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Wonder Trade Stories

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Randomly got a Shiny Ho Oh infected with Pokerus. Sent the poor guy a level 1 magikarp named Fishy.. :(


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I managed to get a 5IV Yamask and Feebas from Wonder Trade today. One of my most successful wonder trade sessions ever.


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I am addicted to wonder trading and do it every chance I get. I also keep almost all of the ones I get, even if they are bad.
Most of the Pokemon I have gotten have been pretty insignificant: I have a huge army of Charmanders, Ralts, Honedge, Pikachus, and Caterpies.
There has occasionally been something good though: I have gotten a few Froakies with the hidden ability and I did manage to get a Chesnaught a few days ago. Haven't gotten any legendaries yet.


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I've sent out a few gen V extras and fossils, as well as a batch of baby espurs. Got a few gen Vs I didn't have like shroomish, and some nice people sent me Noivern, Zoroark and Phione, all of which I sent on, since I'd already caught a Zoroark, transfered a phione, and have a lvl 41 Noibat on my team. Lots of people are still sending Kalos and Kanto starters, so I've got a Solar Power Charmander now... suppose it needs an HP item.
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Last week I got a Tornadus and an Azelf. Thanks, strangers!
Saves me having to trade them up from Black 2!


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So iv been at home all day and I have been wondering all day just playing around and today has been amazing ha

I just got a level 90 female shiny hydregion and a Japanese kangaskhan with pokerus and a female tyranitar

Its been a great hump day :)


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If anyone cares, I've been trying to breed a good IV shiny charmander so I have about 46 5IV jolly charmanders with 4 EGs now that I'll be giving away on WT in exactly 5 minutes.


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I got a Rayquaza for wonder trading a Rufflet...


I forgot what I traded to get these Pokemon, but from WTing, I got a lv 100 shiny Vullaby, and a lv 100 shiny Lopunny. Those were my best WTs yet.XD


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I gave someone either a Magikarp or Mareep and got a Giritina, lol. At least what I offered had good natures.


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got a shiny Rayquaza from Johto and a shiny Modest Charmander from WT in a roughly 48 hour period... feelsgoodman.jpg


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Hmmm, the best mons I've got have been 4iv Pokemon and HA ones.

But I always try to give away a couple of good Pokemon every week. Yesterday I wonder traded a Shiny Litleo and a Shiny Skiddo I got from chaining~ I hope the people who received them are happy!

However, one of my friends goes out of her way to wonder trade some pretty amazing shinies. At christmas she wonder traded three shiny Eevees she chained!! O.O


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About two weaks ago or so, I gave away more than 20 legendaries, More than 10 Shinies, And a whole bunch of different female pokemon with hidden abilities, And good stats and nature. They even came in nice pokeballs. And now i absolutely regret it, I did not get a single good pokemon in return, Not even a 'Nice'. It just shows how nice everyone is and for that reason i'm not doing it ever again.


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meh i just w-trade breeding rejects. Got a solar ower charmander and shinny zubat. some decent breeding chain initiators, nothing remarkable.


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If you guys are on right now, I'm wonder trading away all the Pokemon I don't need anymore. Including Pokemon you can only find in the friend safari, high level evolved Pokemon, and Pokemon that evolve with stones or other special items. Some highlights include: Kingdra, Hydreigon, Tyranitar, Aggron, Aromatisse, Slurpuff, and many more.

So if you get a Pokemon from a girl named Maya who lives in Michigan, it was most likely me. :D
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