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Wonder Trade Stories


Just a Person
Yesterday while trying to hatch shinies, I got bired and decided to trade away the hatches I didn't want to keep. I traded for a while until I got a shiny Froakie with protean! It made my day, I was so happy!


Advisor at Silph Co. R&D board.
Today i have gotten on WT some very good pokemon. A 5 IV Fletchling, and a 5 iv Magnemite that i actually want to level up and add to my team.

The odd thing is, i also have gotten two Gengar (One of them japanese), both with 5 IV, and rated "Outstanding" by the stats judge, both of them with a good moveset too and both leveled up.

Is this some kind of halloween thing? i know it's still too early, but one never knows; it's awesome, nevertheless :D


Normal: The abnormal
I got a male german goomy with 31/x/31/31/31/31 with hydration on wonder trade.
Gonna breed it with a gooey one and get a usable shiny!


Panda Power
I feel kinda bad about my wonder trades Today. I caught the 3 elemental monkeys to start the Trading.

Dave the Panpour, Mookley the Pansage, and Willow the Pansear.

Got a Charmander with Flare Blitz, Outrage, Dragon Pulse and Dragon Rush for Dave. Got a Japanese Feebas for Mookley. For Willow i Recieved a German Gastly.

They were all at level 1.


Top Lil
I was trading some breeding rejects, and that's what I was looking for back, and out of nowhere I get a Shiny Charmander. No HA, No IVs, but hey, it's a shiny.


Just received a level 100 Japanese event Regigigas. Crap IVs, but seems legit.


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An guy I know received a shiny modest Charizard (pretty much a smogon set), all IVs are perfect. I'm pretty sure it's a cheated clone, right? I mean, I recently masuda method'ed a shiny charmander myself (same set from smogon) and it has 5 perfect IVs (bred with a perfect Gen V PokeGen 6 IV japanese Ditto) but one in Sp. Def is not perfect and you gotta be extremely lucky to receive a shiny one with 6 perfect IVs. And even if you received one, you'd never, ever give it to anyone else, let alone some random guys over WT.
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The Benmeister

Master of Magnet
Today was a good day for Wonder Trade!

I got a Blue Shellos which I didn't have yet, but more notably, I also got a Kalos native shiny Multiscale Dratini, which is now a Dragonite. Some people are very generous!


Pokémon Breeder
I decided to Wonder Trade a few things today, and omg I was so happy. I got a Ralts with 5 IV's, and egg move Shadow Sneak. I was so glad, but then I decided to trade some more stuff and got nothing but crap~ May do some more trading to see what else I can manage to get. Don't think I'll ever get a good shiny or anything, but I still hope for it.


Swift Swimmer
Decided to go on and do a run using whatever the first six Pokemon I receive via Wonder Trade, and would you guess my luck? What were the odds, getting six Weedles. So looks like my current Pokemon X playthrough is going to be a team of six Beedrill! Dx


Collecting Events
Haven't really gotten legends or shines from wonder trade, but what I really like are those breeding rejects with egg moves. This way, I can just rebreed them to get the egg moves. I was able to get a Squirtle with Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, and Aqua Jet, Egg moves I'm too lazy to try getting. I was really happy when I got this Skarmory with Whirlwind, Stealth Rock, and Brave Bird. I was thinking of breeding one, but was too lazy to get the Gen V Move tutor moves.


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I got a shiny Groudon in WT yesterday :D
Wow. That's really cool. Haven't gotten anything really good in Wonder Trade lately. Some ok stuff though. Anything that wasn't really good, I just let go.


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I Wonder Traded like crazy yesterday and the best thing I got was a level 88 Korean Zygarde with Pokerus. The rest of the Pokemon I got were not that good but I'm going to keep them anyway.


I recently got a Ralts from an other trainer.
It was male, had a good nickname, and came with a dawnstone.
To make it better, it was shiny.

I also once got a shiny Mewtwo from a wonder trade.
Further, I've send out a few shinies to other people.
Now I often get hidden ability pokemon with egg moves.
I love Wonder Trade, dispute the derps you get XD

No shiny or Legendary luck on the Wonder Trade side so far, but I'm MMing for a shiny Charmander at the moment and Wonder Trading all the rejects (the parent has some prefect's IVs, so I gave him the Destiny Knot so the offspring weren't completely useless). On 340 eggs/Wonder Trades so far and I've got some decent stuff.

New Vivillon pattern
More Pokérus Pokes
Scatterbugs to evolve for more Patterns
Some more decent Charmander rejects
Buneary who looks like a breeding reject with Ice Punch and Switcheroo
A Skill Link Minccino
Another Technician Scyther
A Chlorophyll Ivysaur (I was so happy with that!!)
Two Cyndaquils - one of my favourite starters
Another Totodile
Another Piplup
Friend Safari Dittos
Dratini with Extreme Speed (No Multi-Scale, but hey I can't really complain)
Rotom (In it's Heat Form too!)
What seems to be a breeding reject Sneasel with Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Ice Punch and Pursuit
Summer Form Deerling
LOADS OF FOSSIL POKÉMON I NEEDED: Kabuto, Omanyte, Anorith, three Shieldons, Archen and Tirtouga

But the icing on the cake was a random Gyarados. I thought he was cool, but then on looking at his summary he's Lv.52, With 5IVs - missing Special Attack, Had Pokérus AND his moveset of Waterfall, Earthquake, Dragon Dance and Protect makes me think he's a ex-competitive Pokémon! So after I've done my chores I'll release the derps (into the wild, not WT - I'm not that mean!) and send the rest to PokéBank until I've got ma shiny :D
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Keeper of Slurpuffs
So I decided to spend my morning doing wonder trading yesterday. Like I did before, I caught a friend safari Chansey and kept wonder trading it until I got something decent. The chain went on for a while and went something like this:
Chansey > Espurr > Charmander > Magikarp > Watchog > Smeargle > Klefki > Pancham > Flabebe > Riolu > Fletchling > Goomy > Ninjask > Tyrunt.

After the Tyrunt, I got a Japanese Feebas. The Feebas had some pretty good Egg moves and I think 4 IVs. I decided to keep the Feebas.


Pokémon Breeder
I was wonder trading a bunch of crap I really didn't need. (breeding rejects, etc.) And I forget what I sent out, but I got a 5IV Ralts with the egg move Shadow Sneak. I was so happy :D