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Worldwide Romantics ; Hetalia Shipping Discussion

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Sweet May, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o


    Okay no one knew this was coming. I DID HOWEVER! Psh-cha~​

    WELCOME YOU COUNTRY ANTROPROMOPHIC FANATICS! (if that made sense) So what is this shipping thread about? Well it's basically all shippings go for the #1 most amazing fandom (on my list) called Axis Powers Hetalia, or Hetalia for short. Love the fluff between Feliciano/N.Italy and Ludwig/Germany? Does your heart skip for the tension between Alfred/America and Arthur/England? Fangirl or fanboy over the matrimony between Roderich/Austria and Elizabeta/Hungary? Wang/China and Im Tun/Korea make you happy? Joining Francis/France's club to ship himself with everyone else? You've come to the right place!

    So what exactly are we doing? We're just going to spazz about our favorite ships while sitting down and drinking a cup of tea and eating England's horrible cooking. You can post fanart, fanfics, AMVs, current news that's happening in any certain country, etc. This is our little Hetalia lounge. kol kol kol

    1. SPPF and Shippers Community rules apply. Not to mention my own. This is my country, er, thread.
    2. Bashing other shippings or countries is MOST DEFINITELY NOT ALLOWED!
    3. Foreign languages are welcomed as long as they're from a country in Hetalia.
    4. All fanart must be provided with a source link. We won't kill you for not putting it but it disrespects the artist.
    5. No linking to any of the Hetalia comic strips. All the other things that Himaruya made are allowed.
    6. Anyone may create a new topic but let's have others answer the currents, yes?
    7. Have fun shippers and remember: PASTAAAAAAAAA!

    Important Links
    Wikipedia's article on Hetalia
    Kitayume: Hetalia manga strips.
    Anime News Network's article on Hetalia
    Babelfish's 80% language translator

    none. PM or post to add some!

    none. PM or post to add some!

    none. PM or post to add some!

    none. PM or post to add some!

    Shippers, UWAAAA!
    (name - location/following - otp)
    ✈ Sweet May - [​IMG]/[​IMG] - n/a
    ✈ S-Unit - [​IMG]/n/a - n/a
    ✈ The Renowned Obscurity - [​IMG]/n/a - n/a
    ✈ Rissychan - [​IMG]/[​IMG] - France x England
    ✈ Kyoto-chan - [​IMG]/n/a - n/a
    ✈ mewluvr200 - [​IMG]/[​IMG] - N.Italy x Germany
    ✈ Krait - [​IMG]/[​IMG] - Russia x Belarus
    ✈ Tabby Catty - [​IMG]/n/a - n/a​

    Topics (first topic must be answered by all newcoming shippers!)
    1. Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one.

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one.
    Ok! Sweet May waving out to you all from the northeastern part of the United States, baby! My most favorite nation out of them all (because I cannot pick out a favorite. they all are <3 in my books) is Austria-san. Why? Well because I love his personality and the fact that he enjoys music = auto win on the ranks so following him. ( ゚ ヮ゚) I don't have an OTP atm since a lot of shippings are being debated on me for that. I really like England/France, S.Italy/Spain, Germany/Italy, Japan/Korea/China, Russia/Belarus... ahh so much!

    Okay have fun, shippers!
    Banner (c) Sweet May
    Flag icons (c) famfamfam
    Fandom (c) God a.k.a. Hidekaz Himaruya​
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2009
  2. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Yay! A Hetalia shipping thread! Pasta!

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one.

    S-Unit here reporting from my Igloo in Canada!

    It's hard to pick a favourite country. But then, in Soviet Russia, favourite country picks YOU! Russia-kun is so yandere he's awesome. America-kun, England-kun, Italy-kun, Japan-kun, Latvia-kun and Canada-kun are al lcute too.

    Favourite pairings, hmmm....

    Italy x Germany: It's just so aww how Italy-kun is all friendly and clingy to Germany-kun, while he just sighs on the outside (but loves in on the inside).
    America x England: Conflict and tension and cuteness aboud.
    England x France: Episode 12 (I think?), 'nuff said.
    Canada x Latvia: Just too cute for words.
    Italy x Pasta: Cute (and canon).
    America x Burger: Also cute (and canon).
  3. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Not going as planned, I see.

    Welcome aboard S-Unit to the wonderfulness of Hetalia! -adds to list and gives shippy cookies- WE ALL LOVE THEM
    America x England
    From psyco
  4. Well after seeing Hetalia mentioned in MSN conversations a few times, I decided that I should give it a shot. And I love it! I've only seen four episodes so far though... >_>; Still, I thought I should give this thread some love.

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one.

    TRO here, hailing from the eastern United States! ^_^
    I haven't been properly introduced to all the characters yet, though I do really like Japan so far. And it's kinda hard not to like Italy because he's so darn cute.

    I also don't have an OTP, but so far Germany x Italy seems like a pretty awesome pairing. I love the relationship they have going on, and how Italy totally clings onto Germany, while his response is all "hn". But I know there's something there beyond that. ;P

    Nyah, I think I needs to watch some more episodes so I can get into more pairings. Then maybe I'll have some more to add, haha. ^^;;
  5. Rissychan

    Rissychan Meri Kurisumasu

    Awesome an Hetalia shipping thread =D
    The banner is great , love it <3

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one.

    Hello a frenchie fan here~ 8D
    My favourite character is France, I love the drama queen type of character, funny that almost all french people in animes are portrayed like that :eek:) (see Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club xD)
    My favourite pairing is Francis x Arthur, Fruk ftw <3

    I've watched all the anime episodes so far and been into the fandom but I haven't read the actual strips yet ^^

    By the way are MADs posted on youtube considered as amvs?
    I plan on making one with clips from the anime but there isn't enough material yet =/
  6. Kyoto-chan

    Kyoto-chan Well-Known Member

    willnotpostinhetaliathreadwillnotpostinhetaliathreadwillnotpostinhetaliathr-- /FAIL

    Kyoto, also known to some as Nyaako, from lovely America here!
    A-a-and I can't choose just one favorite country...! There's China and his doormat-iness, there's Russia and his yandere tendencies, there's Sealand and his...well, Sealand-ness, etc.

    I also don't have an OTP, per say...
    Germany/N. Italy is a given, of course.
    Spain/S. Italy is also one of those givens. And with Spain's shotacon tendencies...
    UK/US, again, a given (but I'm especially attached to the classic tsundere/idiot combo).
    China/Japan is my token masochistic ship, and is probably the closest thing I have to an OTP, especially considering I'm always bawww over unpopular ships. (They're only my token masochistic ship because their war history makes me like them together that much more.)
    And there's China/Korea/Japan (YES, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE) because Korea is just pimp like that.
    And last of all...Russia/everyone. Because all will become one with Russia.
    Also France/everyone. But Russia is more epic.
  7. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Very well done AMVs by niconico I suppose if you want to put it that way. Clips from the anime don't do much I agree. Glad there's a second season so we're not in total chaos. (if you didn't know that well . . . surprise! 8D <3)

    I truly admire you guys for posting for this place does need more love. ;__; -gives you all many nation cookies- I also see lots of shipping that keep us from an OTP. XD; I'll add you all to the list. =3

    Also glad I got someone into Hetalia. >=D -runs-
  8. Rissychan

    Rissychan Meri Kurisumasu

    Yay! 8D *sees her amvs hopes revive*
    I can't wait for more clips to make a Fruk "Hot n cold" vid, epicness to come 8D

    I feel bad for seeing France 3 times in my spot on the front page, I'm not THAT patriotic XDDD It's just that France happens to be the kind of character I love in animes, it makes me so happy that Hidekaz portrayed us like this =D Stupid, perverted and useless

    Also I forgot to say that my 2nd Hetalia OTP is Chibitalia x HRE, they're just too cute x3
  9. Mewluvr200 used Revive Awesome Thread!
    It's super effective!


    Mewluvr200's Fangasmic Hetalia Explosion!

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one.

    Mewluvr's hailing from good ol' Canada with S-Unit
    As for my favorite character, it's JAPAN. HANDS DOWN. He's an amazing bishie that reminds me of a certain enigmatic knight from Kirby. <333333333333

    OH YES MY OTP IS DEFINATLY N.ITALY X GERMANY. Srsly, those two are meant for each other. I can't stop watching episode 10 (was it 10? idk), with Germany-san kissing him. X3333333

    I'm also a fan of...

    Japan x N.Italy
    Japan x China
    Germany x N.Italy x Japan (MY CLAIMED POLY SHIP YAY)
    Chibitalia x Holy Roman Empire (my second Hetalia OTP)
    Hungary x Austria
    America x England
    France x England

    And that's all for now!
    Last edited: May 25, 2009
  10. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Lovely list of ships there mew. =D Welcome aboard~

    I suppose we should have like random activities to bring some activity here. Devote a week to a Hetalia ship or something and talk about it or post art or whatnot. You guys can help me out too if you have an ideas. Drabble contests? Something? XD;

    This week was a thrill for England x America fans. Studio DEEN decided to cut half of "America's Shed Cleaning" and perhaps put it in next week's episode. Cliffhangers oh mai.

    Now for random fanart: N. Italy x Japan
    From here!
  11. Krait

    Krait Member

    Hello! This thread looked like fun so i decided to join the bandwagon as well ^__^

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one.

    well, I come from a country that it isn't in APH -cries- and it's Ecuador.

    as for my favorite characters are (in the following order)
    1) Russia
    2) Belarus
    3) Japan
    4) UK
    5) Ukraine
    6) China

    And my otp is... RUSSIAxBELARUS!!!!!! -spazzes- I'm a sucker for straight couples but I still like my yaoi and yuri. It's hilarious but it can also be dark and sweet and... oh dear, I just love it!
  12. Tabby Catty

    Tabby Catty Courtney loves Ruby

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one

    I have Slovak blood in me, but I also have a lot of German too.

    To be honest, I am just starting to get introduced to this anime, but still, is there a Slovakia? I don't think I have seen a Slovakia, but if there is a Slovakia I would definitely watch it right away (and if not, I'll watch it anyways)

    For some reason though, I could definitely imagine a shipping for SlovakiaxCzech Republic, then again, they were both together at one time, but still... they could be like fraternal twins or married then divorced or something...

    But yeah, sounds like a cool anime! I love the OS-tans so I think I will like this!

    So yeah, I'm just an interested person that wants to get more into Hetalia, I'll post here again as soon as I watch some and then, I'll tell you if there is any shippings I favor.
  13. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    No worries Krait & Tabby Catty, for your country flag will be added to the list on your location! >D Nevertheless, welcome to both of you!

    We need some excitement here. For now, a topic:
    Whether we have an OTP or not, what pairing stands out the most to you and why? Pour your heart out~

    It would be nice to hear some lovely answers. Have fun!
  14. S-Unit

    S-Unit No.1 Jun Fanboi

    Whether we have an OTP or not, what pairing stands out the most to you and why? Pour your heart out~

    *has not posted here in ages*

    Several pairing stand out to me!

    N. Italy x Germany of course. The defacto canon Axis ship! Italy is so cute and adorable but clueless. And Germany gets annoyed but is amused by it. :D

    England x America. Revolutionshipping. 'Nuff said.

    Canada x America. Hot, and we all know Canada gets screwed by America.

    France x England. Yum.

    Russia x Vodka. Canon. And Tasty. And doesn't result in blood/gore/etc.

    But the most canon of them all......


    America loves his burgers. Thick juicy beef patties with relish, tomato, lettuce, mustard, and all the trimmings!
  15. Who else saw the raw for episode 20? I can never wait. ;;

    Whether we have an OTP or not, what pairing stands out the most to you and why? Pour your heart out~

    Uff, where do I begin?

    N.Italy x Germany - One of the most obvious ones. Total seme/uke action going on there.

    America x England - Not gonna spoil any episode 20 details, but that episode almost made me cry shipping tears. It was sad, but made me adore these two even more than I did before. Might as well label 'em canon. XD

    Japan x China - With that one episode of the two together, I can't seem to get the pairing out of my mind. The two seem to "click" in my head as a couple. Its like a brother/brother ship without the incest factor. ;)

    N.Italy x Pasta - 'CAUSE SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2009
  16. Krait

    Krait Member

    hehehe! Kinda late reply *shot*

    Whether we have an OTP or not, what pairing stands out the most to you and why? Pour your heart out~

    RussiaxBelarus all the way, baby. Not only do I love the hilarious-ness in the manga and anime and the fact that Bela is the world's seme (Belarus tops Russia. Russia tops the world. Therefore, Belarus tops the world. Fear my logic :D) but I also like this when it's kinda darkish (fan-art and fanfics...). I 'd love to see Russia topping her sometimes, too.
    second, I love their history. And, they are married. Sort of. You can see here --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_State.
    Some of the history they share is that (I'm talking real history) when Nazi Germany 'forgot' about the Non aggression pact, the nazi army invaded the Soviet Union. The country that took the worst damage was Belarus. Belarus was under Geman control until the Red Army came and disposed the nazis. Hetalia-wise, it would mean Germany took over Belarus and Russia came to rescue here :D
    I have a lot more but I'm being told to get off the computer.
  17. Ambri

    Ambri ~Draco Rex~

    Aaah!!! Not only did I completely miss this thread, I can't believe there aren't more members! :O

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one.

    Ambri here, drinking tea in good old mostly rainy England :3

    I love America <3 he's so funny being the "hero" all the time XD Russia and N. Italy are awesome too. Gah, but I like everybody :3

    Fave pairings are America x England and N. Italy x Germany~ Kawaii desu!
  18. CrushingOnGermany

    CrushingOnGermany New Member

    Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one
    I am happily reporting from America! But, I love love love Germany! My favorite is GerIta! Germany is all annoyed on the outside, but would do anything for Germany! They're my OTP!!! GerIta.jpg
  19. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Unlike the main shipping section (and most of the forums), Alt. Shipping is much more relaxed when it comes to bumping old topics. In most of the sections it's against the rules to post in a thread that's over 30 days old. In Alt. Shipping, that limit is moved up to 9 months. However, this thread is more than 3 years old; so since it's been bumped I'm gonna have to close it.

    If someone would like to make a new Hetalia Shipping thread, they are free to do so.
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