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woohoo new archetype.

Shiloh Phoenix

Super Coordinator
yes, it cost me at city's. it beat me in top 4, and I got 3rd.

yes that's right t-tar ex.

pokemon: 19
3 larvitar TRR fury attack
2 pupitar UF
3 t-tar ex
2 pidgey
1 pidgeotto
2 pidgeot
3 voltorb
2 dark electrode
1 electrode ex

trainers: 23
4 rare candy
3 steven's advice
3 copycat
3 lanette's net search
4 some stadium I can't think of one right now...
1 pokemon retriever.(just in case you discard t-tar.)

energy 18
4 dark
4 dark metal
3 lightning
3 holon's magneton
2 fighting
2 holon's electrode

the basic strategy is to use t-tar ex to destroy your opponent's deck, or go for the ohko with only 4 energy. The card itself is overpowered if you ask me.
But I'm playing Salatar, which isn't the fastest of the fast, but it managed to outplay 2 chams and a medidoom without too much trouble. delta dragonite has actually beaten me the most times. >_>
Ladt time I checked, regular league play wasn't cut into age divisions. :p I don't have cities 'till Saturday.