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With the Easiest of Grace! (640)

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Togekiss is like a princess itself.... but it certainly has to improve its battling skills


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Verdict on the series so far: 15 episodes and this is the third filler. Am I really watching Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors? Wow.
-We begin in a huge clearing. Is this our first sight of pokedeforestation?
-Togekiss has somehow shrunk to 3-4 feet tall.
-Clearly everyone was kneeling in that episode last week. It's a friggin' midget.
-Blah, Bah, Blah
-Battle between Gible and Togekiss!
-Togekiss is too graceful? This is a DISASTER!
-Togekiss: I don't know the meaning of the word "battle".
Dawn: Would you like to borrow my dictionary?
-Gible is quite the resiliant one no? It took many attacks here.
-Draco Meteor! Cue Piplup abuse stage right: aaaaand action!
-It's coming down hard and fast. This is gonna hurt...
-Togekiss saved Piplup...is this the end of the running gag.
-I must note Gible's many expressions this ep. It's previously been so uniform in pose.
-Togekiss flies around. Blah, Blah TR fail Blah, Blah.
-TR try and get tohekiss blah, blah.
-Ooh, a sky battle Togekiss vs. Yanmega. Interesting indeed.
-This battle was actually really good. I haven't seen this quality of battle since the LyraKhoury double battle.
-Then were back to a generic sunset ending where everything is right in the world.
-It's official. When Brock announces 'we'll be at (insert place here) we'll get there in the next ep. Remember the episode before Dawn's second to last contest. Brocko's there. Sunyshore? Brock again. Hopefully this pattern continues.
-Oh, and announcer man. Rather than state a goal that will come in 5-30 episodes time actually say something that will happen next ep.

Can't wait for the GF and wish for epic battles and inventive and ingenuitive appeals. Bring it on.
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Looks like as long as we have Togekiss around, Piplup dosen't need to worry about getting hit with Draco Meteor it seems.

The way Ash's Gible behaves, I really can't wait for it to evolve in to a Gabite. A Gabite acting that way is going to be hilarious to watch! Let's hope It'll master Draco Meteor by then.

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Im pretty excited about this episode, which is being shown today in Canada, on YTV! It's gonna be a great episode, due to the comments made above, and the pages before....
I did watch the episode where Dawn is given the Togekiss, so Im pretty caught up on what is happening :)


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This episode was alright. It was funny when Togekiss bashed Gible for failing Draco Meteor. Togekiss actually protected Piplup when Draco Meteor failed. Togekiss vs Yanmega was a good battle. TR gave Dawn a great battle for a change. Togekiss won and blasted off TR. Dawn's new Togekiss is very strong. At 1st Togekiss wasn't used to Dawn and battling, but eventually they became in sync. Togekiss was focused more on doing the moves with grace. Interesting how Togekiss could sense all the anxiety Dawn was feeling.

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An OK episode but to be honest it was boring in parts. It was lovely to see Togekiss in battle and the way it protected Piplup and then told off Gible was adorable :3 Togekiss is sure to be a threat at the Grand Festival!


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I liked this episode. :) Gible finally gets the well-deserved spanking he needed for his hitting Piplup (I love Gible, but that gag was painful), Togekiss is adorable when it's acting like it's in a contest, and I like when Dawn finally gets through to it and it toughens up. Great episode.



Gible getting his comeuppance for Draco Meteor finally was great and Dawn's Togekiss really needed this chance to develop so good for her. 7.5/10


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I liked Togekiss alot. I'm glad it scolded gible even though i like gible. I'm glad Dawn trained it which is another thing i like about Dawn is that she trains her mons alot and works super hard to get better.

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Wow Dawn's new Togekiss was so graceful, but also sort of vain with the way it kept showing off ha ha. Seeing Togekiss deflect Draco Meteor back to Gible was incredible and I liked how Piplup reacted.


Wow Dawn's new Togekiss was so graceful, but also sort of vain with the way it kept showing off ha ha.
Togekiss being somewhat vain was fitting for her since she had been accustomed to living like royalty before she joined Hikari's team. Clearly she just needed to get used to her new owner.
This episode wasn't particularly special, but I still liked it. So now Dawn is officially ready for the Grand Festival and we'll just have to sit through one more filler until it begins.


Jessie should have won the battle between her Yanmega and Togekiss, but it seems having your Pokemon "dance" is an acceptable form of battling. Team Rocket's dialogue was surprisingly tolerable.


Frankly, Togekiss giving Hikari some trouble here made me feel sympathetic toward Hikari since I noticed that she frequently seemed to struggle whenever she got a new Pokemon (i.e. Pachirisu, Manmoo).


So Dawn began training her new Togekiss. Yanmega vs Togekiss was great and this was probably the last time in DP that Jessie and Dawn fought each other.


Watching Musashi's Megayanma versus Hikari's new Togekiss here made me pity Musashi a bit, because it showed us that even Musashi's increased experience with Contests in Shinou were no match for Togekiss's plot armor.


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Loved the Yanmega vs Togekiss battle. Hopefully we'll see something kinda similar like that in the GF. This was also an important episode for Dawn because she figured out that she had to work around Togekiss's strengths.