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Winged Darkrai (Charcoal)


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If Darkrai ever gets a sky forme,I hope it has real (REAL) wings. No wing-shaped projections,no hand-like glider ears,just WINGS. Like an angel. Because,Darkrai reminds me of Erik. Which is the exact reason I drew this.


Doesn't he look beautiful with wings? Tell me what you think!^_^


Master Trainer
that is awesome


Resident Bad A**
I like the shading and stuff but...it just looks a little hard to tell what it is. Good work though.


Charizard pwns it!
That... is... fantastic. Awesome, AWESOME job.


kiss my greens
For me, it was hard to figure out where Darkrai's face was and how it was drawn.

But I love, love, LOVE the amount of detail and shading that went into this! :D You can tell that a lot of hard work went into this :3

I'd love to see it in color. (What little color Darkrai has XD) Good job!