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Wobbufet or Dugtrio??

Wobbufet or Dugtrio?

  • Wobbufet

    Votes: 10 38.5%
  • Dugtrio

    Votes: 16 61.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Many totodiles can't
dugtrio, it's always worked for me! And btw, the ultimate wobbafett counter is Salebye! Neither counter or mirror coat work cos of it's unique typing!

Ryan's Team

go water
Dugtrio is better but go Wob


little punks!
Wobbuffet is banned. Theyre both useful pokemon though.

And the main reason wobbuffet was made so strong is because it takes ALOT of patience to raise. So while on netbattle it is cheap, ingame, it is not so much.
Oh yes, let's compare to pokemon who have absolutely nothing in common 'cept their abilities which aren't even completely identical.
They both fill completely differrent roles, so I fail to see the point in comparing them. But whatever, I'll say Dugtrio, 'cause I like its looks better.


Well-Known Member
I think dugtrio, just cos i never really liked wobbufett


super noob

Wobbufett's moves require other people to attack it or be faster than it, even with destiny bond Wobbufett is very easy to take down.

You sir are a moron. Oppent sends out Alakazam, with Wobbuffet in play. Alakazam is pretty much pure Special sweeper, not counting Trick-Band, so Wobbufett uses Mirror Coat, and Alakazam used a Special Move. Wobbuffet survies, then deals double damage to Alakazam, who faints. Only things that might cuz problems, excluding Sableye, is mixed sweepers/walls, but you Encore them and then just either use Counter or Mirror Coat, or switch in on the repeated stat up, or whatever they used. Say a cleric used Heal Bell/Aromatheropy, Encore just totally screwed them over, most likely they are out of Heal Bells/Aromatheropy, or left with 1 or 2, while you switch in a sweeper and stat up, then destroy there team when they switch.

woot21 out dawgs
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