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Wonder Trade Stories

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Trainer of the Night
Once traded a Yellow flower Flabebe, got the pokémon, and it was....a yellow flower Flabebe at the exact same level. The only difference being that it was from Japan. On the flip side, I've also gotten perfect nature Squirtle and Dratini with outstanding IVs. So, there's a bit of love-hate when it comes to Wonder Trade.


Keeper of Slurpuffs
So it appears karma was really good to me after all. Did a few wonder trades today and got some good Pokemon!
-First I got a nearly perfect Japanese Kangaskhan! (All the IVs were perfect except for HP)
-Then I got a female Froakie with the Protean ability!

Was a good day for wonder trading for me :)

Atomic Rexx

Don't Care
This isn't much of a story, but just about an hour ago someone traded me a fully legit shiny Zapdos with a Timid nature and 4 perfect IVs while I was getting rid of my spares.


Thanks dude. Enjoy your Nidoran.

Hexin' Wishes

Diva Extraordinaire
I'm gonna WT a spare HA Turtwig I only bred so I could get a Japanese Ditto.

EDIT: *sucks teeth* I got a damn Emolga, and not even with it's HA!
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New Member
I traded one of my Rain Dish Squirtles and I managed to get a shiny Heatran

I guess it could be a fair trade
I wonder traded a Rufflet and got a Vullaby in return.

Otherwise, I do enjoy getting Scatterbugs, because I tested out evolving some- And they came in the different patterns. Of course, I'm currently working on getting a shiny Buneary through millions of eggs, and using what I get in return for the little Miley Cyrus's to fill my Pokedex with various Trainer IDs.

Haha, I'm sending out Bunearys too because I'm also breeding for a shiny one! It'd be funny if we got each other.

I've gotten a few cool Pokemon through WT :) I've gotten an Extremespeed Dratini with good IVs (I think it was Japanese too), a Japanese Adamant Charmander with amazing IVs and Dragon Dance, a 4-IV Japanese Eevee, and an awesome Japanese Mawile and Absol with egg moves too! I love receiving Japanese (or any other language really) Pokemon with good IVs in different egg groups, for MMing. :)


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
traded 5ivs ralts got 6iv modest palkia...


Well-Known Member
I traded my shiny combee
Meant to put it on the gts




I like turtles
If any of you get legendaries, it's probably cloned.


Strider: Spider King
Traded an eevee, got a lv 100 noivern.


Magical Girl
Yesterday I traded a bunch of eevee and after a few minutes I got one of my own eevee back. I also got a shiny aron in the same day. I think it's legit considering that it doesn't have any outstanding qualities.


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
got a ha drilbur :3, im so dam used to Sand Force...But i want to try MB, just to spite some rotoms :D
I got a 5 iv Japanese Litwick last night.

Also a Charmander with Belly Drum , dragon Dance , and Outrage.


New Member
Luminion. Sure, that doesn't sound like much, but I didn't have one, and Finneons are SO popular on the GTS. Completed my dex just breeding out that one Lumi over and over.


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
I completed my dex with ha gligars ;3

Back to wonder trade. Im getting bored of all the protan froakies, quiet honedges and charmanders...I mean outside of the level 3-4 bunnelbys and 8-14 flabebes there is nothing else, well i did get a minipete...that was roflworthy.


New Member
Tons of pokemon for MM breedings. As well as a Shinx with 5IV's, Hawlucha with four egg moves, and a few others. I had a ton of Meowths that I just traded away.


Burn Baby Burn!
As for wonder trade stories...
My brother (whose name will not be disclosed) and I used to trade off haunter, kadabra, and machoke...with everstones.
It was a hoot and a half just thinking about how the people would react when they got the trade-evolvers, and they didn't evolve.

Pink Harzard

So majestic
Back to wonder trade. Im getting bored of all the protan froakies, quiet honedges and charmanders...I mean outside of the level 3-4 bunnelbys and 8-14 flabebes there is nothing else, well i did get a minipete...that was roflworthy.

No day on wonder trade goes without recieving those guys. First I was happy with a HA Froakie. But now I've got enough to fill some hordes.

I like to trade away some Poké that only evolve trough trading. So when I got a Abra in wonder trade, I train them and trade it away. I've even send once a Feebas with a Prism Scale. I also plan to give away some Pumpkaboo's.
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