please just post saying that you would like to adopt a certain sprite. It can be absolutely any Angel or Devil here: you can adopt a pre-made one, or one you or anyone else requested. The same sprite can be adopted by multiple people. You can name it, ask people to 'feed' or 'hug' it, whatever you want, just please remember to give credit.
You can adopt sprites in both the ‘environments’ or not. If you so wish you can fill out the forms, or you can just put the sprites alone and say ‘I adopted this sprite, made by Psychic’.
Also: placing an Angel or Devil in your sig can have some pretty amazing results! To adopt a sprite, you must say so, though- I can't tell if you adpoted without telling me!

Example of what may happen:


Same with if you put them in an environment. However, I won't know when it's ready to evolve! If your Pokémon has reached the proper level, tell me and I'll evolve it for you!

Well, look what happened after he got a bit of love and affection after being in someone sig for long enough!

And when Darkfire is there even longer, he is fully matured!

If you have broken multiple rules multiple times and show that you clearly can’t read and follow them, then you go on my Banned List. Anyone on this list is banned permanently from this thread and is not allowed to post or request here any more.
Banned List:

Currently CLOSED. Forever.
I may or may not try this again someday.
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Hero of Legend

Advanced Missingno.
Angel or Devil: Angel.
Pokémon: Mew.
Version: Emerald.
Wing Placement: No wings please.
Colors: Shiny with light.
Other: Can you make one with and without the halo please?
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gee that's swell
Angel or Devil:Angel
Version:Ruby and sapphire
Wing Placement:Back
Colors:Light ble and light green
Other:Halo please


Really and truly
Hooray, my first customers!

Hero of legend: Here is your Shiny Angelic Mew and here is yourMew With A Halo. I hope they please you!

Torchic23: Exactly what part of your Groudon should be light blue and light green? Do you have anything particular in mind?
I just want to know so I do not mess up your request.

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Angel or Devil: Devil
Pokémon: Mew
Version: Ruby/Sapphire
Wing Placement: Back
Colors: Red and Black
Other: Horns and Tail
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Really and truly
Torchic23: Well, because your request wasn't all that specific, it came out looking rather funny. It was all going fine untill I added the green...
So, here is your long waited for Angel Groudon.

Jolteon64: I had a lot of fun doing your request, and it came out quite well in the end (though it's tail looks rather small).
I am proud to present to you your Devil Mew!



Well-Known Member
Ooooh! How superdeeduper, I'll request two!

Angel or Devil: Angel
Pokemon: Glalie
Version: R/S/FR/LG
Wing Placement: Not a lot of places to put them o.o; The back, methinks.
Colours: Light Blue, light pink/light yellow, White (if theres too much, then use whichever)
Other: A halo, of course!

Angel or Devil: Devil
Pokemon: Feraligatr
Version: R/S/FR/LG
Wing Placement: On the back. Perhaps, if you can, much smaller wings on his forearms.
Colours: Red and black, maybe keep some of its blue skin.
Other: Extended fangs! Rarr!

Thankies Psychic!

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Can I request two and have them in the same pic?

Angel or Devil: Angel
Sprite: Morty
Version: Gold/Silver/Crystal
Colors: Clothing - Yellow, Light Blue, Light Purple, Skin - same, Hair - same
Other: Halo and wings

Angel or Devil: Devil
Sprite: Brawly
Version: Emerald
Colors: Clothes - Black, brown...anything dark, Skin: same, Hair: Lighter black than skin
Other: Horns, please....and wings.

Thanks so much ^^

mewtwo master

Light blue halo angel milotic with wings in the back please!


Can i get two?

Pokemon: Gyarados
Wings: yes
Halo: no
Colors: What ever makes it look good
Just make it look good :) !

Pokemon: Gyarados
Wings: yes
Horns: no
Colors: Again, i dont care, make it look good

Cant wait to see them!



Really and truly
Tale: Waiting for PM reply

Jolteon64: You're welcome, I'm glad you like it!

♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥: Sorry, but I don't do sprites from older generations (I can't revamp). You may ask someone else to revamp a trainer for you then give it to me, but otherwise I can not fill out your Angel Morty rewuest.
However, here is your Devil Brawly It wasn't easy to put on the horns. I hope you like it!

mewtwo master: Request ignored.

WaterLover315: I had a lot of fun with your requests, and I think they both turned out very well!
Here is your Angel Gyrados and Devil Gyrados.
You have to see them next to each other, though, It's almost funny.

If anyone isn't satisfied with their sprite I will edit it to their desires!

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perrapu/pinpuku rule
color:what you think that is the best

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Thanks Psychic! I get someone to revamp Morty....*goes to look around*


Really and truly
Sorry I took so long, guys! We had some trouble with the internet for awhile and I had to use a computer that didn't have the program I use to make sprites.

dragon122: I've only made a Devil Blaziken for you, but I made a few versions of it because I wasn't sure what color combination I liked best. I'll line them all up for you so you can see what they look like next to each other.
I made a total of eight, and I narrowed it down to three. o_O

Tale: At long last, I have finished your request! I had finished the Glalie ages ago, but the Feraligatr was a challenge.
See, whatever I tried didn't work for the extra wings and horns. So I left them out. I am willing to try again, or at least enlarge the fangs like you asked. *sigh* Anyway's here is your Devil Feraligatr.
And here is your Angel Glalie.

And you're welcome WaterLover315! I'm glad you like them!

Oh, and I randomly made a Devil Aggron in my spare time. Well, four, actually, but I only ended up liking three. :p

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Well-Known Member
O.O *Glomps the two* All mine!!

Thank you so much Psychic, they are amazing! You know what, looking at the devil 'gatr now, I feel adding something would overdo it - its perfect.

*Adds the devil to his sig* Thanks Psychic, you rox my stripy sox!


Really and truly
Tale said:
O.O *Glomps the two* All mine!!

Thank you so much Psychic, they are amazing! You know what, looking at the devil 'gatr now, I feel adding something would overdo it - its perfect.

*Adds the devil to his sig* Thanks Psychic, you rox my stripy sox!
^-^ I'm glad you like them so much! Nobody's ever glomped my sprites before! (Unless you count that time purple_drake glomped the Angel Lance I made, lol.)

I'm glad you think so!

Yay! Someone actually put my sprite in their sig! *throws confetti in the air* Thankies!
And le gasp! A link to my shop as well! I'm honored! *beams*
You're my number 1 customer! Yay-ness! *huggles* You can come back whenever the heck you want!



Oh neat sounds cool I will request one also (can't you be nice for a change) lol ok here it is!

Angel or Devil: Angel
Version: Leaf green/Fire red
Wing placement: On like my avatar's
Colors: Light orange (main body),white (Wings and horns), and light red (Flame And halo).
other: Sharp horns, smile, a halo, and white it out.

I will advertise this in my sig to. Said Chary888 carefully
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