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Wonder Trade Stories


I like turtles
Some time ago I got a female Flabebe in a Master Ball from Route 4.
Just got a Shinx in Dream Ball.
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Lightning zebra
I got today 5IV Bagon with egg moves Fire fang, dragon rush and dragon dancw.

One day, I git Magikarp bamed "Forgive me, pls?" Keeped it, i like magikarp, so it was not hard decicion.
First part of this story, not Wonder Trade related, but, after getting my Shiny Charm this morning (finally), I got a hatched shiny after only 12 eggs...

Ability: Solar Power (HA)
Nature: Modest (+SpAtk/-Atk)
IVs (confirmed): 31/21/31/31/31/1 (that Speed IV......)
Egg moves:
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Pulse
-Air Cutter
-Ancient Power

Again... That Speed IV... Going to Wonder Trade it as soon as this message posts. Hopefully it will make someone really happy to see. (I'll make it even nicer and let it hold an Enigma Berry)

*EDIT* Female Moon Ball Timid Gastly in return. Good times for the WT this morning. ^_^
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Rock Shoveler
Traded off my breeding boxes on wonder trade over the week and managed to get three of the twenty Beldum I sent off back in the same day!

Atomic Rexx

Don't Care
Really long time ago, got a Timid Shiny Zapdos off of Wonder Trade. Cue excessive squealing and extreme disbelief.


Well-Known Member
I've been sending out a lot of perfect 5IV pokemon from MM breeding. Namely chimchar, noibat, and pumpkaboo. I saved some for potential future trades, but hopefully the rest went to good homes!


Super Nerd
This is probably one of the best wonder trades in the history of wonder trades, a 6IV, shiny modest Hydration Goomy. yeah, it's now on my team, someone actually thought i was lying until my brother backed me up. My other brother also told me that it cannot be hacked due to it being a 6 gen Pokémon. I traded one of the million Froakies I had while trying to get my Greninja.


Super Nerd
Lol, just got an extremely suspicious level 99 roggenrola, all it knows is hidden power and it's shiny

Mr. Reloaded

Former enigma
If I ever see a Froakie, Fletchling or Bunnelby one more time...

As far as stories go my best pick ups were Naive Absol with Playrough, Totodile with DD, and Ice Punch.
And a Scraggy with a Similar set. Also got a Cobalion recently, it had bad IV's unfortunately...

Pink Harzard

So majestic
I wish people would stop with the Froakie infestation.
On the other hand. The Iron Fist Chimchar with Thunder Punch and Fire Punch is now a awesome Infernape. I wish I could thank the trader.
Last Pokémon I got on WT was a HA Shuppet named Not a Tissue. I keep this guy for making me laugh ^^.


Basically all my team came from Wonder trade, perfect 5 IV ralts, mawile, froakie, gabile, growlithe, gastly, electrike, torchic and eevee. Also I was sent a girl froakie, a girl squirtle, a girl charmander also got puplip, mudkip, totodile and the water starter of x/y. One guy also sent me a lvl. 50 Xerneas (which btw I'm trading if you guys are interested, since I already have one). Also gotten multiple dratinis and feebas. I've traded at least 300 times on wonder trade, it's pretty awesome actually :3


Pokemon breeder
I got what I thought was someone's junk pokemon because it was a basic common one, but after checking its summary, I learned it had Pokerus!


Well-Known Member
On the other hand. The Iron Fist Chimchar with Thunder Punch and Fire Punch is now a awesome Infernape. I wish I could thank the trader.
That would be epic if it was from me. I've easily sent out upward of 100 chimchar with that description, lol. What's the OT if you don't mind me asking?


I tried my hand at Wonder Trading for the first time last night. I got some good things, or rather, some things that I was looking for. Protean Froakie (I didn't have access to a Safari with one), Adamant Gale Wings Fletchling (same), Elegant Pattern Vivillon (I love filling out the form entries on the Pokédex, so I was going to start searching for Vivillon Patterns eventually - mine's just Modern. :/). But perhaps most notably is the one that is otherwise entirely unnotable. I can't remember what it was that I had sent out, but I got a Super Size Pumpkaboo in return. However, I had forgotten that Pumpkaboo evolved via trading, so when I saw the bottom screen go white as it always does for the evolution sequence, I had my first genuine, "What's this!?!?" reaction in response to a trade evolution. So I really enjoyed that.

One of the Pokémon that I sent out was a Lv. 22 Adamant Escavalier that I captured with a Dive Ball in Black Version about a year and a half-ish/two years ago when I was out waaay late at night outside of the DMV with a friend of mine while we were waiting to get in line for the driver's tests. I hope he went to somebody good. I always had the oddest attachment to him.
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I like turtles
My friend got a lv. 1 Zorua holding Gardevoirite.


Active Member
I think the best thing I have got from Wonder Trade so far is a 4 IV Eevee. I have been looking for a friend safari with Eevee, but this will definitely help with breeding. I also don't have Pokebank so I'm glad whenever I get Pokémon from previous gens to help fill my Pokedex.


Pokerman Master
Trying to get pokemon to help me complete my pokedex but no luck what so ever... Lots of Fletchling, Flabébe, Froakie(getting sick and tired of it), the occasional Eevee, and once in a blue moon something I actually need.