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Worst 6 In-game Pokemon?


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alomaloma is awful

Blissey, Unown, Luvdisc, Dunsparce, Ditto, Castform, etc etc. theres a ton of them that have no ingame value


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I would say Deerling, Ducklett, Frillish, Minccino, Patrat, and Foongus are the six worst Pokémon in the fifth generation.


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Farfetch'd is worthless:
HP 52
Atk 65
Def 55
SpA 58
SpD 62
Spe 60
Shame, he's a classic.
Dunno about any others, I don't know all the stats like the back of my hand.

The guy that said Blissey has no idea what he's talking about.
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Going through Smogon's Pokemon list, ordered by ascending base stat total (BST), changing preferences to threshold NU (I believe it means NU and above), and ignoring special cases (Shedinja, Smeargle)

Ditto, Delibird, Luvdisc, Unown, Farfetch'd, Spinda

Go wild.


@ endless: wob and shedinja are just too situationaly good, shedinja alone could beat some e4 or gym leaders by himself

@ flyshyguy: i suppose he would be one of the better ones, has 10 base stats more than spinda and same type, not to mention his decent movepool specialy, can't say much for the other's moves, i don't knw them as well. tho i will not be using any weather inducers

@ Excitable Boy: BST isn't everything.... look at dugtrio, he is way down there, but he's usable and is currently OU competitively, not that that's saying much for this argument, but if something is OU, it is unlikely to be bad, let alone among the worst. but that seems one of the best (and by that i mean worst) full team. and i guess i didn't consider smearge, mostly cuz he can learn any move, he can be a great supporter. think i'll have to pass on him.

@ Zenotwapal: blissey? really? i guess its much less usable in-game, since offences make more difference, but its bulk is ridiculous, i would never consider it anywhere near the worst 6. alomaloma too has decent bulk and good for support, plus it has as good if not better atk than most others i have considered.

@ AphoticVoid: i would probably have to agree w/ you off the top of my head, but they aren't fully evolved

@ Luxvan: agreed, farfech'd is probably among the worst i didn't list

@ Stereotypical Nerd: seems like good choices, aside from foongus, since he isn't fully evolved

@ shadowj0 : again BST isn't everything, but it looks like it may be the only mathematical way of having a definitive answer?

Also, if anyone has experience/opinion on what version is the hardest, i would love to know. From my experience, Platinum seems to be the hardest, but it's been awhile for some other versions.

OK, I am going to throw out Pachirisu, Ledian, and Castform UNLESS someone has an argument for them to stay on the list. Also, adding Corsola and Farfetch'd. Any arguments from this point against keeping anything on the list would be greatly appreciated, since I am looking to drop it to 6 eventually, and thanks for the help so far everyone!
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As an argument for Ledian to stay, It has awful stats. It's only good stat is Sp. Def, but it lacks the support moves and HP to be a good wall. It gets good TM moves, but its attack stats are unusable. Its speed is rather low in comparison to most OU and UU Pokemon. In a nutshell, it has awful stats in places where its moves are good and good stats in places where its moves are subpar.

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Excitable Boy: BST isn't everything.... look at dugtrio, he is way down there, but he's usable and is currently OU competitively, not that that's saying much for this argument, but if something is OU, it is unlikely to be bad, let alone among the worst. but that seems one of the best (and by that i mean worst) full team. and i guess i didn't consider smearge, mostly cuz he can learn any move, he can be a great supporter. think i'll have to pass on him.

I never said it was. The Pokemon I named have incredibly low offensive stats in addition to their low defenses.

Smeargle sucks because base 20 offenses and the fact that you'd have to Sketch moves in order to use them anyway, meaning you're probably not pulling off SmashPass with it.
I don't know... I used Won and Corsola against the Sapphire e4. And as you said, Fly/Slash/SwordsDance/SAtk Farfetch'd is pretty good in Blue; there's a reason he's trade-exclusive.

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If you want a challenge of six fully evolved, but terrible pokemon, and 'any gen is open for consideration', then I suggest you go for the first gen. You have no abilities to fall back on, limited move-pools, the structure of type effectiveness is different and the physical/special split is different. These days, so many pokemon can learn such a wide variety of typed attacks, that; whilst their stats might not be brilliant; they can cover most bases.

You want a real hard challenge, then take my advice and go back as far as possible. Beedrill, Ditto, Farfetch'd, Onix, Seaking, Magneton/Electrode


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Well by base stat totals it's: Shedinja, Smeargle, Ditto, Delibird, Luvdisc, Unown.
Shedinja does have a fairly high base atk and Wonder Guard though, so go for the 7th lowest instead, Farfetch'd. But then again Farfetch'd has quite a nice levelup with moves like Swords Dance so Spinda might be better(or worse). I guess you can just skip out on using Hypnosis.
Luvdisc (I'm sorry my sweetie), Ditto, Unown, Delibird, Chimecho (once again, sorry my baby), and Dustox.


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One I'd say is Audino. Audino, Unown, Purrlion, Luvdisc, and I agree with Aurath, Smeargle and Shedninja.
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I'd say Unown, it'l probably have it's use somewhere, but I've never ever used it except that it was taking a spot which I could have used otherwise in my pc boxes :p


@ Nesquik3D: the main reason i considered booting it was cuz no one else had mentioned it, i more or less agree w/ you, but with that nice sp.def stat makes me question it more than anything, but its also faster than most the others and has about equal offence

@ Excitable Boy: alright, i guess the chart you linked to made me think thats the point you were trying to get across. and its true smeargle has some of the worst offences, but i'm still not sure on him. i suppose in-game it would be harder to get the moves you want. the more i think about it the more i'm beginning to think smeargle may be a consideration, and a good one at that

@ Jdrawer: i assume you meant wob as in wobbafet? i could see it, there's no way i'm using him, for reasons i said earlier. and i suppose corsola may not be a good choice now that i think about it, its defenses are better than most the others and is about equal offence so i may take him off. but farfetch'd is mainly good in blue cuz the game was easier back then, the AI was worse, and there weren't as many powerful threats. he may have been usable then but its hard to say in more recent games.

@ RaZoR LeAf: that's actually a really cool idea, i might do this along side my "worst" run, but do you really think magneton and electrode are among the worst 6 in that gen?

@ Aurath8: the more i think about it, and as much as i don't want to, i may just have to agree that those are the 6 worst, or at least really close. but ya, no way am i using shedinja, and i think spinda is worse than farfetch'd, like you said

@ Plus side down side: i don't think chimecho is really as bad as some of the others, same w/ dustox, i think there are a few bug types wose than him, volbeat, illumise, and ledian at least

@ supersmew: audino has beter hp, defences, and offences than most i listed, so i would disagree there, purloin isn't fully evolved, but if you meant liepard, its offences and speed are way higher than anything i mentioned, and while bad, i don't think it qualifies

@ dragonskull: neither have i, and that's why i'm doing this! i think it'll be fun using pokemon that people think are worthless, or bad, or what have you, and i think unkown is a must for this.

OK, so very few people with volbeat and illumise, as well as delcatty so i'm thinking of booting them, and i may have changed my mind about corsola, i'm going to do a little research and come to a decision on the ones i am planning on booting, and you guys have been really helpful, so thanks again

Edit: i looked at the average of all stats of all the pokemon i was considering, as well as averages in each particular stat, and i've decided that Delcatty, Castform, Pachirisu, Corsola, Illumise, and unfortunately, Volbeat are off my list. I say unfortunately for volbeat because i have an inside joke w/ some people that volbeat is the worst band and pokemon. Yes, i said band, look them up, its the first thing that comes up on google. Tho i don't think they're actually the worst, i just don't like them, lol

So for reference, here are the pokemon i am still considering:
Ledian, Delibird, Luvdisc, Spinda, Farfetch'd... Unown and Ditto were almost guaranteed from the get-go and I am still unsure about smeargle, sell me on him or do the opposite, but he's the one i'm most unsure about, leaving a grand total of 8
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Bear in mind that Smeargle only gets one Sketch every 10 levels, each Sketch has one PP, and once Sketch has Sketched there is no un-Sketching.

Ledian should be removed, if only because its Special Defense lets it meatshield well against certain bosses.


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Try Watchog, Basculin, Garbodor and Swanna. And depending on how easy the in-game trainers are, imposter ditto is still worth considering.


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Delcatty and Castform really aren't that bad. Like with most pokemon, you just got to think about what you're doing, and what moves you're letting them learn.

Volbeat & Illumise have a couple really good moves. Thing with bugs though is they level off earlier than most pokes, which is why they seem to be the weakest team member later in the game. I second shedinja, fainting is it's hobby.


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Unown, Ditto, Delibird. And Lumineon. I hate that fish.