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Wonder Trade Stories


Hello fellow trainers, This is my first post so please bear with me.

Tried out wonder trade for the first time last night, only just started playing the game and just wanted to see if I would get lucky and have something fun to start my adventures with and boy was I surprised.

I cannot remember the names of all I got but the few I was really happy about where a level 1 Raltz with Shadow sneak, a Level 1 honed edge, a level 1 Eevee, and a level 1 Japanese Growlith! that I found out is not in the XY pokedex! so was very happy with my first wonder trades.

Now I just need to find someone who wants a Growlith for a shiny Frokie of any level lol!.



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the only good pokemon i get from wt are eggmove rejects.. but most are female. other than that i send out 5iv eggmove rejects of my own lol


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I have gotten 2 5iv Porygon, 2 5IV male eggmove Gastlys, a few of the same Gible, 5IV Mawile and an eggmove 5IV Vulpix ... Never any Shinys but I have gotten an Oshawatt and Axew with PokeRUS. I usually trade out breeding rejects (Although I'm very early in the stages so my rejects are still pretty crappy compared to other people...) and lately Porygon just for fun. The other day I tossed in a Porygon holding Up-Grade for funsies....
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Just now, I did three wonder trades. Got a Combee, a Growlithe, and a Slugma. ALL level 1!! Both Combee and Growlithe had an Adamant Nature. (Adamant must be the best nature in the Pokemon world), Growlithe came with ROAR, CRUNCH, FLARE BLITZ AND CLOSE COMBAT!!!! My Slugma came with the Pokerus!!

Not bad at all!! I love Wonder trading!!!


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I ended up getting a Jap Timid 5IV (31/x/31/31/31/31) Chatot with the Egg Moves, Boomburst and Nasty Plot.

I'm happy that I don't have to breed for one now.


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Yesterday during TheKingNappy's Wonder Trade stream I got Virizion and Gallade, both 6iv shinies with good natures. Very questionable legitimacy, but heck I'll take what I can get.

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I wonder traded away most of my breeding rejects and got back a growlithe/clefable/japanese scraggy/german zizagoon/couple of starters also got a mincinno and a l100 talonflame with enigma berry and pikachu with a light ball l1 jolly gligar with baton pass.

I'm hoping to send off some modest Abra's soon i might teach them some TMs before they go.
I'm ab to wonder trade 30 Jolly Tirtouga most with HA. It's gonna be a beach full :)

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Posting again - Cant edit my post :( I got a shiny at last! A Charmander with an Imphish nature I'm so happy :D * First shiny was the odd egg and was a cleffa in Gen


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I got a shinny calm ha hyper voice wish hp ground....Vaporeon...Yep they fotgot about sylveon here.


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I got a Protean Froakie with 4IV last Halloween. Still use him in most of my battles. Also, recently I got a Pumpkaboo with Disable. Twasn't bad. As of now, I have yet to receive any shinies or legends, but I'm happy with what I got nevertheless.


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Just got a bunch of (I wouldn't even call them this) rejects off of the GTS. Lowest guy I traded over was above average and highest was outstanding. All I got back were mainly decent and a few above average. Why do I even bother? :(


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I just received a Shiny Ho-Oh at level 100 with pokerus. It sounds a little too good to be true, but it said that it came to Kalos from Unova, and as far as I know, hacks can't go through the Poké-transporter, so I'm just going to assume that it's previous trainer just soft-reset in HGSS until they caught a shiny. :3


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Yesterdag i got a Japanese Articuno lvl 91!!! I was going crazy!! I would like to thank this person sooo much! Also get many pkmn with pokerus.
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I've been quite lucky with my wonder trades. Some highlights were a French Dragonite (I could not believe my eyes!), a 6IV Japanese fletchling and a meinshao.