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Winner's Path? Which one are YOU Looking for and have you caught it?


Pokemon Caretaker
I'll hunt them all down just for the sake of completion, but I'm most interested in Self-Destructing Munchlax.


Haters Gonna Hate
I asked becuase I can't unlock Hoen Field despite having almost double the needed watts (Box-fan abuse, it has a steady rythm that gets roughly 1500 steps/5 min)


The Dragon Lord
I'll be looking for all of them becouse they have special moves. though it would be funny to see a snorlax self destructing.


Mew & Rotom Trainer
I'll mainly be looking for a Beldum (because Metagross is awesome) but I wouldn't mind getting a few Munchlaxes (Leftovers!).

Twilight Gallade

The Gallade of Night
Well, I just downloaded it, so after I get a good night's sleep, it's time for me to start walking. ^_^


Well-Known Member
I'll be grabbing one of each except the Magikarp (cause I already gave my HG a Lv85 Magikarp with Bounce as a souvenir from Platinum).

I feel relieved, these Pokemon will be easy to find compared to the Fly/Surf Pikachus. Not only are their encounter rates higher (especially Beldums), but more importantly they're different species. It was annoying not knowing what type of Pikachu you caught in Yellow Forest until you sent it over.


Light Ball Collector
The Magikarp for it's awesomeness, and the Duskull as I need it for my pokedex and collection. Otherwise the choice items.


AKA Nightlingbolt
I'm going to hunt down Horsea for SS, since it would save me the trouble of having to wait until I get Whirlpool. I'd also consider Duskull if Dusknoir could learn Shadow Claw, but sadly, it cannot. Anyway, I don't have the patience to raise Ghost-types.


Arcanine Breeder
Munchlax definitely. Too bad Focus sash doesn't work on self-destruct, because Self-destruct/rest/snore/Giga Impact Would KILL


Haters Gonna Hate
I like how it's not a pain to catch Beldum anymore!

I always go like this Attack, Attack*, Dodge, Pokeball.

* If I score a critical skip to Pokeball.