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Wish Upon A Star (multishipping, PG-13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Tadashi, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Voted First place in the Yaoi/Yuri Shipping Fics category, 2009 edition. Thanx to all who voted! I'm honored~ ^^​

    The idea for this... well, it hit me while I was in the shower the other day. Guys, I swear, when my mind wanders, weird stuff happens >>; But this fic is just too good to pass up...

    I'm using English names, so nya. The sole exception is Jun, whose dub name has yet to be revealed and whose name I won't like unless it turns out to be Damion.

    Disclaimer: Pokémon, all names & everything in relation, is the property of Satoshi Tajiri and his underlings affiliates.

    Title: Wish Upon A Star
    Author: Tadashi
    Archive: you're looking at it
    Rating: PG-13 for coarse language and mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.
    Genre/s: Humor, Drama, with a side of Romance.
    Pairing/s: Ah, but the specifics are for me to know and for you to find out ;) It's Multishipping, that's all I'll say for now. Oh, and there's going to be yaoi, so buckle up.

    Chapter 1: Sweet Nothings and Sour Feelings

    "Goooooood morning Pallet Town! It's just about 8:15 am and everybody is feeling the rush to get to work on time. It's an unseasonably chilly 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so be sure to bundle up, especially if you're walking! And now let's check in with our traffic helicopter, see how – "

    The radio announcement was cut short just there. Now the dark-haired boy would never know how the traffic was doing. 'Like it matters', he thought darkly. He despised waking up to his alarm clock.

    The boy groaned loudly and stretched his appendages as far as he could. Then he quickly retracted to the depths of his blankets; that DJ had been right about the chill. He muttered some dark thoughts about the cold. He hated anything to do with cold. Especially since Pallet Town had just suffered a record-breakingly freezing winter, he looked forward to the warmth of spring. Thankfully, April was just a few short days away.

    Still muttering about the cold, he untangled himself from his cozy cocoon and shuffled his way out bed. Slowly, just as he did every morning, he shuffled toward the bathroom door. Every morning, without fail, he always tripped over something. This time, it was one of his school books. "OW! Sonofa*****!" he paused his trek to the bathroom to seize his pained toes, hissing angrily at his textbook.

    Once the pain had subsided well enough to allow him to continue walking, he stumbled into the bathroom with the grace of a drunken hobo. He fumbled for the light switch and winced at the sudden surge of light. His bedroom had been perfectly dark, and the harsh light hurt his eyes. He scrubbed his face clean with the water he'd collected from the running tap, and faced his reflection. His hair looked especially uncooperative today. 'Well, that's what hats are for,' he conceded.

    After retrieving his favorite pair of jeans – his "don't care jeans", as he called them – and digging up a black shirt that didn’t smell utterly atrocious, he plopped his favorite cap over his messy black hair and grabbed his backpack. He paused quickly to check his reflection. 'Definitely had better days,' came the sad realization. But instead of going back to redo himself, he quickly shrugged his backpack over his shoulders and tripped over an old pair of shorts on his way out the door.

    "Morning, sweetie! I made you breakfast!" his mother's bright trill caught him as he descended the stairs, causing the boy to scowl darkly. How could anyone be so sickeningly sweet this early in the morning?

    "Hi mom," he grumbled in reply, slumping carelessly into his chair. In a flash, there was a plate full of pancakes before him. "Do you want some milk, hun?" Her son grumbled in reply, and she set a full glass beside his plate. She was completely used to his sour demeanor in the mornings. Though why he had yet to warm up to her sunny morning attitude in the sixteen years of his life mystified her.

    No sooner had she set the plate before him were the pancakes gone. She turned around and scooped up the plate with ease. "Do you want some more, hun?" she asked, but a quick, "no thank you" allowed her to toss the plate into the dishwasher.

    With another quick twirl, her son was halfway to the door, grabbing his jacket from the arm of the couch on his way. "Ash Ketchum, you get upstairs and brush your teeth this minute!" she reprimanded. "Mom!" came the annoyed reply, thought slightly guilt-ridden.

    After returning from the bathroom, making a beeline for the front door, Delia traipsed after him lightly, a brown-bagged lunch already in hand. "Ash, honey, don't forget your lunch!" She reminded him daily. "Oh, thanks, mom." He took the bag gratefully, just like he did every day. Delia smiled at her son in reply. No matter his attitude, she loved their daily back-and-forth.

    As he donned his jacket and shoes, Delia swiftly placed his lunch into his backpack. "Do you have everything, sweetie? All your books?"

    "Yes, mother. I've got it! I'm gonna be late!" though he kept his face straight, his tone was playful. He always loved his mother's bright disposition, even if it sometimes annoyed him. It made him forget about how crappy he really felt. He opened the door and let himself out onto the walkway. "Have a good day, sweetie!" Delia called to him. "Bye, mom!" he called back. As soon as he was on the sidewalk, the front door clicked swiftly behind him.

    Now 8:35 am, Ash started on his trek to school. But not before he looked at the house directly across the street from his. It was the most extravagant-looking house on the block, having been built fairly recently for Professor Samuel Oak. Oak, an elderly man of 60, had spent most of his life cavorting with the scientific community, earning him vast amounts of wealth and fame. He also had found a fondness for teaching, which allowed him to hold tenure at Viridian University, a forty-minute drive outside Pallet Town. Success came easily to him, and he was likeable to everyone who knew him.

    But Professor Oak didn't live alone in that house.

    All that fame and success was bound to attract a woman, who, two generations later, became the late grandmother of Ash's least favorite person on the entire planet.

    And that person was named Gary Oak.

    "Now, he may look like your typical pretty-boy with oodles of brains and more than enough popularity for everyone on the block, but in reality, he is so much more than that." That was the way Ash had once-upon-a-time described Gary to his mother, and he liked the way it sounded. By "so much more," he meant that Gary was arrogant to the point that it pissed Ash off the very second that anyone used his name.

    From the moment that they had met – at the age of 9 – Ash had seriously contemplated attacking Gary with a sharp rock to put Gary out of Ash's misery. Seven years later, their distaste for each other had quickly settled to a deep-seated rivalry, where Gary was easily the winner.

    Ash wasn't 100% sure what had sparked their rivalry (though it could have been the rock), but as far back as that first meeting, he was certain that Gary was out to destroy him. At first, he thought it might've been his imagination, but he quickly realized he was right. From something as completely innocent as "accidentally" tripping Ash with a wayward footstep, to not-so-accidentally throwing an egg on Ash's window last Halloween, Gary was a constant source of stress in Ash's life, with Ash unable to properly fight back. And now that Gary was here to stay, mysteriously coming to town to live with his grandfather at the start of the school year. And Ash hated every second of it.

    Without even realizing it, Ash had completely pissed away five minutes of his life, standing mindlessly across the street from the Oak residence. "OH NO! I'm gonna be soooo late!!" he groaned in dismay and dashed off in the direction of his school. Somewhere in the recesses of his mind, Gary laughed.

    * * * ​

    Lucky for Ash, he made it to school with five minutes to spare. He couldn't afford to have another detention this month, especially for being late. A teacher gave him a sharp word for running in the halls. Ash apologized and skidded around the corner, while the teacher muttered something along the lines of Ash needing a clean detention slate for the upcoming month of April.

    He made it to his locker with a giant gasp of relief. Students around him tossed him annoyed or suspicious glances, then resumed their mindless chattering.

    "Goooooood morning Ash!!" the cry was not enough to prevent the sudden crushing hug being bestowed upon him, not to mention the sudden loss of floor beneath his feat. After a gasp for breath, the young Freshman set the cranky Sophomore firmly back on the ground. "Wow, it's chilly out there, isn’t it? Thanks for that hug! I feel all warm and cozy now!" The quick chatter was enough to give Ash an instant headache. Or it could be the sudden head rush. "Jun, you know damn well not to do that to me," Ash complained.

    "Oh, oh, I’m sorry, Ash! Please, don't be mad at me!" Ash suddenly found himself staring into the vivid orange eyes of his friend Jun. They were sparkling with fake tears to compliment his perfectly melodramatic "sad puppy dog" expression. "I promise I won't do it again~"

    Ash sighed. "You need to stop that. It won't be long until I develop an immunity to your sickness."

    "AAAASH, YOU’RE THE BEST!" Jun hugged him from the front this time, though with less force than before. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Just then, the bell rang, indicating the start of class. "Oop, there's the bell! I'll see you at lunch! Now, don't you be late, Ash, or I'm fining you ten million dollars!" Quick as a flash, Jun rushed headlong toward his first class.

    Ash rubbed the side of his temple. He couldn't understand why everybody was so sickeningly sweet first thing in the morning.

    * * *​

    The bore of Ash's classes was punctured only by Jun's incessant babbling over the course of lunch. Ash kept up a pathetic effort by nodding and grunting in response, usually at the worst possible moment. He had been enjoying his silent hatred of Gary before school, and he wanted to get back to that feeling. In an effort to do so, he kept his eyes open for Gary, in an effort to track him down and send evil thoughts his way.

    "ASH!" Jun slammed his fist on the table, startling all within a 3-table radius. "What on earth are you looking at?!" he demanded.

    Ash sighed, and sipped his soda carefully. "Jun, have you ever thought about sitting with the Freshmen from your class?" he let that sentence slip out carefully, hoping not to provoke another outburst.

    "Nope! They're all a bunch of immature brats. I like you, Ash. You're so broody and mysterious!" he added that last line with a slight edge in his voice. The 'edge' slipped clear over Ash's head. He was back to tracking Gary again.

    After a minute of silence, Jun shook his carefully styled strawberry blonde hair in dismay. "Honestly Ash, I can't understand your sudden fixation with Gary."

    'Honestly, neither can I.'

    To Be Continued!

    Ah, ain't it lovely? This is the most I've written at a single time in... man, a really long time >_>; But I had fun, believe you me ^^ Jun makes everything fun. Get used to him, kids – he’s gonna be around for a while.

    Please don't hesitate to leave me a quick review about how you think I did with this ^^ I'm going to be working on this for a while yet, so rest assured, there will be loads of laughs and action coming up in Chapter 2!

    So, until next time, later days!
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2009
  2. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    Very nice, very nice. :) I'm guessing this is going to be an AU fic? My keen senses detected a distinct lack of pokemon in this chapter.

    So true. Mornings suck.

    Oh man, you gotta love Jun. He makes me laugh. XD

    Great job so far. Looking forward to more chapters.
  3. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    A bit redundant right there.

    But this is impressive, Tadashi. First, your pace is pleasantly brisk. You keep it light and casual, a bright story, while expressing Ash's darker inner thoughts without souring the rest of the mood. That's pretty expertly done, I'd say. And speaking of Ash's inner thoughts, one can already tell that you're handling the characters wonderfully.

    This wasn't a chore to read, which is a nifty accomplishment as far as fan fics go in my experience. That was a thoroughly enjoyable first chapter. ^_^
  4. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Very nice! I'm liking this already.

    I'm impressed with how you are keeping them as in character as possible, especially Jun.

    Looking forward to reading more!
  5. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    :D I'm loving this so far~

    Haha, Jun the hyper little blonde! Gotta love him. :3

    I'm lookin' forward to more soon!
  6. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Ok, I'm long overdue for this one.
    When this is done, I can finally move on with my day lol

    Sweet, love to see Ash getting hit on by other guys xD

    Kudos for writing something I have never seen before o_o

    Again. Wow.
    It's as if you're writing my mom and me as I wake up at 6am for University.
    This is scary, I actually think that on a regular basis o_o

    Class had started 25 minutes ago when I was still in High School >_>

    Oh, Jealousy ?
    By the way he started describing him, I thought he was in love ._.
    PalletShipping anyone ?

    Epic part ^^
    This could very well heppen to anybody...

    Jun...is he like this with everybody or just with Ash ? ^^
    But in any case, he wins...

    Well...once you see him Jun, you'll have a fix on him as well xD

    This fic screams of truth. That's why I love it for now ^^
    Yes, it contrasts Ash, who, apparently hates the world, and the world, which hates Ash...humm...drama.

    But anyway, I'm curious as to who will appear later on, and what's going to happen !

    Keep it up, I love the style, makes me laugh on random occasions, and no mistakes I could spot ;)
  7. CheekyJoy23

    CheekyJoy23 Battle Factory Lover

    I read through the first chapter enjoying the wit and snip and then I get to the end and read these two lines and OH BOY!!! I'm utterly hooked on this story!
    The way you write Ash really draws me in, especially the moodiness *love it!*
    Soooo Good!!!

    Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to more.
  8. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I am so evil not to have reviewed this earlier.

    From what you said in the description, this indeed looks promising and my kind of fic. :)

    I love the start, XD Very lively and energetic. You did a great job at capturing Jun's blonde lively personality - he makes an awsome fan-boy any day of the week. And it looks like Satoshi's slept on the wrong side of the bed. Delia is of course as sweet as honey, makes ya wonder if she's hiding something ya know. Of course it's something we can all relate to - sweet mums in the morning remind ya to do this, do that. This brought some old school memories back. Yes I loved the description and the characterization. For example, I think the way Gary was described is quite fab and I can also imagine him like that too. It's all great and I like this interpretation of this AU fic very much.
  9. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Oh, yay! <3 I got many reviews ^^ Thanks everyone, for your kind words and encouragement!

    I'm really glad that everybody liked the way I wrote Ash XD Quite a difference from the happy-go-lucky type we see in the show, yes? And yes, Shadow-saur, there won't be a single Pokémon to be seen in this fic.

    Chapter 2: Carefully Constructed Lies


    As if guided inexorably by invisible puppet strings, Ash hauled himself out of his desk chair and shuffled down the hallway to his locker with enough grace to avoid bumping into the myriad of students milling in the hallways. He had barely had a chance to get his locker open when someone addressed him.

    "Hey Ash! You ready to go yet?"

    By the sound of the voice, Ash knew that it was none other than Jun. He was the only person stupid enough to keep coming back to Ash, like the annoying blonde boomerang that he was.

    Ash was very careful not to speak to, or look at Jun until he had gathered his things together. Jun leaned up against the neighboring locker, humming cheerily as he watched Ash's every movement. With a final slam of his locker door, Ash stalked off toward the exit, with Jun eagerly at his heels in an eerily puppy-like way. This was Jun's cue to pick up his senseless chattering to distract Ash's thoughts from veering too much into the dark side.

    They reached Ash's house in no time at all, as Jun had nagged Ash to keep up with his overly brisk pace. Again, Ash wondered why he seemed to be a magnet for the overly happy and bubbly personalities around him. Delia was already standing in the doorframe as Ash and Jun neared the house. She smiled brightly at the two boys.

    "Hi boys! How was school today?" she greeted them with a smile. They eased their way inside as the door clicked shut behind them. Jun chattered with Delia while she kept an eye on her wordless son. As had been the ritual since September, Jun accompanied Ash home and chatted with Delia while the threesome enjoyed a platter of milk and cookies. The scene was like that of a garden party, with the happy voices resounding with laughter and bright words.

    Through it all, Ash felt oddly disconnected to his body, like he was stumbling around in a hazy dream.

    After their snack, the boys made their way into the den to do their homework. All the while, the sounds of dinner being made provided excellent background noise as Ash applied himself to his homework as best as he could. He was easily distracted by the occasional conversation made by Delia and Jun. Though neither one addressed him directly, he was beginning to wish that they would. His throat was beginning to feel the strain of disuse.

    Dinner came and went, by which time Ash was starting to feel more awake and alive than he had all day. The sun had set quickly, casting the town into darkness once more. The night brought Ash some comfort. People were easing into silence after a long day's chatter. The thought of everyone falling into an easy silence was enough to bring a grin to his lips.

    Ash helped Jun collect the dirty dishes as Delia placed them in the dishwasher. She then thanked the two boys, and both replied in unison, "No problem." These two little words from her son made Delia smile brightly. Finally, she knew her son was beginning to perk up. Ash rubbed his throat to get his voice going.

    The two boys then excused themselves to retreat upstairs, as was their after-dinner custom. After they mired through Ash's filthy, laundy-covered floor, they went outside to the small balcony adjacent to Ash's room. There, two deck chairs, a small circular table and a telescope on a tripod took up what little floor space there was to be had. Unfortunately for Ash, the deck was in direct view of Gary's house directly across the street. No matter; Gary didn't have a deck facing his house.

    "So," Jun said once they assumed their seats. "You gonna tell me about your incessant staring at lunch?" Of course, he was talking about Ash keeping tabs on Gary in the lunchroom.

    "It's nothing!" Ash groaned, hating having to explain himself to Jun.

    "Don't tell me you're interested in him!" Jun feigned a look of shock and horror. "After all these years of hate, there's a sudden attraction? A forbidden romance?" he smiled at the dark-haired boy coyly.

    "Jun, I swear to god–"

    "Relax, I'm just teasing you." Jun eased his deck chair into a backward tilt. Ash too settled into his deck chair, appeased by Jun's apology.

    "Besides, he wouldn't go for you anyway."

    Ash's head pillow made instant contact with the side of Jun's head.


    "You're so not funny, you know that?" Ash grinned, retrieving the pillow from the floor.

    "You're such a bad liar, you know that?" Jun chided him in reply. Ash was glad for their easy, playful banter. He'd never had a friend like Jun.

    The two sat in silence for a while, star gazing while the sounds of the neighborhood wafted along the air. A car door clicking shut, children laughing happily in the nearby park... and the sudden loud music coming from the Oak house.

    "Whaddya think's going on over there?" Jun asked casually, checking the time on his wristwatch.

    "Does it look like I care?" Ash's snappy reply held a trace of dejection. "But if I know Gary, and unfortunately I do, he's probably having his girlfriend-of-the-week over for some fun." He had said the word fun in the way that most people would say the word manure.

    Jun turned to Ash with a grin. "Man, you are so in denial and you don't even know it!" Silence, then Jun continued. "Come on, Ash, is it so hard to admit that you're at least interested in knowing why he's back to living here? Ever since he came here in September, it's been nothing but 'Gary this' and 'Gary that'!"

    "It's hard to forget about someone if they keep reminding you of their presence," Ash replied sourly.

    Jun sighed. "It's April first tomorrow, I forgot." Ash could hear the guilt in Jun having forgotten that touchy subject. "Well, maybe it won't be so bad... maybe he'll just go easy on you this time. I mean, you're in tenth grade! That's too old to pull April Fools pranks, anyway!" Silence. "You want me to rough him up for ya? You know, tell him to take a hike if he tries anything funny?"

    "No," Ash spat out his reply. "It's bad enough that my only friend is a Freshman, so I don’t need you to stand up for me!"

    The sting in his words took Jun aback. "Hey, I didn't mean–"

    "It's okay," Ash sighed. "I can face up to this on my own. After all, I'm in the tenth grade. I didn't mean to sound harsh, okay?"

    "Okay," Jun smiled at his friend. Sure, he was Ash's only friend, but it didn't mean that Ash didn't acknowledge the Best Friends necklace that had been bought for him. Unbeknownst to Jun, Ash had stuffed it in one of the deepest, darkest corners of his Memory Box. He didn't want to risk losing such an important object.

    After some more silence, to the tune of Gary's sound system, Jun stretched and got up from his chair. "I'm heading home now, okay? I'll see you tomorrow."

    "Yeah, see you," Ash waved lazily as Jun made his way back into the house. Once he was sure that Jun was out of the house completely, he shuffled over to his telescope, and positioned it toward Gary's house.

    * * *​

    Across the street, in the backyard of the Oak place, there was nothing to be found but good music, dimmed lights, and the warmth of an outdoor hot tub. In the warm, bathing-suited glow of the hot tub sat Gary and his latest girlfriend, a young brunette named Giselle.

    "Wow Gary, you sure know how to treat a girl," she giggled sweetly, leaning her head onto Gary's shoulder. "These past three months have been just wonderful."

    "Well baby, you know how I do," he flashed a dazzling smile whilst simultaneously wrapping his arm around her shoulder. She let out an approving "ooh", then allowed herself to be swept up in a passionate kiss.

    * * *​

    Upon seeing this terribly cheesy sight, Ash made a disgusted face and backed away from his telescope. What a bad time to go Gary-Watching.

    Ash assumed his previous reclined position on the deck chair, trying to shake the image of Gary playing tonsil hockey from his mind. After a few moments, he took up his telescope – carefully aiming it away from Gary's backyard before looking into it.

    This time, he took a look into the night sky. He liked to watch the stars come out to play, since they're difficult to see in large towns and cities. He didn't like to track their movements – it was just a rare bit of self-indulgence for him.

    A shooting star suddenly flashed before Ash's eyes and he let out a gasp of delight. Ash loved shooting stars, and he relished the chance to make wishes on them. He waited for a second shooting star, his wish on the tip of his tongue. He didn't have to wait long – the moment he spotted the next shooter, he squeezed his eyes shut, and muttered his wish to the heavens.

    "I wish that I could be Gary Oak."

    To Be Continued!

    Huzzah, more Junliciousness. Yes, I made that word up. But this is where the ball really gets rolling, kids. So please, stick around for chapter 3. I promise to post quicker next time.

    Later days!
  10. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    Tadashi, now is not a good time for me to be laughing my head off, but I am XD!! also, stalker ash! ~<333 I love it! Cant wait to see what happens next!
  11. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Wow, I've never read Gary in that personality before. It brings back memories of him and his cheerleading squad in the original anime, and you make it work. All of a sudden, I can fully believe Gary would be a sleazy show-off like that. o_o;

    In fact, it's neat the way you write all the characters. This fic is quite easy to get into; comfortable to read. I keep expecting to be made aware that I'm reading a fanfiction, yet within the first few sentences, all pretense of disbelief is gone and your story has pulled its literary wool over my eyes. ^_^;;
  12. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    The hyperness from Jun keeps on coming. Flowed really quickly, I think. Cool descriptions and that.

    XD I loled at this part irl. This was so cute and so funny at the same time. Gary-Watching... XD Ashy boy's a stalker, what a good touch. Really believable too, nothing seemed weird or out of character. And what an ending. *will need to check up on this fic more.*
  13. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Woops, I haven’t updated this since May… ^^; I guess life’s just been getting in the way, you know? Anyway, it’s still nice to get some reviews.

    Chapter 3: A Day In the Life of Gary Oak


    Four years, you think for sure that’s all you have to endure. All the total dicks, all the stuck-up chicks. So superficial, so immature.

    But we don’t need to use the whole song here. You get the idea.

    And it’s here at Pallet Town High School where our story begins. Just like any high school, achieving popularity is the ultimate pinnacle for most. Those who want it don’t have it, and those who have it abuse it. Well, there’s always an exception to that rule.

    Meet Riley, a 17-year old Senior here at PTHS. He’s tall, well read, courteous, and extremely well dressed. The eldest of the trio, girls and guys alike will swoon at his appeal. Yet he doesn’t say much. And when he does speak, there’s never a negative word to be found. He always sees the good in everything, and strives to be polite to all. You’d think a guy like that would be off the beaten track in terms of high school popularity, but how can you go wrong when you’ve got the total package?

    Then there are his friends, who more fit the high school popularity quota.

    Where there’s Riley, there’s Drew. Despite being the shortest of the popular boys, his larger-than-life attitude more than makes up for it. Unlike Riley, whose silence does not attract crowds of girls, Drew can always be seen with at least three girls tagging along behind him. Coupled with his family’s riches, Drew’s ego is easily his biggest asset. Popularity and good looks do nothing for his outlook on the unpopular, nor do they keep him particularly intelligent. Thankfully, Drew’s year-younger Sophomore cheerleader girlfriend, May, keeps him grounded.

    And of course, no Pallet High most popular boy trio is complete without their leader, Gary Oak. 16 and a Sophomore, he’s the youngest of the group. Yet since his arrival at Pallet High at the start of the school year, he brought the spark that ignited the clear separation of the popular kids. He’s extremely intelligent, yet he chooses to use it manipulatively. By getting good grades and becoming friends with the teachers, they’re less likely to punish Gary for his wrongdoings. He knows how to push peoples’ buttons, how to get them to say or do what he needs them to do. His crafty sweet-talking is ultimately what landed him his position of leadership within the group.

    Unlike his older companions, Gary sees fit to bully anyone he pleases, with little no regard for the consequences. So it shouldn’t surprise you that his favorite victim is none other than his across-the-street neighbor, Ash Ketchum. Ash was constantly the victim of cruel jokes and tricks throughout the year, all of which were too easy for Gary to pull off. He never got tired of frustrating the poor boy and having a laugh at his expense. They say Gary’s selectiveness is part of an incident some seven years prior to Gary’s return to Pallet Town. But Gary doesn’t want to talk about it. He’d dismiss the question with a wave of his hand with an order to drop the subject.

    Still, it didn’t stop the entire student body from wondering whatever happened between them.

    * * *​

    “They’re here!” the anonymous whisper set the stage for the grand entrance. The front doors blew open as Gary, flanked by Drew and Riley, glided down the halls with ease. People stood up against their lockers, leaving as much room as possible in the middle of the halls. Occasionally, one of them would say a few words to another student. But lord help you if you stood in the way of their morning trek.

    “Look at that, it’s disgusting!” Ash whispered fiercely. “Every day it’s like the parting of the Red Sea, all because Gary and his friends are popular.”

    The criticism went right over Jun’s head, for he stood in complete reverence of the trio.


    “Huh?” Jun’s gaze was still glassy as his eyes met Ash’s.

    Ash sighed and laid his head onto his locker door. “Nevermind.”

    * * * ​

    Now March 31st, it was no surprise to Drew and Riley that Gary would be out to pull a particularly extreme prank on Ash. That day at lunch, Gary surveyed the cafeteria. He was still undecided.

    “You gonna eat already, or what?” Drew quipped, waving a piece of sushi tantalizingly before Gary.

    “Please, keep that smelly dish away from me. You know how much I hate it,” Gary shrank back, covering his mouth with his hand.

    Drew chuckled and swiftly ate the sushi. “Baby.” After a moment’s silence, he spoke up again. “So you got your prank for Ketchum ready? You’d better fill us in if you expect us to help.”

    “Speak for yourself,” Riley murmured over the top of the book he was reading. Drew rolled his eyes at him.

    “I dunno yet,” Gary leaned back in his chair, putting his hands up behind his head. “There’s nothing good I can do at school without getting in trouble.”

    “You? Get in trouble? As if! You’re Gary Oak, schmoozer of teachers and administrators alike! You hardly got into any trouble all year,” Drew leaned onto the table. “What makes you think that they’ll bust you tomorrow?”

    Gary shrugged. “Meh. Someone’s bound to tell if I go too far.”

    “So then do something outside of school. You can’t get in trouble if you’re off the grounds.”

    Gary shrugged again. “We’ll see. Besides, it’s not like I have time tonight anyway. Giselle’s coming over.”

    Drew grinned. “Nice!” The two boys slapped five. “So? You gonna do it?”

    Gary smiled hesitantly back. “Well, I was thinking –”

    “No, no thinking,” Drew snapped. “Remember the code? You installed it, and you know the rules! After 3 months exactly, you do the deed. Break up with her,” he crossed his arms adamantly.

    “Come on, do you honestly expect that rule to last for the rest of high school? What about you and May?” he teased.

    “Hey man, you agreed to make an exception after Riley vouched for me,” Drew teased back. Riley nonchalantly flipped a page in his book.

    “So, what? Are you just gonna cop out like I did? I thought you only hooked up with her cuz she was on the rebound anyway,” Drew questioned. He sensed a weakness in his fearless leader.

    After a moment’s hesitation, Gary grinned at him. “Hell no, I’m not a little bitch like you.” The two boys slapped another high five. Riley rolled his eyes.

    “The usual, then? Dinner, hot tubbing, and tears?”

    Gary looked right into Drew’s eyes, his dazzling green ones flashing impishly. “You know how I do.”

    * * * ​

    Indeed, within a few short hours, Giselle experienced just what Gary could do. After a few harsh words and a dramatic exit, the brunette leaned into a bubbling jet stream to help wash away the day’s difficulties.

    A sudden bright light caused his eyes to snap open – it was a shooting star, streaking across the middle of the street, brilliantly visible to anyone on the street.

    He closed his eyes and leaned back once again. “I wish I could live a different life.”

    To Be Continued!

    Song Used:
    “High School Never Ends” by Bowling For Soup

    Muaha! A filler – aren’t I evil? Well, not really a filler, but it’s delaying the big dramatic élément déclencheur, as they say in French. What could it be, I wonder? Stay tuned for the next chapter!

    Later days!
  14. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    Man, am I lazy Mel or what? I should've reviewed sooner!

    This is a very nice fic, easy to read, get into and I feel like no one of the characters are OOC or anything like that. But I always knew you're an awesome writer so not surprised there. X3

    I feel like these three chapters are pretty much setting the scene and establishing most of our main cast and all. And you can see how characters stand within the school and all. Some fics are a bit confusing, you can't really tell where their place is at the school and I feel like it's something really relevant to a character in a high school fic.

    I particularly like Jun and Shigeru in this fic. Junlicious indeed. X3 Shigeru and Shuu's interaction rocked. They obviously get up to a lot of naughty shenanigans. And oh Gen, you must have moments of facepalm when around these two. What a sexy trio they make though! ^_^

    I really liked these sentences. Especially the second one. It has a nice ring to it really. And it summed up a lot too, those three sentences. Don't we all know it! XD

    All in all, good opening three chapters and I can tell that the upcoming chapters will be a good read. Keep me posted on when you update! X3

    /lol can't think of any critique atm
  15. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Ooh, an unexpected review from my Melon! <3 I had lots of fun writing Shigeru & Shuu, actually. They have compatible personalities, so I figured they’d be great as friends. And who can go wrong with a sprinkle of Gen, right? So get used to them, they’ll be around a lot, just like Jun.

    Please Note: From now on, the story takes place in Ash’s POV until further notice.

    Chapter 4: April’s Fools


    “Goooooood morning Pallet Town! It’s 8:15 am and the temperature is gonna be warm today! Looks like Mother Nature wants to set us up for an interesting April Fools day, because we are in for a 77 degree scorcher this afternoon! So make sure to wear your shorts today – they’re comfy and easy to wear –”

    I groaned and rolled over. “Shut up!” I groped around the nightstand, looking for my damn alarm clock, but it didn’t want to be found. Crafty clock, getting out of arm’s reach.

    Finally I got it, and sat up. The room was already incredibly bright – more than usual, anyway. “Cheap blackout curtains…” mutter, mutter. Of course they don’t work right. What do you expect when you buy from Wal-Mart?

    Still blind to the world, I hauled myself out of bed and shuffled toward my door.


    Ow. I peek blearily. A wall? Who put this wall here…? I guess I’m disoriented. Using the wall as a guide, I found my way to a doorknob. “Finally!”

    I open the door and walk right into… a closet. I peek again. What is going on here? Why is my room so different? Did Gary do this while I was asleep? And why on god’s green earth is there an argyle sweater in my closet…?

    Nevermind. Here’s another door. This one leads to the bathroom, thank god. Well, at least this time the lights weren’t so harsh on my eyes when I flipped the switch.

    I fumbled for the tap, scooped up a handful of water and splashed it on my face. I made sure to rub my eyes extra hard today. I shut off the tap and reached around stupidly for a towel – where the hell is my damn towel?! – Oh, here it is. I leaned in toward the mirror and rubbed my face.

    Hey, my eyes are green today. Cool.

    … Wait, what?

    I blinked a few times into the mirror. Must be a trick of the mind… No, they’re still green. Am I wearing contacts? Because I know they were definitely brown last night. I leaned back a little bit, startled by the strangeness… then I noticed that my pitch black hair was now a horrifying medium brown. GARY, THAT SONOFABITCH! He must’ve snuck in and dyed my hair last night…!

    … Hang on here.

    Oh… my… god… I am Gary!

    And cue the horrified little-girl shriek.

    * * *​

    I’m stunned. I’m perfectly stunned. How could this happen? How is this even real?! I must be having a nightmare! This has to be a nightmare! I pinched my forearm – er, Gary’s forearm? – as hard as I could, squeezing my eyes shut. ‘This can’t be real, this can’t be real, this can’t be real.’

    Nope. The Gary reflection staring blankly from the mirror definitely means that this is real.

    So I test it. I wave my hand. The odd reflection waves back. I nod my head, and mirror-Gary nods with me.

    There are no words for this.


    Was that the doorbell? At this hour? I can’t answer the door, I’m not even dressed! Actually, according to my reflection, I’m wearing blue pajama bottoms and a grey shirt. Well, I wouldn’t call that dressed. Not dressed enough to answer the door, anyway.


    Guess it’s not a ding-dong-ditcher.

    I peek out of the bathroom and into the foreign hallway. The walls are beige, with dark lacquered wood doors here and there. The staircase is to my left, so I follow it. The cream-colored carpeting is really soft under my toes. At the base of the stairs, there’s an ornate entry hall, complete with a huge glass chandelier dangling perilously above. Guess you can afford all this stuff when you’re as rich as Professor Oak. The front door is the same color as the other doors in the house, with a hefty bolt. I unlatch it with an ominous crack and swing the door open.

    Staring back at me is… well, me.

    * * *​

    “I want to know what you did, and I want to know now!”

    “I thought you did this!”

    “Please, Ash. This isn’t even scientifically possible! And even if it were, why would I waste my time swapping lives with you?!”

    “Hey, if I’m in your body, doesn’t that technically make me Gary?” I felt a devilish grin coming on.

    ‘My’ face was deadpan in reply. “Not. Funny.”

    Gary’s shoulders shrugged. I thought it was.

    My body marched up the stairs, dragging Gary’s body along with it by the wrist. It was weird seeing me act all huffy. Talk about an out-of-body experience.

    Next thing I know, I’m looking into the Oak bathroom mirror, looking at both my body and Gary’s body… in our pajamas. But I’m not even in my own pajamas! Arg, headache.

    The silence was tense. I kept darting my eyes between the two of us. Looking at myself without actually being myself…! I raise a hand, just to make sure I’m the one in the Gary body. Then I lower it and rest it reflexively on my hip.

    “Hey!” ‘Gary’ swats his hand away.

    “I’m just glad I didn’t reflexively reach for your ass.”

    * * * ​

    I’m watching myself pace in Gary’s bedroom. It’s an odd thing. Now and then, he tosses out some hairbrained accusation like, “You hired a surgeon to swap our brains!” and “You must’ve used some crazy occult magic.” I’m just glad he hasn’t suggested ‘aliens’ yet.

    Just then, he goes to speak up, then stops himself. “The hell am I even thinking? Aliens…”


    “Well, you must’ve done something! Shit like this doesn’t just happen!” Gary places my hands on my hips. Damn, that’s creepy.

    “The hell makes you think I did something?”

    “Please. I waste enough time with you already. As if I’d want to waste this much,” he scowled. I scowled right back. It’s weird to watch myself scowl.

    Gary sighs again. “Think, Ash! There has to be something – anything! – that happened to you last night! A curse, a wish –”

    A wish!


    A shooting star suddenly flashed before Ash’s eyes and he let out a gasp of delight. He loved shooting stars, and he relished the chance to make wishes on them. Ash loved shooting stars, and he relished the chance to make wishes on them. He waited for a second shooting star, his wish on the tip of his tongue. He didn’t have to wait long – the moment he spotted the next shooter, he squeezed his eyes shut, and muttered his wish to the heavens.

    “I wish that I could be Gary Oak.”

    *End of Flashback*

    … Crap.

    * * *​

    A heated exchange and a few choice words later, I found myself seated atop the toilet with a flaming cupcake being presented to me.

    “And we’re doing this why?”

    “You’re supposed to fix your wish.” Gary hissed each word as though it were its own unique sentence. “Now blow out the candle and make the wish exactly like you did last night!”

    “But it’s not my birthday –”


    Wow, Gary sure can throw a hissy fit.

    I closed my eyes and blew out the candle. ‘I wish I could be Ash Ketchum.’

    After a moment’s silence, I dared to peek. Nope, Gary’s still in my body, standing over me with a contemplative look, a cupcake and a burnt candle.

    I sigh. “No dice.”

    “I know,” he sighs in reply. “I was just wondering if murdering you would switch us back.”

    Typical Gary answer.

    “So, what are we gonna do about this?” I almost held that question in, but it might be worth it to see Gary blow his stack again. I winced when he spun around – I thought he’d hit me or something – but he just stormed into his bedroom.

    “We’ll just have to call in sick. Then we have all day to fix this.”

    I leaned against the bedroom doorframe. Spend an entire day with Gary? Yeah, put that on the list of things you’ll see me do after I stick a fork in my eye.

    He spotted my grimace and returned one of his own. “I don’t like this anymore than you do, Ashy-boy, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”

    He turned his back to me – he was rummaging for something in his drawers – and I made a ghoulish face at him. “Don’t call me that! I hate it!”

    “Why do you think I do it?” Gary replied mockingly, and threw a bundle of clothes at me. “Now, get changed. It’s not like I told you to get naked or something. I am not hanging around all day in my pajamas.”

    “That’s what I do when I have the day off school,” I mumbled sullenly.

    “Well, you’re not in charge here. Now change!”

    “Fine, as soon as you fix your personality!”

    “I’ll fix more than that if you don’t shut up, Ash!” Gary spat threateningly.

    “I’m not afraid of you!”

    “Great, me either.”

    “Good, then take off the dress because I can’t hit a girl.”

    * * *​

    Next thing I know, I’m dressed in Gary’s stupid preppy clothes, including that awful argyle sweater I spotted earlier. In case you’re wondering how the fight turned out, the match was a draw… on account of us wrestling in Gary’s bed is extremely gay.

    “I hope you’re happy,” Gary hissed, brushing my messy black hair into submission.

    Loads,” I hissed back. “In fact, I just love looking like a total dork!” He picked the worst outfit on earth! Tan pants and a white collared shirt… ugh! I look like a total joke! … Thank god no one is ever gonna see me look like that.

    Somewhere on his nightstand, Gary’s phone went ping! He crossed the room to get it. I considered telling him to let the ‘real’ Gary answer it, but he might hit me.

    “****!” Gary’s sudden yelp startled me. “The big Math test is today!”

    I shrugged. “So? I thought we were calling in sick.”

    “Idiot, we can’t call in sick on the day of an important test! Everyone will think we’re faking!”

    “Well then, genius, what do you suggest we do?” I gestured at myself, er, myself in Gary’s body. “I can’t exactly take your test for you.”

    “If you did, I’d fail the class for sure.”

    I shot him a nasty glare. “Good, maybe you can go back to junior high where you belong!”

    He shot me a nasty glare back. “Look, we have no choice. The test is first period. We go in, do the test, and get out. I can get us out,” Gary said decisively. “I’ve got a way with words.”

    “More like a way with the entire faculty,” I muttered under my breath.

    ‘Gary’ looked at me. “Are you ready?”

    I stood up and struck an overzealous pose. “As you preps would say, ‘it’s showtime, baby!’”

    To Be Continued!

    Holy god, this is the most I’ve written in a while. What a (plot) twist! How will Ash & Gary learn to cope? The adventure is just beginning, baby! :D

    Later days!
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    Mel-Girl left. right.

    I was reading the beginning and wondered if Satoshi was drunk, he seemed extremely out of the sights. The build-up to realising that he was in Shigeru's body was very well done.

    Epic. I tried to picture Shigeru doing a girly shriek - well, Satoshi as Shigeru doing one and it was pretty lulzy. X3

    I did fnd it a little confusing at first when differentiating between Satoshi in Shigeru's body and Shigeru in Satoshi's body though. It's hard to explain, it was mostly when you had stuff like 'Gary's shoulders shrugged' and then Satoshi having the thought that went with that shrug. But I caught on quick though it did throw me off a little. ^_^; But I can imagine that writing stuff like character-body-switcheroo would be hard and you would have to remind the readers that they aren't in their usual bodies.

    Heheh, it's the classic 'Be careful what you wish for' line! Well, that's what I thought while reading the chapter. X3 And haha, I'm assuming that Satoshi will have to cover for Shigeru with the gang and likewise? So Satoshi will have to hang out with Shuu and Gen? And oh, Shigeru putting up with Jun. And I just knew that Satoshi and Shigeru will have to hang out at school, being each other!

    Can't wait to see how this unfolds! 83

    oh and Itsuki finished those Satoshi & Shigeru plushies! *hands them over* X3
  17. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Wow! New chapter! And with Satoshi and Shigeru bodyswapping! Reminds me of that one episode of Red Dwarf. Totally hot with Palletshipping goodness! I've enjoyed the frustration, and the subtleties of body language too. My only disappointment was we didn't hear about how "Ash" tole "Gary" to dress and not to look or touch certain places.

    Very nice, got my Palletshipping fix for the day!
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    Ha... whoops. I kinda let this thing rot, didn’t I? Almost 4 months completely unattended... what a shame. Ha, well, I apologize for the wait, folks! Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

    Chapter 5: I Don’t Test Well

    I have the worst headache right now. I’m dressed like some freakin prep on my way to school so I can do this big Math test I haven’t even studied for!

    And the worst part of all is, I’m stuck in Gary’s body. That’s a given, of course.

    I guess it’s good that nobody in the neighborhood pays attention to the other people in it, otherwise we’d get some raised eyebrows for leaving Gary’s house together, both of us dressed in his clothes. Oh god, the innuendo… it’s crushing me! Figuratively speaking, of course. Well, literally works too. My insides feel like they’re spiraling out of control.

    Gary made his way to his car – a particularly shiny silver BMW – parked in the driveway. “Well?” He said from the driver’s side door. “You gonna gimme the keys?”

    “Oh, right,” I retrieved them from his coat pocket and tossed them over. The innuendo was still hanging over my head.

    I climbed into the passenger’s side and inhaled the new car smell. It was everywhere, and it was overpowering. “Mmm, I love that smell.”

    “Really? I hate it,” Gary wrinkled his nose, then proceeded to spray Febreeze here and there. “Gives me a headache.”

    Funny, the smell of Febreeze gives me a headache.

    I shrugged in reply as Gary started the car. The car revved to life in an instant, and we sped easily down the street. The comfy leather chair was starting to encircle me, attempting to keep me seated in its cushy embrace. Hell, this sure beats walking.

    “Um, Gary?” I piped up. “Won’t the other kids notice if they see ‘me’ driving your car?”

    It took him a moment to pick up the question. “Oh. Well, can you drive?” he answered in the snottiest tone I’ve ever heard.

    “No.” My attempt at matching his snottiness failed.

    “Then who cares? I’ll play it off as doing poor little you a favor.”

    My cheeks went red in an instant. “You do know I’m still in control of your body, right?” I snapped. Some threat, huh?

    “No, really? I hadn’t noticed at all! Because my head was encased in a block of wax,” he replied sardonically.

    I crossed my arms and looked out the window, still red. “Fine, but you have to answer to ‘Ashy-boy’ now.”

    * * * ​

    The silver BMW swung into the student parking lot and right into the nearest stall. “Okay, remember the plan. We get in, and get out, as fast as we can. And for the love of God, keep a low profile!” Gary reminded me for the umpteenth time.

    “Yes, fine, yes! Let’s just get this over with already,” I groaned and slammed the passenger car door as hard as I could. Gary pocketed the keys, presumably so we could waste little time getting out of here. I could already hear people snickering at the way that ‘Ash’ was dressed.

    God strike me down now.

    “Gary!” I leapt a mile. Someone was talking to me. Well, not me, exactly, but… oh you know what I mean.

    “Yes?” Gary and I both answered. I was face-to-face with Drew, one of Gary’s friends. He’s known as a total snob and something of a womanizer. Figures he’s friends with someone like Gary…

    Riley was standing a few feet away, eyeing the scene listlessly. The two of them were obviously curious as to what was happening here. I laughed nervously and gestured at ‘Ash’. “Oh, uh... nevermind him. Not enough sleep or something.”

    Oh god, why did I say that, after they just saw us come out of the same car?! I think I just died a little inside.

    Drew and Riley exchanged sideways looks, then Drew looked over at Gary.

    Then, in the most absolutely condescending tone I’ve ever heard, he said, “Sorry kid, but Gary’s gonna play with us for a while, okay?” he tugged me away by my arm, leaving the real Gary standing in the parking lot, looking totally stunned, angry and kinda hurt. I’m almost sorry I looked back to see the expression on his face. I imagine it’d sting a little to be talked to like that by one of your best friends, though.

    Only when we got up to the front door did I realize that we were about to do ‘the walk’. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that Drew, Riley and Gary do every. single. morning. And here I was forced to do it against my will.

    Man, I never knew just how much Gary’s life sucks.

    * * *​

    One humiliating catwalk entrance later, I found myself blankly staring at Gary’s locker. I didn’t know the combination to open it.

    “Geez man, you okay?” Drew asked. “Don’t tell me you forgot your locker combination.”

    The blank stare I returned signified ‘yes’ to him.

    Riley sighed lightly and easily opened Gary’s locker for me. Of course, the first thing to pop into view was a large mirror on the inside of the locker. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. I slammed the locker door as loud as I could, startling everyone nearby. Narcissist.

    “And don’t worry, I’m sure no one saw you trip.” Drew sure didn’t sound like he wanted me to be calm about it.

    “I think that car ride with Ash has affected your mind,” he smiled at me eerily, as if trying to win some sort of psychological warfare over me. I think it’s working.

    I pretend to be immersed in rummaging through ‘my’ bag to get him to shut up.

    “You sure you’re okay? You look like you’re gonna puke,” Drew persisted.

    “Um… no. It’s just that... I’m really not myself today,” I answered curtly. Probably the only thing I’ll get right today.

    With a synchronized shrug, Drew and Riley were swept away while I walked as fast as I could into the dreaded first-period Math test. I’m starting to see why Gary was so insistent on getting this accidental swap fixed before getting to school.

    * * *​

    “Alright class, you know the rules. No talking, use your own calculator, and absolutely no cell phones. If you finish your test or have to leave the class before half an hour is up, you will not be excused. Any questions?”

    Not a soul spoke or moved. I eyed Gary anxiously from across the classroom. He appeared to be just as focused as I am, only he was scowling much more. Never have I been more eager to finish any test.

    The teacher, Mr. Lucian – or just Lucian for short – surveyed the class, then nodded approvingly. “You have one hour. The test begins… now.”

    About ten minutes later, Gary was the first to get out of his chair. He stalked over to the teacher’s desk, and, with an incredulous look from Lucian, dropped the paper onto it.

    Hmm, I have never seen Gary finish a test that fast before...

    Lucian looked over the paper, then furrowed his brow ever so slightly. He seemed as though he wanted to call ‘Ash’ back over, but decided against it. That’s when I noticed him glaring at me, as if to say ‘hurry the hell up already.’

    ... Oh that little fucker.

    He didn’t even try to do well! Or anything at all! And he put my name on the paper so that I’d end up with an F!

    Urge to kill... rising...

    Lucian coughed lightly, startling the hell out of me, as he’d made his way over to me without my noticing.

    “I’d suggest you stop making googly eyes with Ash and get back to your test, Gary,” he said in the quietest of stern tones. Even so, a couple of the other students giggled surreptitiously.

    God, I want to die again. Is this normal?

    “Right... um, sorry.”

    As Lucian walked back up to his desk, I got the worst idea. Or best, depending on how you look at it. I scribbled as fast as I could, all over ‘Gary’s test paper. I felt myself grinning like a total idiot. Two can play this game, buddy.

    Then, I flounced up to the front as gayly as I could manage, and lightly dropped the paper onto the desk.

    “All finished, Mr. Lucian,” I said in the highest-pitched voice I could manage. Wow, I totally just sounded like a 5-year old girl. I love it.

    A few people erupted into laughter, which Lucian had to quell as I went back to my seat. I still had time until the first half-hour of class was up. Gary was fuming in his chair, glaring at me as angrily as he possibly could. If looks could kill, yadda yadda yadda.

    Poor Lucian looked puzzled as hell, probably wondering if we were trying to pull some April Fools Day stunt on him or something.

    I know Gary will kick my ass for it later, but c’mon, that was so worth it!

    * * *​

    Instead of sweet-talking the faculty as he’d originally implied, he brazenly stormed down the halls and out into the parking lot, with me cautiously in tow. Lots of people stared as us as we left, and even a teacher called for us to get back to class. But Gary totally ignored him as the two of us jumped into his car. Oh, and the sharp tire screech for dramatic effect was just lovely.

    I’m going to get grounded for sure. Or smacked. Definitely smacked.

    Gary didn’t say a word the whole way home, instead opting to grind his teeth in a slightly disturbing way. And probably because talking would distract him from driving like a maniac. But what I do know is this – the idea of keeping a low profile ended in an extreme fail. Hey, I tried, alright – but seeing him fail a test purposely in my name... well, that pissed me off. We got people talking when we should have been able to behave ourselves in public for a measly half an hour. I feel a bit ashamed of myself, because I actually tried! And I couldn’t keep it together. But it’s because of Gary that things didn’t work out. It’s always one problem after another with this guy.

    ... I knew we should have just stayed home today.

    To Be Continued!

    Ha, I got no comments other than: I promise to update sooner next time~

    Later days!
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    Mel-Girl left. right.

    Haha this was awesome. Poor Shigeru was so shocked when he got dumped by Gen and Shuu in favour of Satoshi (as Shigeru). I knew that was going to happen. Double lol at Satoshi doing that gay prance up to the front and acting all fruity. I think this chapter showed more of the basic things they're going to have to get used to while being each other. I imagine the hardest stuff will come later. Like say, Satoshi as Shigeru dealing with them girls and whatnot.

    Good chapter as usual, keep it up my dearest! <3
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    ohh please continue this is so good!!!

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