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With all of the talk of Team Rocket's comedic days being over,

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Now I have to wonder if their more humanized moments will still be workable with the current depiction.

By that I simply mean moments where they show concern for each other, their Pokemon, or do something selfless in general. To give an example from DP:

Crossing Paths- Jessie leaving her Dustox behind so it (gender escapes me at the moment) can be successful with it's mate.

Dressed for Jess Success- James dressing up to help Jessie win her next ribbon.

I mean I can take them either as serious or comedic, but it would be a shame to make them so serious and evil that they aren't capable of showing decency here and there.

So anyone's thoughts on the matter? I'm reserving judgement of course until we see more eps, but I thought this merits a little discussion.


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