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Wonder Trade Stories


I was wondering if anyone had ever tried the Wonder Trade yet, and if so, if anyone had gotten any luck at it.

You know how this works. You log onto WiFi, offering a Pokémon (usually one you don't want) and it trades it for someone else making a Wonder Trade. You hope for something good, but the problem is, most of the time, the guy you trade with is also doing it to get rid of something he doesn't want.

Since I started playing it on the 27th, I've gotten a few Mons I didn't want (like a Woobat with Klutz) and figured, eh, why not? Better than throwing it away. Like I expected, I get some junk, like a Scatterbug and a Sableye with Stall, but I actually have gotten a few useful ones. Some guy gave my a pretty decent Mightyena (unfortunately, I can't use it until I get the third badge) one guy gave me a Larvesta...

Then came the BIG surprise, which restored my faith in the humanity of video gamers. What would you say if someone gave away a Froakie? Not just any Froakie, this was a female Froakie, one with its hidden ability no less! I at first thought this was some sharked Pokémon that would crash my game if I used it, but t was genuine.

Someone told me about a group of players who were organizing "Wonder Christmas" and breeding these Mons for some reason. Well, seems like I found one.

Anyway, if anyone wants a Froakie with its Hidden Ability, just give me your Friend Code... As soon as I figure out how to add those, I can trade you one.

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I reply with caution.

I recently got a Charmander while trading a Solrock. I felt so bad for giving the player such a lousy Pokemon in return (even though I already had a Charmeleon) that I started spamming them with O-Power. The Charmeleon also came from Wonder Trade.
And I'd like to have a HA Froakie if that's okay. I know how to register.


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Actually, starters w/hidden abilities are really common now. I get them all the time, and I wonder trade them out in return.


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I got a mudkip from a wondertrade a few days ago, bred enough to get the rest of the starters from every generation, and now I'm using cyndaquils with egg moves to fill out my kalos dex through the GTS, and passing the rest out to people over wonder trade.


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I was trying to Masuda Method hatch a shiny Charmander, but I paused it after one box full. I started trading all my egg move (the move is Outrage) Charmanders off through Wonder Trade and I got one of my permanent team members in return one time - a HA Dratini with perfect IVs in HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense. I almost felt bad for trading an ordinary Charmander, but at least it knew Outrage.


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I wonder trade out most of my IV bred mons that aren't perfect. Usually with egg moves, beneficial natures, hidden abilities, etc. I actually have about 15 boxes of wonder traded mons that I keep just to increase my lottery odds in Lumiose. Every day I score at least a PP Up if not a PP Max. Also wonder trading any mons I breed now that aren't natively in Kalos (post-bank only). Gonna be doing some Phiones too. I really don't care what I get back because the GTS is more efficient for filling out the dex and I can just breed anything else I need. It was fun at first when filling out the dex for the first playthrough, but now it's just a way to spread good stuff around. Also helps me rack up PokeMiles easily to trade in for Rare Candies and Heart Scales.


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I recently got a jolly, rough skin Gible with outrage, iron head, and PERFECT IVS. I almost released it because I had been giving away adament Gibles I didn't need. I am SO glad I took it to the iv checker first...
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Someone once gave me a Scatterbug that seemed to be an IV breeding reject; it had an Egg move (Stun Spore, which Vivillon gets via MR) and an exclusive level-up move (Bug Bite, which is learned at Lv. 15), was at Lv. 1, had a Timid nature, had Compound Eyes, came in a Premier Ball, and had flawless IVs in HP, Attack, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed (yet, curiously, was only marked for SpD - even though the characteristic was Alert to sounds).

I have to wonder what kind of person would ever want to breed something like that.


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A few month's back when the game first came out I was trading a bunch of higher level Pokemon that you catch later in game, and a bunch of Fennekin I was breeding at the time. Just cause it was the first week the game had been out and I knew at that point anyone would have liked a Fennekin if they didn't choose it.

I got a Shiny Mienfoo is return for one. I've since traded it to another person on here but the moment I seen it was shiny I damn near flipped the soup in my lap that I was eating.


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Actually, starters w/hidden abilities are really common now. I get them all the time, and I wonder trade them out in return.

Which ones have you got?


I've gotten two Gible so far. (I suppose players are trying to breed the perfect one and are giving away hatchlings they don't want.) One is Jolly, but otherwise, they aren't so great.

I also got a Vulpix, something you can only get in the Friend Safari. Not bad.


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I got a Mudkip from Wonder Trade, which I will breed and throw some around. Other than that, nothing too special; some foreign pokemon I can use for future MM, and a Flabebe named "dumb but" .__.

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I've gotten all sorts of things over wonder trade. Probably the weirdest thing I've gotten was a level 1 Trevenant. That, and a Flabebe nicknamed "Lil'ghetto". Wonder traded a Caterpie and got a Caterpie in return at some point. Also, I felt the need to catch a ton of Pumpkaboo and wonder trade them to people.


I've gotten a lot of Flabebe too. I think some people want to collect every color for some reason. (Is there even a difference?)


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I usually get Froakies. I once got a Sneasle named Boooooooob and a Jynx named "Your mom"


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I got a shiny relicanth and a darumaka today. I usually only trade out stuff that has at least superior potential unless it has some good eggmoves, when I'm cleaning out my boxes.

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Wonder Trade is the reason why I have my shiny Gardevoir and Ponyta.

I decided to participate in the Christmas Wonder Trade event, with the original intent of hatching Scatterbugs and evolving them into Modern Pattern Vivillons. However, many of them had subpar stats, and seeing the wonderful gifts other people were giving, I started to breed Modest HA Vulpixes instead. I think I ended up trading about 27 Vivillons and 66 Vulpixes on Christmas, and three of the Pokemon I got in return were a Japanese Modest 4IV Trace Ralts with 4 egg moves, a Japanese 5IV Timid HA Eevee, also with 4 egg moves, and a 4IV Jolly Ponyta with Morning Sun and Hypnosis. From them, I was able to MM Ralts and Ponyta, both coming in at under 100 eggs.

So to whomever originally sent out those three Pokemon, you probably won't ever see this, but thank you so much. You've made me a very happy person this holiday season.
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Yeah, for the whole "Christmas Wonder Trading" thing, I traded out a Shiny Panpour I didn't want. I ended up trading with some guy in England, and got a perfect IV Adamant Mawile in return (which makes me think they, too, were participating in the community event). Whoever they are, if they're a member of the forums, this is for them: Enjoy the Panpour!


What do I do now?
Which ones have you got?

HA or just in general?

I've got a friend who got a Xerneas on WT 0_o I wish I could get some of those XD but I'm not gonna complain. There are some generous people out there.

I also got a Klefki named Boo-Boo-Keys, : D I couldn't help but laugh
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