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Wonder Trade Stories

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Well-Known Member
I don't use wonder trade because I don't want some kid's spare poorly nicknamed Froakies.


Well-Known Member
I have gotten Protean Froakies, Pumpkaboos which became Gourgeists, Master Swords (Seriously, two Honedge with Shadow Sneak and Swords Dance named Master Sword by two different dudes), a Japanese Imposter Ditto, and more, all of this on Poke-Ween alone.


Clefairy Lover ^_^
I have got a few different Pokemon with Pokerus tonight from Wonder Trade. I just released them though (already got my own legit Pokerus & don't want my Pokemon to spread a possibly hacked strain.)


Sultan of Steel
So I'm breeding for a shiny Charmander and wonder trading the rest, I seriously have a full box of scatterbugs and weedles now-.-

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
I was breeding some timid Eevees, the ones I didn't need I wondertraded. 3 trades later, I got a lvl 100 fully ev trained technician adamant breloom


Well-Known Member
I Wonder-Traded some Chimchars, Tyrunts with Dragon Dance and Fire Fang, and other goodies last month to give a helping hand to some players. I got a Protean Froakie and a Koffing among the other stuff that came in from WTing.


Well-Known Member
Someone gave me a level 1 Driftloon named "Free Balloon."

That was pretty special.

XD That's gold!

I got two different Honedges with Shadow Sneak and 4IV Flawless nicknamed "Master Sword" from two different dudes within 15 minutes on Halloween. Twas a good harvest, and I do plan on catching 30 Pumpkaboo for next year's Poke-Ween.


Pokemon Master
I have kinda regretted this, but, I have wonder traded a Entei and a Rakiou and oh boi how fast they "Nice" me its unbelievable! I got a wooper and a rattata(bad spelling) in return for them.

Mami Tomoe

Someone gave me a level 1 Driftloon named "Free Balloon."

That was pretty special.
That's amazing. xD

I wonder-traded one of my extra shiny Gabites last Christmas with Pokerus thrown on it. It kind of hurt, but I had three so I felt like I needed to spread my luck somehow.
Was wonder trading some 3-4 IV + 0 speed Honedge with Wide Guard egg move earlier. When I got a 6 IV male Prankster Sableye in return for one of them, I nearly **** bricks. The Sableye also knew Recover and was in a matching Luxury Ball. ^_^


ES member Eclair
I've gotten my fair share of surprises using wonder trade, but the BIGGEST surprise of them all was a Rayquaza and not just any Rayquaza at that, but one caught in a Heavy Ball from the Johto region and, if that wasn't enough, it was a SHINY Rayquaza too! I was chatting with a friend of mine on Skype at the time so he read my word for word reaction. XD Also, incase anyone is wondering, sorry, not parting with it. lol The only thing I wish it had was a nickname I wanted to call it but, oh well. lol :)


I got a Dedenne named "Dragonbane" from some guy back in October. I also got a 5 IV Tyrunt with Thunder, Fire and Ice Fang as well as Dragon dance. Oh and I've gotten 2 Yveltals...

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I'm been MM'ing Eevee, and I have like 3 boxes full of them. So I decided to trade over some of my extra Eevees over Wonder Trade, and to my surprise someone traded over a Japanese Ditto!


the shinyclauncher12
I sent out a shiny polish today,got a fennel in

The Hiker king

Non Sequitur
I've been wonder trading my excess Eevee from my MM attempt and in addition to the usual stuff like Fletching I got a 5IV Magnemite, Electrike, Deino, Bagon, and a 4IV Buneary in a love ball. Not bad after a few hundred trades. I also obtained 20k pokemiles...
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Veteran Trainer
I love to RNG on my 5th gen games. I Like cloning a fox full of flawless shinies poketransfering them to my Y version so I can wonder trade them. It feels nice making people's day.


New Member
I've gotten some pretty bad trades, but once I got a squirtle with the moves Skull Bash and Dragon Pulse! I used MM to breed about a box and a half in hopes of a shiny. but mainly to wonder trade. Then yesterday,I got trolled and I did not like it at all :( Shiny level 100 ......Beldum! With the moves......Take Down! And... nothing else :( Then got a french level 53 yveltal so that was cool. BTW I traded the Beldum for Shiny Luvdisc. Atleast I don't have to be sad over what could have been shiny level 100 Metagross if someone had been nice.
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