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Wonder Trade Stories

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Ultamate Magnemite
I traded 5 lv1 ryhorns on wonder trade and got 5 Japanese 5 different Pokémon oh by the way I got few boxes full of rhyhorns if any one whonts them still looking for a shiny rhyhorns.


Gives 'em the slip..
I sent out a shiny polish today,got a fennel in


I have never wonder traded. Probably should, though I don't have many egg moves, only 4-5 IV breds. I've spent enough time on the GTS to know where this is going...

Hexin' Wishes

Diva Extraordinaire
I wonder traded a whole box of Phiones I bred and nicknamed "Valentine" today. Got nothing of interest back. Not even the Scatterbug I got from "GaGa" (yuck) was worthwhile since it evolved into the same pattern of my own region.


The Poké-theorist.
I like to be the nice guy on Wonder Trade when I'm feeling bored. Want a Cynaquil, Mudkip, Treecko for one of your crummy Bidoofs or Zigzagoon? No problem. Want a Bagon with perfect IVs? Sure thing.

You actually get some people who are kind back. I've gotten stuff like Dratini and Kangaskhan on Wonder Trade before. I got a shiny Avalugg once too O____O.


Active Member
I got a shiny Tornadus in Wonder Trade--I was shocked. I also got Yveltal and a shiny Minccino. Those were the best!


The Poké-theorist.
I wonder if trades like that are by pure accident. Like "NOOO!! I meant to click the Honedge next to him!!! FFFFF!!"
I have got a Yveltol and a Regiggigus when Pokebank was still only in japan. :D


Competitive Battler
I haven't Wonder Traded in a while, but I have 10+ PC boxes of breeding rejects to trade away. Quite looking forward to farming the Poke Miles. If I get anything of interest, I'll post it here.


Well-Known Member
I got a Gengar in wonder trade today, and a level 59 Dragonite yesterday.


Pokémon Blue
Tomorrow morning I'm going to Wonder Trade a shiny Gyarados from Johto infected with Pokérus and holding a Rare Candy. I really hope the other person loves it! :D


Heads up: If any of you receive an Impish Carbink holding a Lumiose Galette off the Wonder Trade next week, that was most likely me who sent it.

I got a HA Dratini off WT yesterday, which is good because I've wanted one for a long time. The other things I could care less about so I released them all.

Ibuki Mioda

SHSL: Light Music
A few days ago I wonder traded a few shinies to make people's days better. I traded a Togepi and got a Noivern with decent stats and then I traded an Abra and got a Shelmet in return. I plan on wonder trading one of my spare Zygardes again and see what happens.


Well-Known Member
On Valentine's day I was sending out Smoochums all named Valentine- many with they HA :)


Pokémon Blue
Tomorrow morning I'm going to Wonder Trade a shiny Gyarados from Johto infected with Pokérus and holding a Rare Candy. I really hope the other person loves it! :D

And so I did! It went to someone called JT from Michigan. In return I received an Honedge (it has 31 IVs for HP and for Sp. Attack).
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←Look at this Swinub
I once got a shiny Liepard in a wonder trade. I feel kind of bad because in exchange for that, I gave away a level 1 Espurr.


Poison Moth
I'm sending away Wurmples and Mudkips infected with Pokerus, holding Lumiose Galettes, tomorrow! ~
And maybe a Snivy or two.
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