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Wings 'n' Things! (179)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Wings 'n' Things!

Entering another town, Ash & Co. discover that a Yanma there is causing trouble by shattering glass all over town. It's trainer's parent forces him to get rid of it which he doesnt want to do...What will Happen?

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So hot he's on fire.
Another favorite of mine, courtesy of a little boy. XD

Yanma makes the cutest sounds EVER!!!!!!1oneonesevenyanma

And the part with Zach letting Yanma go made me wanna cry. o_O;

Factory Head Noland

It was funny that Yanma smashed windows (rebel Yanma!).

I love Yanma's voice "Ying-yang".


I had no idea Yanma existed until I saw this episode o_0

That and Ledeon (sp?)


Phantom_Bugsy said:
Yanma makes the cutest sounds EVER!!!!!!1oneonesevenyanma

I have to agree with that! That voice made me want to catch one!

Also, is it me, or does Zach sound a bit like Max? It's no big deal, but my brother was joking about that, saying "It's his first Pokemon".


So hot he's on fire.
I love Zach, he's so sweet! :D

I can imitate that Yanmavoice pretty well, too. XD One day I'll have to put that up.


i enjoyed this episode cause that Yanma was so distructive!


Strawberry Milk
Yanma and it's voice were so cute! But the only problem i found was that the pokedex said that some of yanma's strongest attacks were tackle double team and sonic boom. I mean tackle? It ain't that great. i would have rather used swift or quick attack.
I love this episode here are some quote I like

Jessie:I can't belive we caught a Yo-yo.

Meowth:It's called a Yama.

Jessie: Don't contredict me!
Jessie:I have a poem.

I you add wings to a Caterpie.
It will look just like a Yama, See.

James:You have a talaent.

Meowth:Yeah, not for poetry.
Man:Why would you keep Glass in an ice cream truck?

But thatwas funny we you see the winged Catrepie. Hee Hee. But a very good filler. Johto is full of good fillers.

10/10 ;)


Team Awesome
This episode wasn't all that great, though I get a good chuckle out of Meowth riding in Victreebell's mouth. :D It was also funny when Jessie told the one man to ignore Wobbuffet because he's just window dressing. LOL I'm glad that Zachary was able to work things out eventually with his yanma so that it would obey him and stop causing trouble in the community, but otherwise this episode wasn't all that interesting.

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
The filler ep was predictable with someone getting into trouble for causing trouble, but what really ticked me off was during the battle Ash & Co were forced by Team Rocket to let them win (and gained an unfair advantage) because the caputred Yanma could damage the glass. That was low even for Team Rocket.
Alright, it had some funny TR parts, and the Yanma shattering glass wasn't bad either


Well-Known Member
A nice filler episode, Yanma is a favorite of mine and this was a good episode to introduce it in. Also I believe Yanma is the 2nd Pokemon to steal Ashes hat.
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Well-Known Member
Aww Yanma was really cute, and I loved the glass breaking idea and the whole framing of Zach. And when Yanma had to be released, that was quite emotional for me.

And the ice, the puns were just terrible but the idea was good!