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Winter Games (003)


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Winter Games!

When in a cabin in Johto, Pikachu and friends decide to play in the cold. But when Chikorita runs off...the group go into an Ice Rink where they play curling using Meowth among other things...

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If I was in that short, I'd definitely go ice skating on that very rink! ;-)


I didn't like this short very much. Most likely because I've had a bad expeirience with Ice before. I liked the part when Totodile was spraying down the Icicles.


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I did see it and thought of it as the fun side of pokemon battling. I really liked the music when the pokemon were curling.

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This was pretty cute!Heracross was in it, so that racks up the points even if he didn't do anything noteworthy, unlike chikorita.I loove the part where meowth started causing trouble and slammed bulbasaur into a tree


I found out that it claims to be like the Olympic winter Games held in Nagano in 1998, and the Pikachu short is made to honour it.

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Oh, this Pikachu short was hilarious, I liked the part when they all made Meowth like a hockey puck by using their tails and Chikorita using her leaf, making him hit the tree, causing Meowth to counter back by making Bulbasaur hit it, which resulted him to tie Meowth up with his vines making him spin like a top, colliding into Squirtle who was also spinning, making Meowth blast off!


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never seen it. wish i had though it looks cool


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Continuity fun - Misty wears the same jacket as she did in the second movie in this short (you'd think she'd wear pants too, given that the temperature is below the freezing point, but eh...)

But yeah, fun little episode. Pikachu and friends apparantly just start bullying Meowth for no reason, though. The writers don't seem to like Team Rocket too much.

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I don't think i remember this one, but i always like the xmas ones, so i might have to look it up.


Funny short.

I loved to see Chikorita with the Indigo pokemon like Vulpix and Poliwag.

and i loved how Meowth slipped on the ice, and he fell later.


Aww it was cute, I especially liked it when the Pokemon each took turns touching the icicles; would think they'd never seen ice. Chikorita ran away, again, but that ended up giving us the ice rink scenes with all the Pokemon sliding across the icy surface. I laughed at Pikachu's expression as it was about to bump into Chikorita. It was like a bonding episode for those two. But am I the only one who noticed that the scenery looked an awful lot like the scenery in the episode where Chikorita was caught? Interesting haha.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see the Pokemon doing some curling. Wasn't sure why Pikachu and the other Pokemon were bullying Meowth in this episode. It was cool to see Meowth slam Bulbasaur into the tree and causing other trouble. It was funny to see Squirtle used as a hockey puck, and eventually was smashed right into the tree. It was funny to see Meowth keep slipping on the ice. It was funny to see Meowth used for Curling practic.

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There were some pretty funny moments in this episode. I enjoyed the part where some of the Pokemon got hit by those icicles. When the Pokemon were skating on the ice, I liked it when Pikachu slid into Chikorita and how Squirtle got dizzy. It was also funny watching the Pokemon mess with Meowth like that, but I felt a little bad for him.