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Worst 6 In-game Pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by wauknay84, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. wauknay84

    wauknay84 Member

    PLEASE read before replying

    I'm looking for a bit of a challenge here, and wanted to use the 6 worst (fully evolved) pokemon on a the same team in my next play-thru. Note, 6 worst as far as in-game goes. Only problem, I can't decide which ones are really the worst. Ditto (Without impostor) and Unown are clearly top contenders, but here are the ones I thought might be the worst:

    Edit: Keep in mind, at this point, I've pretty much limited it down to the following pokemon, and am really looking to take some off my list rather than add, so anything you have to defend any of these pokemon from being on this list is greatly appreciated. Before you post another consideration, look at the stats, (as it is highly unlikely that me and everyone so far on the thread has missed anything with awful stats) ability, and movepool (this is the thing that's making smeargle questionable) and anything else that might make the pokemon terrible. Please include a good reason if it isn't obvious, as ive looked into the issue pretty thoroughly by now. I'm more or less looking to boot pokemon still on the following list:

    Ditto (without impostor), Ledian, Unown, Delibird, Spinda, Luvdisc, Farfetch'd, and Smeargle

    Any gen is open for consideration, I'm basically looking for the 6 pokemon that would be hardest to handle a full run-thru, also which version would be the hardest with said team. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    (Edited to make it clear ditto will not be using impostor ability)

    TL;DR version:
    >need 6 worst FULLY EVOLVED pokemon in-game.
    >most bad pokemon have been said already, use ctr+f
    >explain reasoning! (if listing a new consideration)
    >do NOT arbitrarily list
    >Argument for/against following greatly appreciated:

    Ditto (without impostor), Ledian, Unown, Delibird, Spinda, Luvdisc, Farfetch'd, and Smeargle

    (i'm looking at these currently for my team, want to get rid of 2 of these more than anything else at this point)
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2013
  2. ECM

    ECM Well-Known Member

    I believe Sunflora has pretty low stats as well.
  3. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    Ditto and Volbeat? No, no, no, no, no. They are amazing guys on the competitive side despite the limited stats.

    Worst? I'd say Castform (the wasted potential), Glalie, Luvdisc, anything resembling Pikachu (including itself), and any Flying Normal type that isn't Staraptor or Briviary.
  4. wauknay84

    wauknay84 Member

    Right but i'm looking for in-game, not competitive. Without ditto's ability (i would use the non-dream world ability for him, if i even use a gen 5 game), it needs a turn to transform before anything else, which makes it garbage. but the ones i listed, as far as i can tell are far worse than glalie for sure, and plusle/minun are slightly better as well, though luvdisc seems pretty terrible. as for normal/flying types, i disagree, most are pretty good, baring farfetch'd. he may be a contender but i'm not sure.

    As far as sunflora goes, its stats are practically the same as maractus, they aren't good by any means, but i don't think they are among the 6 worst
  5. monkeyman192

    monkeyman192 simply bored

    I quite like pachirisu! I used it when I played through diamond and it was one of my stronger ones I thought... I have never looked up how it's stats compared though...
  6. pkmnmovesets

    pkmnmovesets Member

    How about Chatot, Chimecho, Dunsparce, and Furret. You might also try out Raticate, Shedinja, Spinda and Simisear, Simisage, and Simipour.
  7. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Ditto isn't a bad Pokemon when it has the Imposter hidden ability.

    As 6 worst fully evolved Pokemon I would guess Raticate, Parasect, Furret, Sunflora, Unown, Glalie, Luvdisc
  8. I Like Pie!

    I Like Pie! Smile smile smile!

    Ditto and Unown definitely.

    The Normal types you encounter at the beginning are bad in-game too, like Raticate, Furret, Linoone, Bibarel and Watchog.
    Furret and Watchog especially, have bad stat distributions.

    The first Bug types too. Beedrill, Butterfree, Ledian and the sorts.
    Especially Ledian. The only time I found Ledian cool was at that Future World PokéStar movie.

    Plusle/ Minun, Pachirisu, Spinda, Castform, Luvdisc, Farfetch'd.
    Bad stats for fully evolved, and from my experience, very tough to use in-game.
    Though Pachirisu's Super Fang was helpful at times. :)
  9. Unredemption

    Unredemption Well-Known Member

    The elemental monkeys aren't actually that bad, compared to the rest of the things you listed. Their stats are pretty decent.

    Except when you use them as HM slaves.

    Has anyone found out what to do with male Combees yet?
  10. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    Gather Honey XD
  11. blaze boy

    blaze boy Aka SamuraiDon

    Yeah, breeding.
  12. Nyrholnen

    Nyrholnen Active Member

    i think that zubat is pretty bad and annoiyng
    ralts is pretty useless if its not already a gallade or gardevoir
    trubbish, who will get that pokemon,its plain garbage....
    gulpin, what the are those things?
    unowns have bad stats and cant learn any attack apart from hidden power
    and paras, it dowsnt has great stats neither good attacks
  13. thesmilewolfy

    thesmilewolfy pokemon videographer

    ^he asked for fully evolved pokemon :p

    anyway definately unown. Hmm, what else....farfetch'd, jumpluff, chatot, bibarel and raticate
  14. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    Debatably, Wobbuffet could apply. It can be amazing if used correctly but also consider it can't attack unless attacked first. In game I can imagine this would provide a challenge.
  15. FlyShyGuy

    FlyShyGuy Neo-Geodude

    I used Simipour and it wasn't half bad actually; it could at least outspeed quite a few things. All three of those are decently average pokemon, but there are just better ones out there.

    Likewise with most early-game birds; they're not bad but there are better out there. That being said, Starraptor had Brave Bird/Close Combat and Swellow is still one of the fastest pokemon in the game (I think).

    Dunsparce is also working surprisingly well in a White 2 "set mode, no healing items" playthrough of mine, despite lacking some attacking power. It's pretty bulky, which means it can take hits and annoy people, and it has Serene Grace ;) It's a shame it gets no love, because it's actualyl a pokemon I enjoy using, and it has the tools, just not quite the stats to back it up.

    Anyone mentioned Corsola yet? It's probably the most forgotten pokemon ever and for good reason... it sucks
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2013
  16. Hilda

    Hilda Well-Known Member

    There is no worst, all of them can effectively be used to satisfy a need while playing the game.
  17. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    i think maybe:

    im sure i could think of more.
  18. wauknay84

    wauknay84 Member

    @monkeyman192: really? pachirisu seems bad, granted i've never used it. it does have decent defenses and speed, and is definitely one i was debating for the list.

    @pkmnmovesets: chatot has good spd and spatk, offences are more important in-game for me, so he'll be a little too good, despite his terrible bulk. Chimecho is better than the ones i listed for sure, as are dunsparce and the elemental monkeys. Raticate and Furret are slightly better too i think, i've used them a bit and they weren't great but not terrible. and shedinja, if played correctly, can sweep teams, so absolutely not. the AI in-game isn't good enough for most of the game to use shedija on a "bad" team.

    @mystical jackal: I've already said I would use ditto WITHOUT impostor. He's literally bottom of the barrel w/o it, and i doubt i'll be using 5th gen game anyway, since none of the 5th gen pokemon are in the runnings. As for the others you said, i've stated my opinion on most of them, glalie and parasect are no where near the level of suck as the ones i listed.

    @ I like pie: True, the normal and bug types are bad, but are they worse than the ones i listed, i'm not too sure. As for plusle/minun, i considered them, but they have decent attacking stats, and also have access to nasty plot, so they are a bit too good. the others you said are definitely considerations though.

    @ Nyrholnen: ya they are bad, but i'm looking for fully evolved, otherwise i would use sunkern, magikarp, and feebas! haha

    @ thesmilewolfy: chatot, jumpluff, and the rats, i think, are better than the ones i listed. if there is a reason i may be missing that makes them worse, tho, please point it out to me. Farfetch'd may be an option, however, i've used him in blue only and with swords dance/fly/slash he was really good actually, but i imagine he would be way worse now.

    @ The Benmeister: I thought of Wobbuffet, you make a good point, but the AI in-game is easily predictable, it would be too easy with him i think

    @ flyshyguy: completley agree with you, they aren't great, but not terrible. And corsola is a good option. Dangit, i came to get rid of some off my list, not add! lol

    Thanks for the replies so far everyone!
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2013
  19. Endless

    Endless Sun God ☉

    I would go with ditto (without imposter), unown, wobuffet, delibird, farfetch'd and shedinja
  20. FlyShyGuy

    FlyShyGuy Neo-Geodude

    I suppose if you wanted to remove one from the list, I guess Castform. Even though it's a complete gimmick, it at least has a total base stat of over 400. I guess it could also be okay if you had a weather ability lead (like Abomasnow or Drought Ninetales).

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