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Winter Games (003)


The light is coming
This is a charming episode that was a delight to watch. I love how Meowth didn't act like a villan as much, which was a nice change of pace. The highlight of this episode was when the Pokémon made musical instruments out of the icicles!

Mrs. Oreo

Well Chikorita seemed really moody here at first, although she looked adorable while she was ice skating. Meowth spinning on the ice was funny and I loved when the pokmeon made face imprints on the glass windows as well.
Sigh, there we go again with Ash, Misty, and Brock leaving Pikachu and the gang unattended. I liked how we saw Meowth on four paws for once when he was on the ice, but it seemed messed up how he ended up blasting off.


I thought it was cute how Pikachu made a face print on the window at the beginning, and the icicle scene was entertaining, too. I thought that Nyasu showed up too late in this special and was merely used as a gag, although I still appreciated seeing him slip on the ice on his paws.