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Wonder Trade Stories

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Dragon Lord
So, I decided to trade a second box of Charmanders today... Here's the breakdown:

Useless: Wurmple, Surskit, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Makuhita, Electrike, Bunnelby, Wooper, Sewaddle, Skitty, Fletchling, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Seedot, Torkoal, Slakoth, Weedle, Zigzagoon, Tentacool, Wurmple, Linoone, Wurmple,

Useful: Absol, Swanna, Pidgey, Mudkip,

Awesome: Riolu, Larvesta,

I've always liked Absol, it is a pretty good false swiper, particularly since few legendaries have supereffective moves against its typing. It also has a pretty decent movepool and now that it has a mega evolution it gets even more useful.

Riolu turns into the amazing Lucario, which was a powerhouse even before it gained a mega evolution. Heck, the first pokemon I bred and trained for serious was a Lucario. This Riolu has potential.

Swanna is the better of the late stage flying/water types. But that doesn't say much. While Pelipper is more on the defensive side, Swanna is more offensive. This particular French one knows Bubble Beam, Brave Bird, Air Slash, and Water Pulse. Although it is male, it has potential for breeding.

Larvesta was a surprise, a nice one even. This is Modest Female, but other than that, it isn't really special. Still, it is a rare pokemon, and a pseudo-legendary.

Pidgey is the original three stage bird pokemon, and it is surprisingly good. It also looks awesome when shiny, and the new mega-evolution it got makes it even more awesome. :)

So, I heard you like Mudkips... Seriously, awesome water starter is awesome, particularly when it gains electicity immunity by gaining the ground type when it evolves. Sure, it gets a x4 vulnerability to grass in return, but it is generally worth it. It also has the best stats of all the Hoenn starters.

Well, it was apparently the night of the wurmples. >.<
Other than that, it was a fairly good haul. Both Riolu and Larvesta are awesome, and Mudkip is so awesome it became a Meme. :)

Well, I'm out of boxes of Charmanders, time to breed some more...


Not going to double post when I can edit this one.


After breeding a bunch of additional Charmaders, it was time to trade of another 30 on the Wonder Trade... Here's the result:

Useless: Magikarp, Volbeat, Sandshrew, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Wurmple, Zubat, Poochyena, Whismur, Electrike, Shuppet, Silcoon, Solrock, Seedot, Oddish, Magikarp, Weedle, Pikachu, Zigzagoon,

Useful: Female Ralts, Espurr, Male Ralts, Gastly, Gible, Solosis, Eevee, Staravia, Kadabra/Alakazam, Larvitar, Munchlax,

Ralts, as I have mentioned earlier, evolves into two really awesome pokemon.

Espurr is a pretty awesome, and that stare....

Gastly eventually becomes Gengar, which was awesome even before it gained a Mega evolution.

Gible! Shark Dragon! Woot! Seriously, it is one awesome dragon. Well, it becomes an awesome dragon.

Solosis is the start of a fairly decent three stage psychic pokemon.

Eevee is possible the one pokemon with most potential, no less than eight possible evolutions (currently), giving it a massive move pool.

Staravia is the second evolution in one of the best normal/flying type lines. It is pretty damn awesome.

Kadabra evolved into an Alakazam, it is a pretty powerful psychic type.

Larvitar is the first stage of the second pseudo-legendary type. As such it evolves into a pretty powerful pokemon, that got a serious upgrade in the 6 Gen due to its new Mega_Evolution. This one comes with a number of awesome egg moves: Outrage, Stealth Rock, Pursuit, and Dragon Dance.

Ok, I admit it, I love Munchlax. As Normal types go, it is pretty good, it's evolution is even better. This one knows Metronome.

Nothing truely amazing or WTF worthy today, however, I did get some useful stuff. Solosis and Munchlax are among the pokemon I need to get the shiny charm on ORAS, and that Larvitar has some serious potential. The rest are Meh.
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Can we post wonder trade stuff from the oras games since this is the only wonder trade thread? I've been trying to get a hyper voice swablu with stars in special attack and speed (plus my syncer not failing) on my sapphire for my in game team but to no avail. Then today I was working on my omega ruby and doing some wonder trading and I got a modest 5 iv bred swablu (only missing defense) with hyper voice and in a dive ball to match! I'm so happy :D! I've also been wonder trading for dex purposes and when I get something new I keep it so that I can evolve it or breed it for the base form later.
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Dragon Lord
Another day, another box of Charmanders getting wonder traded away...

Useless: Hariyama, Linoone, Farfetch'd, Machop, Whismur, Electrike, Seedot, Poochyena, Wingull, Poochyena, Poochyena, Cottonee, Kecleon, Skitty, Illumise, Linoone, Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Aron,

Useful: Froakie w. Protean, Male Ralts, Lapras, Swablu, Buneary, Pansage, Gothita, Absol, Snivy,

Amazing: Dratini!

If it wasn't for already having a dozen or so Protean Froakies gotten of Wonder Trade, I'd probably be overjoyed at getting one, as it is, not so much. It is still a very nice pokemon to get.

I've written about Ralts at length. Other than knowing Mean Look, this one is nothing special.

Lapras is an amazing pokemon from the first generation of the games, and it is still quite a powerhouse if taught the right moves. I generally train a Lapras to be a bolt-beamer, teaching it Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and other moves based of its special attack stat. It is quite bulky as well, and is an overall well rounded pokemon. This particular one comes with four egg moves: Dragon Pulse, Freeze-Dry, Avalanche, and Ancient Power.

If Swablu wasn't so easy to catch I'd be more excited. That said, it is a solid Normal/Flying type that evolves into a pretty nice Dragon/Flying type. This is a Japanese Female, as such it is well suited if I decide I want to MM a shiny one.

I haven't really got anything new to add about Buneary, other than this Male Japanese one in a Love Ball knows Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, and Fire Punch.

Pansage is a decent grass type. Nothing much else to say I have already said about its cousins Pansear and Panpour.

Gothita is a decent three stage psychic pokemon. It is also very common on Route 102 in ORAS after you've gotten the national dex... Still, it is a pretty nice pokemon, and its final evolution can find a place on any team that needs a solid psychic type.

Absol is a very useful dark type. This one even came with an item attached (Fire Stone). It has Super Luck as its ability, which increases the critical hit ratio of its moves.

Snivy is the 5th Gen grass starter, and as such is a solid pokemon. This one is level 5 and has *not* been used at all. It is a very nice find.

Dratini is amazing. It is the first stage of the first pseudo-legendary, and it is the first dragon type in Pokemon. On its own it is ok, but its evolution is good, and its final evolution can best be described as a monster if trained properly.

Time to breed some more Charmanders to fill out boxes and prepare for further wonder trading.


Dragon Lord
Another box of charmanders have been sent out on Wonder Trade.

Useless: Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Bunnelby, Wurmple, Pelipper, Surskit, Abra, Skitty, Linoone, Makuhita, Geodude, Poochyena, Shroomish, Ducklett, Zigzagoon, Tentacool, Poochyena, Luvdisc, Audino, Numel, Taillow, Illumise, Kecleon, Fletchinder,

Useful: Female Sableye, Mawile, Panpour, Absol, Treecko,

WTFBBQ: Doduo in a Masterball

Sableye has been a personal favorite ever since I first played the third Gen. Although the addition of the Faerie type has weakened it somewhat, it's new mega evolution has given it additional purpose and usefulness.

Mawile has been another of my favorites since the third Gen. When it was pure steel it was pretty useful, but the addition of its Fairy type and a new mega evolution makes it even better.

Who in their right mind would catch a non-shiny Doduo in a Master Ball? It looks legit, and is caught on the right route. Could have been an accidental use. I know it can happen. That said, I'll release this one.

Panpour, like its cousins, is a decent member of its typing, and a solid alternative if your team needs a water pokemon.

Absol is a surprisingly versatile dark type, and one of the better False Swipers. It's new Mega Evolution makes it even better.

Treecko like all starters is a very solid pokemon. Nothing special about this specimen. It is lv. one and knows a few moves it would learn later anyway.

Nothing truely amazing today, unfortunately. Time to breed more Charmanders.


Since Red version'98
Received a Durant named Picknic-slayr last night! It gave me a good laugh.
I traded a level 1 hidden ability Pichu and got an amazing level 100 Gengar. Legit.
Well, I've traded a batch of Adamant Ralts, and here's the results. Note, that this batch was only about half of a box's capacity:

HA Sableye
HA Linoone
HA Zigzagoon X2
Honedge with a Perfect Defense IV

Pretty good haul, with some decent trade stuff for the forum, a great breeder in that Fletchling, and I can always use more Honedges with perfect IVs for breeding, and some dex fillers.


Shiny Hunter
I once did A TON of wonder trades with marill that I bred, I kept trading until I had a box of good pokemon, I have a few I remember getting:
- Shiny Sneasel
- Lv100 Magmortar
- Shiny Pichu
I got some 5IV pokemon, I checked the IVs of almost EVERY pokemon I got
I just got wonder-traded a bold shiny slowpoke :). I'd be willing to bet that someone wonder traded it and the person who sent it on to me didn't notice that it was shiny. Looks like an RE encounter, not bred.


Wondertraded a box of breeding reject Fletchlings (3,4 perfect IVs each). Here's the results:

Awesome:Female Jap Litwick, Modest w/ Infiltrator and 3perfect IVs
Nifty: Jap Female Whismur, Jap Female Pichu (only 2IVs D: ), Jap Pelipper, French Oddish
Crap: Bunch of random Hoenn Pokes. Mostly Taillows & Zigzagoons

Love getting foreign pokemon, even when they aren't usable for breeding or training. 25/30 of the pokes are pretty much trash but I'll keep them for the lotto


Keeper of Slurpuffs
I managed to get a level 1 Japanese Spiritomb a few days ago. I thought that was pretty good!
I got a Mewtwo named Heinsburg xD


New Member
I traded a few pokemon today and got back 90% rubbish pokemon.

However I got a few cool ones! A vulpix, A shiny Snivy and a Vaporeon.


New Member
As a casual pokemon player, perfect stats aren't all that important to me, but I enjoy the speed boost torchic and shiny yanma I got just the other day from Wonder Trade. T.T

Iris Mist

Hylian Princess
I got a shiny Registeel last night. I was amazed that I got one in the first place, and for it to be shiny, I couldn't believe my eyes. It's actually the first time I get a shiny from WT.


I’m Back...
While I haven't done any Wonder Trading here recently, I typically either trade what I got what - if it was lousy - or just send out Male Combees every where because it's the idea Wonder Trader since most of the the trading on the Global Trade Station is far fetched any way.

I do also remember getting a Japanese Charmander once and many useless Pokemon with utterly ridiculously funny nicknames.
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