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With the Easiest of Grace! (640)

Platinum fan.

This episode made me laugh. Togekiss may be a very late capture but at least it's got personality. Loved Togekiss vs Gible. Between the lofty music and Togekiss flying around without a care in the world cracked me up, and of course you can't go wrong with Gible. Yanmega and Togekiss was a great battle of flying Pokemon and it's probably the last time Jessie and Dawn will battle each other. Overall Togekiss and Gible are to of the best Pokemon on the cast.


Well-Known Member
It was always confirmed to be Dragon Pulse.
Then how does Gible get exhausted after using it....? Draco Meteor is stronger and I don't see Gible getting tired after using it... I know it didn't master it yet but still.....


R.I.P Dax
Togekiss is one of my favorite additions to the team. It really has an unique personality, something Normal/Flying pokemon lack in the anime.

I love the elegance and grace it has and her little scene scolding Gible was amazing. Really loving it! Another entertaining pokemon for Dawn.


Man of Mystery
This was a great episode for Togekiss because it really showed off it's power and personality, Dawn got pretty lucky. This episode felt short to me for some reason but overall it was great.


Your Big Buff Bro
Awesome episode. Loved seeing Togekiss's graceful moves, which I thought at first she was a total silly. :p Plus, the moment with Draco Meteor, it had me very surprised to see Togekiss protect Piplup from it, and fire it back to Gible! Haha, its payback!

I loved Togekiss' moves as well, but now I finally got the diference between Aura Sphere and Air Slash, but Im sadden to say I thought Air Slash in this episode was going to be Aura Sphere actually. But I got my moves mixed up.

And there's also Brock's Sudowoodo in this episode! When's the last time we saw it?

And besides, I never thought a Pokemon, like Togekiss/Yanmega, could repeate the same move in one command. That just felt interesting to me.

Wont be too long till the Grand Festival now, I cant wait!


Well-Known Member
I thought this was a great episode. It was great to see Dawn struggling with Togekiss and then she eventually gets it. I thought it was awesome to see Togekiss send Draco Meteor back at Gible and Gible still survived! I love episodes where it has a classical main cast VS Team Rocket match and where Team Rocket is actually doing good. It was also nice to see Brock's Sudowoodo for once. Thus far, I think this episode is my favorite of the season.
10/10 (I've given a lot of Season 13 Episodes 10/10's!)


Togekiss, while too slow in performing its moves, has just shown much how of a badarse it really it. One problem about it is the fact that it knows Sky Attack, which doesn't mix due to its poor Base Attack unless it has the Hustle ability. Now I wish for it to face a Rhyperior.


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It's a great episode. Dawn learns how to use Togekiss in battle. And Togekiss has neat battle skills.


Kawaii Power
This episode wasn't particularly special, but I still liked it. I like Togekiss a lot in the Japanese version, so it was nice to see it show off its skills in the English. So now Dawn is officially ready for the Grand Festival and we'll just have to sit through one more filler until it begins.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
This episode was good. I found it funny when TR got flooded out of their hole.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
This episode was good. I found it funny when TR got flooded out of their hole.


Greatest Hero
I personally wasn't that much fascinated by the episode.
I hate the term "filler" because I consider it as somewhat derogatory, but this time the term does justice to the episode.
Besides the good battle between my much-admired Gible and Togekiss and the undoubtedly great air battle, there was nothing spectacular or exciting in this episode. On the contrary, I dare say that it even proved that Ash and co. can sometimes be pretty slow on the uptake..
Let's do some straight talking: What was the point of this week's episode? The conclusion that Dawn drew at the end (figuring out the meaning of Togekiss' graceful movements and how to use the latter in a battle effectively) were so obvious that the very same conclusion could have been drawn after a few seconds in the battles against Gible at the beginning. COME ON, TWERPS!!! That's what angers me, because our heroes are often shown to be so smart and creative and today it took them one entire episode to figure out the obvious?
I'd like to call this "writers' inconsistency at its best" (once again...:eek:hdear: thank you, writers)
Lucian would have figured that out in less than a second, as shown in "An Elite Meet And Greet". (And honestly, so would have done every skilled trainer a few moments later) Therefore, I'm slowly but surely starting to demand a Pokemon Anime revolving around the Elite Four and Cynthia exclusively (I'd do almost everything for that) :thumbup:

Yeah, as I already said, besides the two battles there was nothing to get excited about, thus only

6 out of 10 points.


Ash's fangirl
I thought it was a very nice ep. I enjoyed that battle between Togekiss and Yanmega, it was pretty good, also I loved how Togekiss acted just like a mother or sister, it was so cute. Anyway: 7/10


I don't know why but I find Togekiss to be really annoying. The aerial battle was really good and was the best part of the episode in my opinon.


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Not too bad I liked episodes that show Team rocket doing ok in battles.. ones that make them somewhat a threat instead of the typical one shot from TR, then ash retaliates and they go blasting off.


As soon as Dawn got her Togekiss from Salvia, she wasted no time in breaking it in today. Unfortunately, the Togekiss is a tad spoiled from being raised like royalty, seeing that it shows off its style & grace. Thankfully, they all took out their frustrations on TR, which I like nothing more.

Another sad thing is that it's the only thing that happened here, & it's not important.

For those that don't know me that well, any episode that had nothing particularly important happen = a filler, & a filler episode = unworthy of my time & my precious lead!

That's all to be had here...


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It was an ok episode good to introduce Togekiss and for it to have a practise battle but apart from that it wasnt that exciting still I supose you have to have fillers before the Grand Festval. I loled when they still think Dawn "Stole" Togekiss though haha


Pokemon master
This episode was meh! Nothing too interesting. Togekiss should lighten up in my opinion. It shouldn't have scolded Gible for its Draco Meteor hitting Piplup. Piplup abuse is always interesting to watch =)

Lackluster story + Piplup abuse + standing up for Piplup = 3.5/10