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Wonder Trade Stories

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pokemon master!!!!
I got a few starters which I will breed and send out in wonder trade soon. I also got a hidden ability Fletching which I'm using on my team and that's it. Others are just bidoofs and useless Pokemon :)


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once i traded my noibat and got a SALAMENCE in return from wonder trade


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Today is a good day for wonder trading. o_o

I got:
A Minccino with it's hidden ability (Skill Link)
A Chimchar with it's hidden ability (Iron Fist)
A Kecleon with it's hidden ability (Protean) From the message the guy had (HA 4IV Kecleon), I'm guessing it has some good IVs too
A level 100 Luxray


Keeper of Slurpuffs
Wow, some very lucky people in this thread!
I have yet to get anything amazing from wonder trade, but that doesn't stop me from trying.
In the meantime, my army of Charmanders and Bunnelbys is going up.

Miss Kaguya

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The best I got was a Mesprint from Wonder trade, a Jolly Chimchar with iron fist, and then a Gale wing Fetchling. I did got a shiny Delibird once but I decided to give it away.


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Wow, some very lucky people in this thread!
I have yet to get anything amazing from wonder trade, but that doesn't stop me from trying.
In the meantime, my army of Charmanders and Bunnelbys is going up.

While I know it's all random and luck, I believe in karma and like to believe that plays in. Try giving away a good Pokemon or two, even just a Pokemon with an Egg Move. People see others being generous like that and they try to be generous too. ;)

I've given away the fully evolved forms of the psuedo-legendaries, a couple legendaries and shinies, and some Pokemon you can't get in the game, not even the friend safari. And look at what I got a few posts up. :D


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Odds won't be in your favor sometimes. I just traded away a spare Mewtwo from my second X run.

I got a Level 100 Magikarp. Oh the humanity.

Grey Wind

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It's really cool how there are so many people trading away near flawless Pokemon. I've gotten 5IV Bunnelby, Carbink, Totodile and Gible so far and I barely use Wonder Trade.


Loves pizza
I've got couple HA froakies along with many foreign and marill with belly drum and aqua jet, oh and also pokemon with pokerus ;301; :) though most of the time I get useless scatterbugs and bidoofs -_-


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i once got a shiny seaking off wonder trades and i have gotten starters like fennekin, charmander but mostly i just get oddish,scatterbug and junk basically.


Shiny Hunter
Mostly get random junk like everyone else, but I have had a few flawless pokemon like an adamant 5IV Gible with rough skin (now in a competitive team I'm trying to build). One of the funniest I received was a Hydreigon called Derpy McDerp. My friend loved it, so I traded it to him XD


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One time i was breeding a toxic spikes Froakie and i sent over my leftovers, got a 2 iv froakie without toxic spikes, was pleased with myself too for helping someone. The reverse happened to me a little after where i sent over a 2 iv Charmander and got a 4 iv with outrage, dragon dance, fire blitz and dragon pulse, saved me about 2 days work.

Best of all though is the Cresselia i got from wonder trade, i wanted to give the person my Heatran duplicate as a thank you but he sent me a Xerneas back (which was the only gen vi legendary i needed), he eventually got the message with a Cobalion. Real life good guy Greg there.

Pink Harzard

So majestic
Well, I got twice a Scatterbug but I was curious if they would have the same pattren as my own Vivillon. So I trained them and one of them had a pretty rare pattren. So if you get a Scatterbug, train it into a Vivillon and trade it for something good with a Vivillon collector. ^^

And I got a HA Froakie with 5 IV's. Not bad at all.


Hopes and Dreams
I've been getting a lot of foreign starters from WT, so I'm using them in Y to breed shinies. If any of you got Protean Froakies these past couple of days, if you got them from a girl named Ginger, you're welcome~ I was breeding for a female one and was sending away all the males.


True Love Never Dies
I sent out some egg move Charmanders during the time I was breeding to get a female Dragon Dance/Outrage one. Hopefully, they helped someone. In return, I got a lot of foreign Pokemon, so I'll evolve those for foreign dex additions.


What do I do now?
Within five minutes, I was traded a shiny maractus and a shiny Latios. I don't know the legitimacy of Latios, yet, so I'm a bit wary of it.


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Some traders should really mark the IVs before trading their Pokemon because I just found out I obtained quite a few with 5IVs. I really got some funny nicknames, too like Dr.Who the Noctowl, Venus the Luvdisc or a Flabébé called MaryFairy in the past 48 hours.
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