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Wonder Trade Stories

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Maedar, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Dresden

    Dresden Pokémon Master

    In that case, check its Summary and see if it "Traveled through time from Johto". If not...
  2. Penguin888

    Penguin888 a t l a n t i s

    I love Wonder Trade.

    I sent out a bunch of Phiones yesterday, got Rotom, Mudkip, Dratini, a Vivillion with Pokerus, and a Cloyster.
  3. FilipeKC

    FilipeKC perfect storm

    I usually do Wonder Tarade when I'm bored and have nothing else to do lol I'm just getting started at breeding for competitive pokémon and actually got some pretty good "breeding materials" from WT... But the one time time I was gobsmacked with what I got was when I got an Entei! :O Can't even remember what I traded off, but it was actually pretty cool to get one since it was the one legendary beast that I still hadn't caught and transfered to my X :)
  4. francescanator

    francescanator New Member

    my friend got a shiny level 100 magikarp.
  5. Wonder trade proving to be very useful. Got a Gengar solid stats through it, trying to build a team of all Japanese pokemon (which is hard since I need them in final evo form so the name stays), but also received quite a few pokemon with great EVs that I otherwise would have forgot about even getting (My Quagsire runs ish now)
  6. Mr Macabre

    Mr Macabre Team Rocket Reject

    My first wonder trade last night (only just purchased the game yesterday) ... I sent a Bidoof. Received a Karrablast in return. I immediately felt terrible ... not because Karrablast is any good but ... Bidoof, y'know?

  7. Wait till you make a choice to send out something just sitting in your box you got from a trade thats terrible and get something like an EV trained Lvl 40 Gengar or something haha
  8. cinderkitteh

    cinderkitteh Pretteh Kitteh Khat

    It's okay, you just started so you get a break. Wondertrade can get addicting once you start getting good stuff, so have fun!
  9. E.Ko

    E.Ko Active Member

    I just started wonder-trading my leftovers from iv breeding, and it's really a neat concept. I may try to fill my pokedex with wonder-trades, how long do you think that will take? ;)
  10. World's Cutest Garchomp

    World's Cutest Garchomp Active Member

    I had like 3 boxes full of leftover Electrike. I named them all Bidoof and wonder traded them.
  11. Mario D. Solid

    Mario D. Solid Trainer

    I used to do it to have those points to trade on pokemon global link for rare candies. Made like 200k points so no need to do more since also have all 718 pokemon. Still is very nice since many people give the rest of the eggs that they won't be using, so many times we get things with breed moves and 5 iv.
  12. JenaAndFokkusu

    JenaAndFokkusu Ima Leafeon

    Today, I have recieved 2 Protean froakies, kept a spanish one, and wonder traded the other, i also got a charmander with dragon dance, and outrage, i didnt want it because i dont like charmander really, so i wonder traded that. hopefully i get something good eventually :)

  13. Last two days Wonder Trading I've been getting A LOT of Protean Froakies (kept a Jap one for me) and a lot of Pokerus infected Charmanders. Must have been flooded at one point and now making its rounds
  14. JenaAndFokkusu

    JenaAndFokkusu Ima Leafeon

    They just keep coming.. Its a charmander and froakie apocalypse in wonder trade really..I chose Fennekin and Squirtle because Froakie and Charmander is WAY too overused..
  15. Gamabunta97

    Gamabunta97 New Member

    Ok awhile ago I was going to do a wonder trade team run for x and I got mostly ok pokemon but right in the middle I got a shiny tyrouge and almost flipped my coffee table the only problem is that it has a really really in appropriate name and name I am too ashamed to use it in online battles.
  16. Landroval

    Landroval Active Member

    I was passing out dream ball Poochyenas earlier while I work on IV breeding a shiny Mightyena and got yet another Japanese Flabebe... only this one caught my eye so when I went to release it I checked the stats page and sure enough... someone had passed on a blue shiny Flebebe... The person that traded it too me wasn't Japanese so I guess they just thought it was another regular Flabebe.... Thats 2 shinies off the WT in 2 days... I got a shiny grumpig for an IV bred swinub the day before.

    Though the new craze seems to be flooding WT with pidgeys...
  17. ~CallOfTheIndie~

    ~CallOfTheIndie~ Now on vinyl

    I had a strange encounter in WT a couple months ago. It probably isn't much, but I thought it was bizarre and slightly unsettling.

    So I was trading back some WT Pokemon I didn't want back into WT. I don't remember what I was trading, but at some point I was linked with someone who had a message in all caps that read, "I'm so sorry". When the trade started I got a Flabebe in exchange for whatever it is I put back in WT. He had named it SORRY, and I didn't bother looking at anything else but the nickname. At first, I thought it was random and I could be overreacting, but something like that doesn't really happen in WT.

    It has since then been part of the plot for a Creepypasta I'll eventually write.
  18. ShinyCharyZard

    ShinyCharyZard Honesty=Infractions

    I've had some fairly decent Pokemon through Wonder Trade, but my favourite thus far, which now rarely leaves my team, has to be a Pokérus-cured, Adamant natured Talonflame at level 100. Maxed out attack and speed, seems quite the force to be reckoned with..

    I felt quite guilty at the time, since all they ended up with was my Ultra-Balled Jolly Pancham that I'd randomly captured about 45 seconds beforehand, but that soon passed and now I try and put better things in for everyone! If I do throw in a disappointing Pokemon, then it's usually holding something as a peace offering lol..
  19. Catstorm

    Catstorm ポケモン トレーナー

    On Valentine's Day, I got a Chansey named Venus with perfect IVs and a bold nature with one egg move. I have gone on to train it properly and I really appreciate whoever sent it out.
  20. Absolutely Absol

    Absolutely Absol It's just Absol...

    Speaking of Pokémon nicknamed 'Sorry'... I received Dunsparce with that name. lol

    Also, Miltank has 'YOUR MOM' nickname and Burn Heal. Yeah. I just sent her back to WT.

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