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Wolf's Rain: Another Path (Sign up)


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What is Paradise? Is it truly perfect? Is it really a safe haven for all wolves? Or is it all just some story that was made up by mother wolves to make their puppies be quiet? A better question is… where is it?

Paradise is the world that all wolves wish they could find. Many of them have gone looking for it, though none have ever returned. Most of them have died, but some of them just seemed to disappear off the face of the planet. Does that mean that they made it, or does it simply mean their bodies were never found? No one knows for sure, but almost no wolf is willing to take the journey; at least, not any more. It is too dangerous, and no one seems to know the way anymore. The tales about it all sound so beautiful, fanciful, false even. It was covered in Lunar Flowers, beautiful-smelling flowers that always seem to shine like the moon after which they are named. These flowers only grow in Paradise, which makes them the trademark of it, and the method by which it is usually tracked. It is thought that a wolf can find Paradise by following the scent of the Lunar flowers… and thereby, only wolves may find this perfect land.

But that is another world: the real world. This place is old and dying; where the ground is covered with snow, it is miserably cracked and dry. The trees don’t seem to grow like they used too, except in the wildest evergreen forests. The grass is scarce, only appearing in small patches, or tall and angry upon hot open plains. There are old robots and metal scraps laying around, buried beneath the cracked dirt and rotting leaves. Most of the cities are closed off by tall walls that protect them from the outside world, but even the cities are dying. There are almost no animals left outside the cities, besides the very hardiest creatures. Inside the walls are dogs that have been domesticated and some other animals that have managed to escape the destructive outside.

In this world, the wolves are said to be extinct—people fear them, and long ago, they were hunted into extinction. They have been gone for years, to the point that most of the humans no longer remember that they ever existed. They could see one and would mistake it for a dog. If they realized it wasn’t a dog, they would most likely just send it to a lab in order to be studied. If they realized that it was a wolf, they would just try to kill it. Humans are deeply afraid of wolves; it is said that wolves would bring about the end of the world, though it came despite them. Wolves just don’t exist anymore, or do they?

The truth is the wolves have been alive this whole time, hiding away from the paranoia of the humans. They have been wandering the cities and even the outside, trying to stay alive. They have gained a power that has helped them with this, almost as a sort of evolution to go along with the prophecies once taught. They have learned to disguise themselves as humans. They can look like a human, speak like a human, and completely blend in with the humans. The only problem with their disguise is simple; other wolves, as well as dogs, can easily smell the difference between a real human and a wolf. Luckily, they rarely need to hide from other wolves, just humans and dogs.

You are a member of this nearly dead race. In a great bout of paranoia, humans eradicated your kind years ago, believing that you were the harbingers of the apocalypse—or worse. However, small packs remained through the destruction, scattered throughout what was once their land, this destroyed wilderness. A great and mysterious power from the moon and sky has given you the power to become human in order to hide from them—what better technique to stay safe than to hide in plain sight, after all? But you do not wish to live in secrecy forever. Through the mouths of the elders, and in the boiling of your own blood, you see a path through the bleakness… the name of your destination… Paradise. And you understand how to get there now: follow someone who knows. An Alpha…

One night, you hear the howls of a powerful wolf: an Alpha. They are calling for a pack to form. They can lead you to Paradise… something in your blood knows that it is so.

Logistics and Other Necessary Information:

So, here are some logistic things that people tend to ask about Wolf’s Rain. In this case, when you take on your human form, you are truly in a different form—other wolves (as well as some other animals, like cats and dogs) can see through your form, and shifting between forms is painless and nearly instant. You have all the abilities and functions of a human while in this form. However, you are a wolf first and foremost. You have the lifespan of a wolf, the presence of a wolf, the senses of a wolf, and most importantly the power of a wolf. Much more than human, much more than animal; the blessing of the moon has made you rather unusual, as you are one of those destined for Paradise.

The setting is not necessarily definable by Earth terms. It’s a steampunk world, with a reasonable about of technology as well as some computers. However, cars are a commodity (not a universally used item), and cities are few and far between. The world is fairly superstitious; most people believe in the “Paradise” which is said to be found by the wolves and also believe that wolves are the harbinger of the apocalypse, as well as other superstitions. The general geography of the world is rough, as battles have damaged much of it, but there are forests and mountains scattered about. Cities are few and far between, and most are small. The climate is typically cold, and snow is the usual weather at night (and common at day). However, some areas are hot, like miniature deserts… all in all, it is a ravaged world, not fit for life in many places. This continent’s name is unknown.

Additionally, the events of the anime have no bearing on this plot whatsoever, and thereby have not been described so as not to spoil the plot for anyone who doesn’t know.

There are two packs in this game: one run by myself (Alpha Erus), and one run by Cdra1617 (Alpha Caela). Neither is less important than the other, and neither will be boring at all (truuuuuust me.). Both packs are searching for Paradise, though the routes they take are different, and the ideology of each Alpha is unique (and somewhat opposed). We will not post the Alphas’ sign-up sheets until we are ready to start the RPG, so that no one attempts to gear their character to one or the other, or something silly like that. By that token, just because Cdra is the co-GM does not mean her story is inferior in any way. Anyone thinking such silly thoughts will be slapped with a fish. We will not tell you which pack you’re in until we’re ready to start, either. This will allow us to balance the packs appropriately and such.

Now then, if you really want to be in the same pack as someone else, and have plans involving both of your characters that mean they could not be “opposed”, contact Cdra or me through VM or PM. If you have enough of an explanation, and I’m ok with it, I’ll make sure you’re in the same pack. Also, while the packs are opposed, they aren’t going to actively try to hinder one another—there will be no PvP if I can help it (but if you both work it out then go for it). However, they have very different ideologies, and different stories to follow. So they will clash a bit, especially the Alphas. But enough about that, I don’t want to spoil anything!

Rules and Expectations:

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask myself or my co-GM, preferably through VM or PM so that the thread doesn’t get terribly clogged up. New information will be added by my co-GM to the post below as we deem necessary. Without further ado, here’s the signup form! Note: “absolute minimum” means that less than this number will be insta-denied.

Sign up form:

(wolves don’t tend to have last names, unless they grew up as dogs, which would be… odd. I recommend choosing a word from a foreign language as your name, though this is not required.)

Wolf Age:
(this is the age that you really are. Wolves have approximately the lifespan of your average dog, living between 15-20 years, hitting the peak of their maturity at 4-7. You should also give a value of months, if you deem it necessary.)

Human Age: (the age you appear and act in human terms. You may use a calculator [http://www.pedigree.com/02All-Things-Dog/Dog-Age-Calculator/Results.aspx?agid=7&bid=148; enter the age of your wolf and use the breed “large mixed breed”] to get an idea; however, feel free to talk some liberties with the “false age”)

Gender: (male or female, easy right?)

Wolf Species:
(Another tricky field. All wolves are extinct in this alternate world—therefore, extinct wolf species are around in the same manner as living ones. Given that this is NOT earth, the place where you/your species come from isn’t an issue.)

Wolf Description:
(this is your true form; your wolf body. Bear in mind your species. Describe color, build, fur, etc. in 4 lines absolute minimum.)

Human Description:
(this is your false form; your human body. It is how you see yourself more than how you would logically be, so feel free to take liberties here as well. Describe build, features, clothing, etc. in 8 lines absolute minimum.)

(you’re a wolf. You may have had a pack, but you’re probably a fairly isolated individual, really. Provide a real, fleshed out character, here; 6 lines absolute minimum.)

History: (again, you have lived as both a wolf and a human, though probably more as a human because you must hide yourself. Yet, your true nature is that of a wolf. Now, you may have had a pack before, but I don’t want any former Alphas; likewise, you may have never seen another wolf, because after all, they are extremely rare in this day and age. I’m not particular about the length of your history as long as it is comprehensive.)

Other: (information you feel is relevant, but you haven’t put anywhere else. You may also add images of your character to this section, should you have them.)

Well, that’s out of the way, so go on and make a sign up! Remember, feel free to ask either myself or Cdra1617 any questions you may come up with. We don’t generally bite. xD


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So glad to see you guys finally decided on a continent...kind of. I'll have my sign up posted later tonight after I give it a final look over.


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Su <3

This look's pretty interesting :) Let's give it a go.
Name: Seiko (SAY-ko; meaning: along the lines of forceful truth; origin: Japanese, or so my trusty Google tells me)

Wolf Age: Three years, six months.

Human Age: Thirty or so.

Gender: Female

Wolf Species: If I understood correctly, then the recently extinct Newfoundland species is alright. How a Newfoundland wolf got a Japanese name is the reason why American girls get French names like Annette, or non-Persian guys get named Cyrus o_O

Wolf Description: Her hair is shaggy, thick and rough to the touch. Its color brings to mind ice with a thin covering of fresh born snow. Highlights in dark gray and black are stark against the glaring white. She has a heavy, muscled build, and looks fatter than she is due to her fur.

She takes care of herself, so that her tail is not matted or bur covered. Instead, it is fluffy and thick. Seiko's snout is slightly longer than normal, but suits her round-looking face. Her eyes look like the mist that covers hard gray stone, just lighter than the grayness of her soul. They are the most striking feature she has.

Human Description: Like yin to yang, like ocean to land, like Pepsi to Coke, her human self and her wolf self are very different. Dark skin, the shade of warm brown covers her thin muscles and small bones. Only a few inches higher than five feet, she stands in a stiff manner, unlike her graceful, though large wolf form. She requires thin rimmed glasses or contact lenses*, lacking the great sight her wolf form has,

Her hair is also dark, but a pretty dark. A deep, old-blood red. Long and fine, tied back in a velvet bow. Her nose is small and thin like the rest of her, with sharp cheekbones and a cool, devilish smile. That smile has the palest lips, covered in glittery red paint. Normally she wears form fitting shirts and pants, generally in her favorite colors (emerald green and black).

Personality: Call me old fashioned, sexist, whatever, but it's rare to meet a girl with a taste for blood. Even a wolf girl. Oh, there are mean girls, jealous, spiteful little things, they are fairly common. Every person--male and female-- has some measure of hate and jealously in them. But to meet a seemingly cold blooded, calculating female is rare. Oh, cold blooded isn't the word. She isn't mean, exactly, nor is she cold and distant. On the contrary, she is fiery, her blood full of passion and roses.

But still, she's always leaned a little towards the "Tough luck, you should have known better!" side of nature. She isn't devoid of sympathy, but neither is she free with it. Not to mention, there has always been this, well, darker side of her. A lack of reaction to blood, well, every wolf is that way you may say, but she is actually a bit fond of blood letting. A little too fascinated with the grotesque.

Still, she isn't the mad dog of the canine world. Not yet, anyway. She still loves, laughs, cries, and has friends like the rest of us. Well, assuming the rest of us are like the rest of us and not secret psych paths. Anyway, she's nice to you if you are nice to her.

I'll do a quick list of some of her stronger qualities/faults, which you will see in the RP, fleshed out: leadership; knowledge of self--as far as you can know about your own self anyway; calm under most kinds of pressure; not sensitive; very strong minded; a loner, perhaps more of one then is healthy; sometimes over whelming sense of self confidence; kind, in her own way; grudge holder;a strange mix of passion and and consideration, with both sides battling it out and sometimes working out to create a kind of cold, distant set of emotions.


She was removed from her small pack when she was but a pup. Vague, fuzzy memories of the pack song linger, but other than a couple half-formed memories, Seiko can't tell you much. What she does know comes from her now deceased parents. They passed on when she was around two years old, or early twenties in human years. She had a fairly good relationship with them, something she is rather grateful for. In terms of heritage, she picked up her mother's anger and her papa's brains. Their hate of humans was also passed along to her, though recently her brains have been forcing her to re-evaluate her opinion of all humans.

She works in a small town as a baker. She actually enjoys the job, something that came as a bit of a shock to her. A lot of interesting cooking and experimenting and minimal time of polite conversation with customers. Among the humans, she has only a couple friends, but sometimes she feels they make life worth living to her. Lately, she has been growing restless though, stopped dating entirely (something she only started a few human years ago). Something isn't right, it feels like something is missing, tired, broken. Perhaps that is why the hunt for paradise appeals to her so much.


* I'll send you a PM asking about the physical changes a wolf undergoes in human form.