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Worst 6 In-game Pokemon?

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Ditto, Wobbuffet, Shedinja, Shuckle, Castform, and Smeargle are all the worst.
I have to disagree with Castform's inclusion on that list, speaking as someone who used one in-game in Ruby. I still have that Castform to this day. It's gimmicky, yes, but it has balanced stats, great coverage, and its weather moves can help out the whole team. And Wobbuffet... I never used one in-game, but I did use a Wynaut, and Destiny Bond is why I was able to take out Norman's stronger Slaking. I won't deny it's tough to train, but it's not like it's not worth the effort, at least in my experience.

I would take ditto off the list regardless of whether or not it has imposter because it's definitely not THAT bad.
Unown, Ledian, Dunsparce, Farfetch'd, Luvdisc, and Delibird
I'd have to vehemently disagree with you as far as Dunsparce is concerned. In fact, HG/SS is the best game in which to use it, because you can catch it early, and it'll be able to learn Headbutt through the move tutor. Get one with Serene Grace. Make sure it learns Glare and Headbutt. Now stand back and watch the carnage ensue. Serene Grace gives Headbutt a 60% chance to flinch, and even when it doesn't, the target still has the paralysis to contend with. Put simply, they'll be sitting ducks more often than not. I used a Dunsparce in this manner in HeartGold, and I don't regret it in the slightest.

trubbish, who will get that pokemon,its plain garbage....
Ha ha. As it just so happens, my Trubbish in Black 2 saved my *** during the PWT, and as a Garbodor, thrashed the champion's Aggron. Breed one so it hatches with Rock Blast and maybe Gunk Shot.

The Normal types you encounter at the beginning are bad in-game too, like Raticate, Furret, Linoone, Bibarel and Watchog.
Furret and Watchog especially, have bad stat distributions.

The first Bug types too. Beedrill, Butterfree, Ledian and the sorts.
I can't speak for Furret, Watchog, or Ledian, but as far as Beedrill, Butterfree, Raticate, Linoone, and Bibarel, I couldn't agree less. I'll admit Beedrill is a far cry from the strongest Bug-type in the game, and I will concede that it doesn't get a lot to work with at first, but you get it to learn Twineedle, and you will start to gain respect for it. I was able to solo Lt. Surge in FireRed with a Beedrill. It wasn't even overleveled. STAB Twineedle is nothing to sneeze at. And Butterfree... Oh, don't ever say to me that Butterfree is bad in-game, because I will prove you so wrong that your grandchildren will be apologizing to me. Try using one in FR/LG. As soon as Metapod evolves, BAM! Learns Confusion. Earliest access to a Psychic move you will ever get in that game. And then, a few levels later, Butterfree learns perhaps its most useful move- Sleep Powder. Couple that with Compoundeyes, it's all Spore is hyped up to be, without the hassle of raising a Paras. You use it properly, Butterfree will serve you well throughout the game. I actually took out half of Blue's team with a level 50 Butterfree. When I battled him as the Champion. His team grossly outleveled mine, and Butterfree was still able to topple Alakazam, Exeggutor, and friggin' Blastoise. Raticate? Its stats aren't the best, but they serve it well. And Rattata learns Hyper Fang at level 13- that's essentially 120 base power at level 13. I've used Raticate to great effect many times before. Linoone? I trained one in Ruby, just for Pickup. Still have that Linoone, in fact. It's fast, it hits respectably hard, and it's great for carrying bothersome HM moves. Strength in particular is good both in and out of battle. And Bibarel isn't bad either. Strength and Waterfall make it very functional, both in and out of battle. Besides, it's one of the earliest Water-types you can get in Sinnoh. Saved my bacon against Roark more times than I can count.

Try Watchog, Basculin, Garbodor and Swanna. And depending on how easy the in-game trainers are, imposter ditto is still worth considering.
Basculin? Are you kidding me? See one of those things get off an Adaptability-boosted Aqua Tail and then come talk to me, because trust me, I speak from experience when I say that it destroys things. Utterly.
Yes but not EVERY Unown has hidden power rock. Afterall, beautifly has much more uses. Practically ANY pokemon can learn hidden power.

but you're still missing the main point. unown ISN'T evolved. beautifly IS evolved. aka meaning it's at least a stage 1 or 2 NOT basic

if unown WAS evolved, then beautifly would be MUCH better than unown :)
I used Simipour and it wasn't half bad actually; it could at least outspeed quite a few things. All three of those are decently average pokemon, but there are just better ones out there.

I used Simisear for a good portion of the game and was amazing, until I got a Heracross on GTS Negotiations, which kinda put Simisear into retirement after I leveled the Heracross up some, an used one Protien, Calcium, etc.

Back on topic, I don't think that Herdier has very good stats, but when you try to get the stats up, and use good STABs, it can get quite powerful. But not for competitive play, defiantly.


Poliwhirl Enthusiast
Castform is such a waste of potential, they could have done some awesome stuff with him.


@ Missingno. Master: I'm w/ you 100%, wobbuffet is indeed tough to train, used it post-game i pearl, but its not bad at all, just have to heal it often. And i just used a dunsparce in my normal-only run on soulsilver, and did this exact strategy. And i agree w/ you on pretty much everything else you said, and you even backed it all up w/ great info/personal experience! refreshing to see someone who reads b4 posting.

@ meganiumfan1: unown and beautifly are both fully evolved cuz they can't evolve into anything, and beautifly is better than unown in every way i can think of, this argument has little to do w/ the topic

@ Maya The Awesome: ya, i used simipour throughout white, he did ok, i just don't like that he evolves w/ stone and cant get crunch until lv 40 or something and only in his 1st stage. Herdier, though, isn't fully evolved, unless you meant stoutland. funny enough, i used him the same play-thru as simipour. and he was pretty good actually. really strong w/ return and crunch, no way is he in the worst 6

@ Xadium: Might not be for too much longer, here's hoping for a new evo come gen 6, amirite?


Fear the dragon
Shuckle. The thing takes hits like some kinda nuclear fallout shelter and can switch massive defense with attack that might as well be zero via power switch to throw nukes around but it is just eh.......yeah


Fear the dragon
Hey, do not diss shedinja. Put it up against a kyogre with a pretty standard moveset. He is NOT a gimmick. Raise one to lv.100 like I did or read his POTW.


@dragonquester: idk what ur trying to say about shuckle, hahaha, obviously it has its ups and downs, but it can tank like crazy, toxic+rest, or any of its so called gimmicks can be used to some extent in-game, so i don't think it scores in the worst 6, not w/ those ridonculous defenses. As for shedinja vs. kyogre, good defense for it, but i doubt i'll be uing it against a kyogre, just saying, haha. same thing applies to anything it faces tho, if it can't hit it super-effectively, it won't die, don't worry, i'm not using him, anyone who says he's in the bottom 6 has issues.


Well-Known Member
Hey, do not diss shedinja. Put it up against a kyogre with a pretty standard moveset. He is NOT a gimmick. Raise one to lv.100 like I did or read his POTW.

Gotta remember that we're talking about in-game Pokemon here... I doubt you'll find a Kyogre anywhere in-game other than the wild ones. Shedinja is too reliant on the correct conditions to be reliably used - its effectively useless if the opponent has some hint of coverage moves.


<----Newest Shiny
Shedinja may be gimmicky on how its ability is used, but there is always a what if. What if your opponent's last pokemon has no way of countering Shedinja? You win the battle.


@ unredemption: you're right, it needs certain conditions, but in-game trainers, bar the elite 4 and maybe the gym leaders, have little to no coverage. they usually just have the pokemon's lv up moves. And roark is the only one i can think of that uses hazards, and nincada wouldn't have evolved that early in, so it's a non-issue. basically, he's gonna have free reign over anything except fire, ghost, dark, and rock types, which aren't alll together too common compared to the other types, except maybe rock


OK, so it looks like this thread is basically dead, that's fine, I've narrowed it down pretty well. Unless some new info springs up here's the team I'm using:

Ditto Unown, Delibird, Spinda, Luvdisc, and Smeargle

Ledian i'm leaving for the shear special bulk, on top of average physical bulk compared to the others listed here, not to mention baton passing swords dance and screen support. Probably the best imo, having not used any but Farfetch'd.

Speaking of which, dropping him due to him having tied for best movepool imo, tied w/ spinda, but farfetch'd has, albeit slightly, better atk, access to swords dance, and a second stab type.

So, I'm basically deeming the 6 'mons above as the suckest of the suck. Will be playing this on Platinum, if anyone is interested on my progress, questions on why these guys in particular, wants to know how i did when/if i finish, or really anything, feel free to ask, either here or pm me. Thanks to all of you who've helped me out w/ this, you've been great!