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Work of a...spriter?

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Myuu, May 24, 2006.

  1. Myuu

    Myuu Mrowr!

    Couldn't think of a name. I am new to these forums, but am a pretty good spriter. I have no sprites to show at the moment, but I promise you, I'm working on one now!

    Trust me, you'll like them!
  2. Myuu

    Myuu Mrowr!

    My first overworld! [​IMG]
  3. Blaze Dragon

    Blaze Dragon T3h Blazing Ranger!

    Don´t double post, and who is she (the overworld)?
  4. Psycick Potato

    Psycick Potato new favorite pokemon

    Thats really good, but have you doubble posted ( if you know what that means ). There is and edit button for you to use, so use that instead of dubble posting... A good hint for your overworld sprite, you might want to have a trainer sized sprite to go with it. Besides that, it looks great!
  5. Chaotic Houndoom

    Chaotic Houndoom Dark Trainer

    Its good. Very nice job.
  6. ChaosKid

    ChaosKid Well-Known Member

    Yes, as the others said, dont double post, so I think you get the point now. Anyways, great overworld, what's her name?
  7. Myuu

    Myuu Mrowr!

    Ya know, the rules say you can double, triple, quadruple even post with updates.

    I don't exactly know who she is yet, but I am going to make her trainer.
  8. zuloon

    zuloon Bboy Zuloon

    Ummm...it's not that hard to make ONE overworld sprite like that. Maybe show your work once you have more of it. Or something more diffucult to do.
  9. PureFyre

    PureFyre It's Hot in Topeka.

    That's pretty good.
    But OverWorlds aren't that hard
    to make.
    It's good nonetheless
    But next try some bigger spirtes
    Like trainers or Pokemon.
  10. Myuu

    Myuu Mrowr!

    This took me bout half an hour or so. [​IMG] It's a mix of a bunch of trainers, a sprite of my mom of what I think she looked like when she was younger. ^^ She really likes it.
  11. zuloon

    zuloon Bboy Zuloon

    Well of course "she really likes it." She's your mom! Even if she doesn't like it she still has to pretend she does. Point is--don't take parent's criticism seriously.
  12. Your trainer owns your over world. Your trainer looks skillfully made and I like it. Keep spriting!
  13. Kinginsoar

    Kinginsoar Advanced Spriter

    Yeah, it looks great! Awesome job, Myuu!
  14. Myuu

    Myuu Mrowr!

    I'm sorry, Hazy, I forgot to mention something: Hazy Leaf is my cousin and he helped me make the sprite. But I did some of the work. He did some parts too. It's kinda mine and his sprite.

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