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Wonder Trade Stories

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two days ago I traded a Lunatone for a japanese Zekrom. o_o I was like "wait..wut..."

Please give me your luck, the best thing I got was a 4IV Growlithe, which is good ! xD


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I recently got Piplup and Tepig in Wonder Trade. I was pretty pleased at that!
I have had a few good trades. still a noob as theblast time I played pokemon it was gold. only shinies I ever had were the free red garados and a pink butterfree. I still dont know what ev means or does. BUT I have revieced quite a few unexpected pokes. almost all the starters, about 4 eevees, rotom, even got a leafeon too. im attempting to do a medusa method but im almost sure im doing it wrong :( im looking for a jap ditton also if anyone has one for trade. my fc is 3754 8223 3151


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I got a vulpix today and was really pleased, then I realised how much my standards have lowered because the of pokebank delay


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Got Feebas yesterday, that was nice. A few things which were less exciting... then I received the Ponyta named StopbadtradesWT... 10 points if you see the irony. I let it back out, and apologize to whoever got it after me. I figure since not everyone already has it in their dex (i did), at least it could be useful that way.


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I wonder trade out most of my IV bred mons that aren't perfect. Usually with egg moves, beneficial natures, hidden abilities, etc. I actually have about 15 boxes of wonder traded mons that I keep just to increase my lottery odds in Lumiose. Every day I score at least a PP Up if not a PP Max. Also wonder trading any mons I breed now that aren't natively in Kalos (post-bank only). Gonna be doing some Phiones too. I really don't care what I get back because the GTS is more efficient for filling out the dex and I can just breed anything else I need. It was fun at first when filling out the dex for the first playthrough, but now it's just a way to spread good stuff around. Also helps me rack up PokeMiles easily to trade in for Rare Candies and Heart Scales.


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Received a level 100 shiny English entei before I restarted my game for the 6th time. I haven't started my 7th playthrough, still not sure what I want to do.


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I got another Feebas yesterday, and a 4iv Eevee the other day, and that was nice.


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I haven't had much luck with getting Bank-obtainable monsters through WT, though I notably got Cascoon and two Feebas (one of the latter was traded to a friend).

Also, an Yanma named "yamamma".


I recently got a Charmander while trading a Solrock. I felt so bad for giving the player such a lousy Pokemon in return (even though I already had a Charmeleon) that I started spamming them with O-Power. The Charmeleon also came from Wonder Trade.
And I'd like to have a HA Froakie if that's okay. I know how to register.


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I've gotten a few 'mons with 3-4 perfect IVs, which is always cool. I've gotten a bunch of Froakie (but no Chespin or Fennekin for some reason), but not too much else that's super exciting. I did get a chuckle from a Beartic named Coca-Cola, though. :p



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I got a nice Zubat and Swellow from the Wonder Trade. Loving them to death and plan on using them for contests.


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> Mischievous me sends a derpy Bidoof. MUAHAHAHAH!!

> I also get a Bidoof from the other person...

Awkward for sure but pretty funny when things like this happen.


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I nickname all the male Pokemon I wonder trade Ryan Gosling

Mudkips, Modest Wurmples, Adamant HA Torchics, and Snivies

I got a Spanish Ditto and ALL my pokemon love to breed with it


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I haven't had much luck with getting Bank-obtainable monsters through WT, though I notably got Cascoon and two Feebas (one of the latter was traded to a friend).

Also, an Yanma named "yamamma".

What nature was that Cascoon?
I wonder trade a lot of Wurmple evos lol

The Benmeister

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I wanted a foreign Amorphous egg group Pokemon with good IVs to breed with my English Drifloon to try get a good shiny. Trading away excess Drifloon in more hope than anything else, but lo and behold back comes a Japanese Drifloon with 4 perfect IVs. Pretty chuffed!
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