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World of Warcraft

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by dragonskull, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer

    Hello i was looking around in this section and i have seen that there is no thread about world of warcraft.So i'm starting an thread about it.
    I'm an wow freak so i wanna now if there are some other freaks of wow around here. Please answer me and post in here.Thanks Dragonskull
  2. BluekiKatana

    BluekiKatana Warrior Spirit

    Hey my bro and I got WoW for Xmas.
    I don't really care for most MMORPGS, but this one is REALLY good. I really enjoy the tradeskills in this game, it is fun to be able to do them while you're exping too, picking herbs, mining ect.
    I currently play a Tauren warrior lvl 18 and a Nightelf Druid.
  3. Keleri

    Keleri I pinch.

    I'm starting to burn out, myself--I played it for most of the summer, and then when I came back to it during the Christmas holidays, I've found that I like it a lot less. I still play it, although it's pretty draining a lot of the time, especially on a PvP server like all my horde characters are on.

    I've got altoholism like WHOA, but my highest level characters are a 44 tauren warrior, 33 orc hunter, 26 undead warlock, 21 tauren shaman and a 17 human paladin.

    <3 taurens.
  4. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer

    nice, i have an lv 20 orc hunter i have friends who have characters of lv 60
    if some body knows more about World of warcraft tell it here ...
  5. Mysteryguy

    Mysteryguy Rainbow Trainer

    Well, my brother bought it and I played it for a very little while. At first, I was like: "Wow, cool game!", but it didn't hold my attention for long. I was quickly bored with it. The only reason I occasionally come back to the game is to gawk at the, if I may say, GODDAMNBEATIFULLY designed world. Especially that incredible forest with the Night Elves. Everytime I look at it I'm all like: "_O_"
  6. 0Hero

    0Hero Knuckle Trainer

    I want to play, but the monthly requirements is keeping me from paying it for I am only in highschool with no job, and don't want my parents to pay for a game every month. This is how most MMORPGs are, and I just want to say it would probably be my favourite due to my love of Blizzard.
  7. Zodiac

    Zodiac Guest

    WoW is a very good game. But the reason I'm not playing it is that it's VERY addictive.. My friends used to hang out and all, but now they're staring at the monitor like 20/6 (No kidding).
  8. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer

    i have currently started an night elf hunter
    all my mony goes to wow
    but the game is fantastic
    if some people want to start a guild with me on wow please pm me
    say alliance or horde and your charactername thx
  9. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer


    Breaking news : none
    Guild news : join a guild and you receive many help
    Horde news : Help the horde and you will gain honor
    Alliance news : Stormwind was once an mighty city now it's regain it's power
    Wars known :- Warsong gulch
    - Ahn'Qiraj
    - Searching...
    Receive some presents on World of Warcraft -> Horde Whisper Boneskull (Twisting neither)
    -> Alliance Whisper Bloodthunder (Lightnigs Blade)
    -> Searching...
    More will be known after 15/1/05
    Dragonskull :D
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2006
  10. RedStarWarrior

    RedStarWarrior Forum Tsar

    Server: Windrunner
    Faction: Alliance
    Character Name: Aeri
    Level: 60
    Race: Human
    Class: Warlock
    Guild: Ashes of Avalon

    It is addicting. In fact, if you don't see me on here as much, you know what to blame.
  11. Jash Thor

    Jash Thor Bringer of Lombax

    Yea man, you and I are sitting side by side in the same boat. I have a good friend who decided to home school himself this year, and it's going well. The one problem is that he got WoW at about the middle of the summer, and playing this game is now integrated into his daily routine. I'm not joking. He gets up every morning, does his required work, and then plays WoW till his eyes bleed and goes to bed, only to repeat the next day. I'm considering sneaking into his house late at night and sabotaging all of his electronics so that he gets out of the friggin house every now and then.

    As for me playing it, it's decent. I find something less time consuming and more pick-up-play like Counter Strike suits me better. No level raising nonsense to worry about, just join and get busy.
  12. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer

    i will give my status:
    Server:Twisting Nether
    Character Name:Boneskull
    Level: 21
    Race: orc
    Class: hunter
    Guild: i forgot it
  13. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer


    Breaking news : New Community Section!
    Daliniya & Xiliris, 13/01/2006
    We are happy to announce the addition of a new community section! In this section you will find all of the latest community news, contests and information about our fan-sites. Enjoy! We have also just added a fan-art gallery for our European artists. Submit your very own fan-art here.

    Ahn'Qiraj Needs You!
    Daliniya & Xiliris,
    A new danger looms over both the Horde and the Alliance. The Qiraji threat, once thought sealed away, is rising, preparing to sweep over Kalimdor and Azeorth: no place is safe. To counter this new threat, members of both the Horde and Alliance must gather enough supplies to stock and maintain an army against the Qiraji who threaten to overwhelm any force. Who will be the first to gather enough supplies and complete the trials that will open the gates of Ahn'Qiraj? Keep track on our new Ahn'Qiraj War Effort page!
    Guild news : Choose your guild wisely.
    Horde news : Everyone is welcome
    Alliance news : Everyone is welcome
    Wars known:
    - Warsong gulch
    Recent battles : 11.00am 12.30am horde won battle with 3/0
    Winning players:Boneskull 21,sallsceen 25,unhappymage 29,...
    Losing players:Unknown (races: 3 night elfs , 1 dwarf ,2 humans)
    - Ahn'Qiraj No recently battles known
    Receive some presents on World of Warcraft : None
    More will be known after 20/1/05
    Dragonskull :D :D
  14. Snorlax 360

    Snorlax 360 Sea Ruby Trainer

    Amazing game. I. LOVE. IT.

    Heres my info, if your interested:

    Server: Medivh
    Faction: Alliance
    Character Name: Cheesemaker
    Level: 18
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Hunter
    Guild: Raiders on the Storm
  15. .TraX.

    .TraX. Bad and Nationwide

    Server: Proudmoore
    Faction: Horde
    Character Name: Erbion
    Level: 60
    Race: Tauren
    Class: Shaman
    Guild: Unguilded.
    PvP Rank: Grunt (highest; Senior Sergeant).

    My other charecter.

    Server: Llane
    Faction: Horde
    Character Name: Homertime
    Level: 60
    Race: Orc
    Class: Warrior
    Guild: Hell Legion
    PvP Rank: Legionnaire (highest; Legionnaire).

    As you can tell, I'm an addict - my Warrior acts as MT for my guild on Llane which is fun stuff (we've been doing Zul Gurub alot and are soon moving into MC).
  16. GothMaster

    GothMaster Guest

    Looking for friends Im lunchbox99
  17. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer


    Permanent Bans for Cheat/Hack Users
    As part of our ongoing effort to keep World of Warcraft free from abuse and to combat those seeking to compromise the gaming experience of others; we have recently permanently banned over five thousand game accounts. We operate a zero tolerance policy for proven hackers/cheaters including those involved in the selling of gold and items on our realm for real money, and we will continue to take the strongest action possible to maintain the integrity of the game environment for our players. Should you wish to report someone you believe to be involved in actions which contravene our Terms of Use and policies you can submit a GM ticket in-game or alternatively supply this information to WoWAccountReviewEU@blizzard.com.
    That's all new news
  18. BluekiKatana

    BluekiKatana Warrior Spirit

    So buying gold for real money is actually illegal? I mean I have seen a website that says they actually farm the gold and don't use any cheating devices to get it. I don't understand why that would be illegal if they do it fairly.
  19. .TraX.

    .TraX. Bad and Nationwide

    Apparently the Ahn Qiraj world event crashed the medihv server a few times :eek:
  20. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer


    Community News
    Thundgot, Aeus & Vaneras - 27/01/2006

    Yesterday we published our new High Level Options page. On that topic you might also want to check out GameSpy's page about World of Warcraft at 60.
    Balnir on Argent Dawn has created a test to find out how well you know the World of Warcraft.

    World of Warcraft Romania has published two guides for Mages: an equipment guide and a talent guide.

    WorldofWar.net has updated their unofficial WoW FAQ and put their fan art gallery back online.

    Ever wondered how the music for a game like World of Warcraft is put together? German website working-title has posted an interview with Jason Hayes, lead composer for the World of Warcraft soundtrack.

    Finally, Penny Arcade would like to remind you to ask 'is this night elf really who I think she is?'.

    Have a great weekend!

    Links on this news post may expire over time and some are created by other companies/individuals that are neither affiliated with nor supported by Blizzard Entertainment.

    Media Section Updated!
    Daliniya & Xiliris, 27/01/2006

    We have just updated our World of Warcraft Wallpapers section with a new wallpaper featuring the Blasted Lands.

    High Level Options
    Daliniya & Xiliris, 26/01/2006

    Finally gotten to level 60 and wondering what's left to do? If so, take a moment to check out our new High Level Options page and see what life beyond 60 holds for you. Additionally, you can learn more about the high level dungeons found throughout Azeroth and the various in-game events that you can participate in.
    New Realms Wednesday, January 25th
    To accommodate for the growth of the European World of Warcraft community, we will open five new realms tomorrow, Wednesday January 25th. These realms are "fresh" realms and will be opened without migration at this time.
    The English realms that will be opened on Wednesday are Scarshield Legion (RP PvP) and Xavius (PvP).

    Forum Watch
    Thundgot, Aeus & Vaneras 24/01/2006

    Anvilbeard's Warcraft Weekly continues with episode 25!
    The Rogue class concerns thread is up, with an accompanying discussion thread.

    Somebody's trying to figure out exactly how threat works.

    An Engineering guide can be found on the Professions forum.

    Some official information on Thunderfury.

    Draw your character, or just check out what others have contributed.

    Moonglade players might want to check out the Cogwheel Clothing Awards! Be quick if you want to participate.

    The recommended realms list on the Newcomers Forum has been updated again.

    Want to see a specific thread here next week? Nominate it!

    Links on this news post may expire over time.

    A New Moon Rises over Azeroth!
    Daliniya & Xiliris, 23/01/2006

    Once a year, the druids of Moonglade open their doors to all in celebration of their city's great triumph over an ancient evil, Omen. During the days of the fest, Omen begins to stir again, giving peoples of all races and levels of experience a chance to participate in the battle themselves. Celebrants can also join in the fun by honoring their elders, remembering their wisdom, feasting, and shooting off fireworks! Learn more about this festival at our new Lunar Festival page.

    That's all new news !!!! :D
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2006

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