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Wonder Trade Stories


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Received a Phione. :)

I just received a Shiny Ho-Oh at level 100 with pokerus. It sounds a little too good to be true, but it said that it came to Kalos from Unova, and as far as I know, hacks can't go through the Poké-transporter, so I'm just going to assume that it's previous trainer just soft-reset in HGSS until they caught a shiny. :3

That. Is. Awesome.


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I am wonder trading Larvitar's at the moment. Yesterday i've got a shiney Scraggy lvl 100 and today a random Vulpix wich i thought was nice cause you won't find a Vulpix on X. I'm also getting many starters. Im starting wondertrading Johto starters by tmrw!


Lightning zebra
I have gotten many great pokemons today. I have gotten 5 IV Unburden Belly Drum Adamant Swirlix, 5 IV Huge Power Adamant Belly Drum Aqua Jet Marill and SHINY 5 IV Female Croconaw! I'm pretty happy
I also got 5 IV Male Ralts with 3 egg moves, Modest 4 IV HA Vulpix with 4 egg move and 4 IV Bulbasaur. Pretty nice for one day. All born in Kalos. :D
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Just got a 6 iv Shiny egg move natu... first Shiny through wt so I squeed quite a bit


Pokemon Trainer
So, my IGN is Ash in Pokemon X

Just wondertraded with someone named ASH, who also lives in the same state as me.

My shoutout text thingy is Looking for Mew

His is Have Mew



Proud to be Dutch
Sended away some 4/5IV Pinsirs. Got some nice 4/5IV Pokeys back.

But then I actually received a Lvl. 2 Fletchling named 'AAAAAAA'. Probably the worst you can get, and send away.


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Currently breeding for a shiny Eevee, so I'm sending out the rejects. Happened to get a shiny Riolu last night, also got a shiny Gengar a few days ago. I'd never guess it was shiny if it wasnt for the star mark. Normal & Shiny form of Gengar are so alike, nearly no difference. Could've been that the guy sending it off never noticed it was shiny, lol.


Keeper of Slurpuffs
Did a bunch of wonder trading tonight and eventually got a 4IV Rotom. I wasn't even aware that it was possible to breed Rotom. You learn something new every day!


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I was flabbergasted to get a lv. 100 Shiny Huntail today when I traded a Smeargle. amazing!


I got a lv. 100 groudon but I am not sure if it's legit or not.
I think lv 16 kadabras with 31 ivs in spd and sp. att is a good pokemon to wonder trade


Crimson Dragon
did some WT trades, got a shieldon and Torchic from someone. bred them and sent it of to some other ppl. I haven't really got anything to good as far as rare/legendaries aside from some 2 starters Froakie and Torchic. I did get a 4 iv medicham a few days ago.


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I'm starting early with my trading of ghost type pokemon for Halloween considering the battle competition coming up. In return though, someone sent over a Giratina with a Griseous Orb. It was a very nice surprise.


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Hello guys,
I'm looking for Blazikenite and Tyranitarite.
I trade a Keldeo and Melloeta.
Please i need it so much, thank you!


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I still didn't get anything good with the wonder trades :(, will keep trying tho.
Am also looking for friends for the safari! Pm Me.


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Got a 5iv Venasaur level 65. Is that what they call 'Battle ready'?

Also found a swablu in a dream ball.

I assume both are very rare to find through this wonder trade. How rare is dream ball? I held onto the pokemon just in case.


Genesect Hoarder
Once I was just randomly wonder trading when suddenly, BOOM--random shiny 5iv timid Treecko with great egg moves and competitive EV training. He is now in my main competitive team.

I also recently got a shiny togepi over wt, and the best part about it was that I was watching a twitch stream where some guy was wonder trading shinies and I literally got the togepi from him. It was amazing.


Active Member
I've gotten a few awesome pokemon on the wonder trade, including a shiny flawless lvl 100 Jolly Ditto (Into the daycare with you :D), a Giratina, a 4IV lvl 1 rotom on my 3rd wondertrade ever (became a permanent member on my party), a raikou, zapdos, and (I kind of feel bad about this), a hacked Jirachi that I traded on the GTS for a shiny French Dialga.

Oh, and Eagleironic:
I've been quite lucky with my wonder trades. Some highlights were a French Dragonite (I could not believe my eyes!), a 6IV Japanese fletchling and a meinshao.

I remember sending out a french dragonite a few weeks ago, if yours is the very same one, I'm glad it got to a happy trainer. :)

On another note, whenever I've been wonder trading and I receive a lvl 1 eevee, fletchling, scatterbug, ralts or magikarp, I hold onto it, then when my box is full of these pokemon , I just release them all, then go to the friend safari and refill the box with charmeleons, braixens and ponyta (best friend code ever). The box usually fills up within a couple of days. I was wondering if anyone else does anything similar to this, or am I just a crazy trader?


Panda Power
Started off with a Burmy. After a few random trades I ended up with a japanese Honedge. As i went to trade it, i saw its move set.

It had Sacred Sword, Night Slash, Iron Head, and Power Trick. It was also level 1.

I also Traded out a Dunsparce named, Have-Fun. Ended up getting a level 1 Squirtle for it.

Aura Sphere, Muddy Water, Fake out, and Dragon Pulse was its move set. Squirtle also has a Modest nature.

Very Good day for WonderTrading if i do say so.