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Wonder Trade Stories

Was trading off level 1 Spinarak today and got one shiny Burmy but mainly starters.


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Occasionally I get a legendary obtainable in X & Y. I have gotten a couple Mewtwos, a Zygarde, and I think I got a Yvetal once. By far the most awesome thing I got was a shiny Charmleon with no nickname.

Personally I have a code I follow on the Wondertrade. If it is available in the Central Dex I release it right away with a few exceptions. Scatterbugs I like to see the pattern and then if I have the pattern I usually put it back into the wondertrade. Version exclusives, hidden abilities(especially the Kalos and Kanto starters) are also general kept/retraded. If the Pokemon appears in the any other parts of the Kalos Dex I assess how hard it is to find or if it fits the other criteria.

I also like to do "holiday" mass trades. I use holiday loosely here because they can be actually holidays or things like the first day of fall, first of the month, etc. This releases are usually themed. One time I did I snowball fight where I did 6 pokemon of each type(doing my best not repeat pokemon). Each Pokemon was taught fling and given a snowball before being traded.


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This isn't recent but some weeks ago, I got a LV. 1 or 2 shiny Zorua. It's male but it has perfect IVs and came from Unova. It's not nicknamed so that's good but I'm amazed that I got something like that. Then again, that day I was WTing away random Phiones, so I guess those people were happy. Not sure if I gave them a Phione since I was running low.


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I usually get Pokemon with more than one perfect IVs and egg moves, but just recently I got a shiny level 8 Patrat. The only problem is that I don't know whether or not it's hacked. It says it's from the Unova region, it doesn't have 31 IVs in all stats, and it's in a regular Pokeball. Regardless, it is the first shiny I've ever gotten from wonder trade.

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That Patrat shiny sounds legal. I once got shiny Purrloin that has Japanese nickname- so I have no idea what it's name is. It is not just Purrloin in Japanese though (nd I evolved it and name stayed as it was). Yesterday I received hacked Audino in Love Ball. It must be hack because that's not possible legally to have 5th gen pokemon in apricorn ball.... I released it


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I agree, it's most likely legal. I usually make sure that every Pokemon I get is legit because I heard too many horror stories about how hacked Pokemon will corrupt your save file. Now getting back to the topic, I recently got a Vivillon with Jungle Pattern to add to my collection. It was originally a Scatterbug, and I have a habit of level one up to a Vivillon to make sure it wasn't the pattern I already have. That was a nice surprise.


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I love how just everyone is getting all these shinies, and perfect IV pokemon, and all I'm ever getting are crappy ones. I started a chain of Wonder Trading and started with my Sunflora, and got a Modern Vivillion, which I then traded off because Modern is my pattern, and got a blue Flabebe, which I then got rid of for a French Bunnelby, which I then traded for a Honedge with a couple egg moves, but I decided against keeping it. So I then traded that piece of steel for a stupid Fletchling, and got an Eevee with Covet, Yawn, Charm, and Wish. Decided to keep this one~ :)


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I haven't done much wonder trading, but I was trading off my Wish Eevees a little while ago and I got another Eevee, which I found funny.


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I think I'm a wonder trade addict lol. Reading this thread again made me want to do it again.
I caught a friend safari Chansey and made the decision to keep trading whatever I got until I got something decent.
I traded the Chansey and ended up getting a Gurdurr, which evolved into Conkeldurr. Traded that Conkeldurr for a Japanese Swablu. I checked its IVs and it looks to be a nearly perfect Swablu, so I ended up stopping there. Not bad :)

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The best thing I've got through wonder trade are two legendaries: Regirock and Zygarde. And I've sent several shinies out to peeps just because I am a good Pokemon player. :)


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Best thing was a doublade with Wonder Guard after chaining to breed my own.....

I have yet to get ANYTHING good from wondertrade.


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The only decent thing I've gotten was a lv. 50 Ursaring, I think it might be payback from trading almost 200 Espurr.


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Never ever ever wondertrade when half asleep

One time I got a flabebe and I thought nothing of it so I sent it back

that's when I realized it had blue eyes

Long story short, I wondertraded a shiny away

please come back flabebe ;_;


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Yesterday, while breeding for a Female Timid Moody 31/X/31/31/31/31 Snorunt with Spikes (which I got), I went on my other 3DS and made like 3 trades there. One of them gave me a Shiny Italian untrained Nosepass, which caught me offguard. Looks legit since it was caught in the Kalos region.

So far, that is my first Shiny I got from Wonder Trade and the 2nd best Pokemon I got so far. The best one is still that 31/X/31/31/31/31 Japanese Scrappy Kangaskhan that I still need to finish getting the Attack on.
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Last week, I ended up with an extra Yveltal. Meant to put it on the GTS, but was a little distracted, and ended up wonder trading it.

Decided to just go with it, and followed up by sending out a Mewtwo and Zapdos as well. Hope the recipients enjoyed them.


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I almost never have any good luck with Wonder Trading. The only good things I've gotten from it are a few starters, a Phione and a HA Japanese Froakie.


The other day I wondertraded away a couple of boxes of IV breeding pokes (so they had two to four IVs) away. In return I got some crap but loads of 4 IVs and a few 5 IVs pokes back. I'm quite looking forward to breeding and training some of them.

Today I've just started wondertrading away some more IV breeding pokes and in return the first three pokes I received were Charmander. Baulbasaur and Squirtle. I thought it was a pretty cool thing to happen. The Squirtle has 4 IVs too and egg moves.


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Someone once gave me a Fenniken named Failure, and I felt so bad about it that I decided to keep it.

Same thing happened to a friend of mine, she got a Pikachu with crappy IV's named Rat, she's going to evolve it into a Raichu.