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Worst Anime Endings?

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
jyu-oh-sei, I don't understand what happened.
How do you not understand what happened? It's not that difficult to understand. Actually, it one of the shortest anime series that I've seen with a halfway decent ending.

Killer_Squirtle said:
dubbed ouran ending. Made my ears bleed!
Oh, let me guess! It's because they dubbed the song and had an American singer sing it! Oh curse the horrible fate of having your ears hear an anime song in English! Just because of that, the whole anime ending sucks. Oh darn.

Anime endings I hated? Hmm...

Black Blood Brothers is definitely one.
Okay, so Kotaro is Alice reborn...Jiro plans on giving back Alice her bloodline and so he's going to revive Alice through Kotaro and sacrifice himself?! NO WAIT. That can't happen, Mimiko's gotta do something...right? -series ends- WHAT?!?!?!? NO...I...what is this i don't even -

The ending of G Gundam could've been better.
I've seen so many anime where the main characters that are love interest kiss. Of course, it's always the young ones. I have no complaints about how CHEESY this anime is, and I love it anyway, of course. BUT...would it be so much to ask to have Domon and Rain KISS?! For Christ's sake, Domon went through so much sh*t to save her and the Earth and yet all they get is to fly off into the sunset together. ALL I WANT IS ONE FREAKING KISS! Is that so much to ask for?! D:

My top most hated ending is the ending of E's Otherwise.
So you have Kai, fighting the uber of all bad guys and all of his friends make it safely and live on, but no one ever knows what happens to him and the guy he was fighting? What if that guy lived and Kai just disappeared or died? Doesn't the fighting come back? Nope - just ends with the main female lead looking into the moon. WHAT?!

Wait, no, Get Backers is so much WORSE.
Okay, so...Ginji and Ban finally live through the memories of the Limitless Fortress, Makubex is nice again (hahaha, he pulled an Itachi!) and we know more about the people inside the fortress. GREAT. Now, about that Babylon City place...no, wait, you're going to end?! NO!! Wait! I need more male dramatics! I've never seen a shonen anime so pumped full of shounen-ai tendenies (even though it's not) that's this good...and you're going to end it like that?! NOOOO!! I want more, dammit! And I'm not reading that stupid manga; Don't make ME!!!! D:
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So Cool
I think Yu Yu Hakusho ending sucked. Hes on the beach with Kaiko and thats it? And he lost the big tournament? That sucks.


left. right.
Shakugan no Shana.
They could have shown more of an ending. I think the decision he made was right though.

It hasn't finished yet. XD; There's two seasons and I believe there'll be a third one because from what I know, the light novels are still going. Correct me if I'm wrong here, cuz I haven't gotten round to finishing season 2 of the anime.

And as for anime... Fruits Basket. Anime-only because I love the manga but I wish that the anime didn't have to stop so abruptly, even if it was due to Natsuki Takaya's arm injury meaning she couldn't continue the manga for a while. I think they should've put the anime on hiatus or restarted it when the manga was back on track, but it seems to be too late for that now.


Charmander! Yay!
Full Metsl Alchemist
Edward and Al looked so long for that stone and they just ended up on the other side of the gate, wtf?


Well-Known Member
daveshan said:
They're making a second season.
Not only that but the manga is 10 volumes long; a second season was on the cards from the get-go. They just took forever in making it...


Well-Known Member
D.Gray-man. It was even worse than Inuyasha's. They introduced a new bad guy, Cyril Kamelot, the Millenium Earl's human form, showed that the Noah Family were artistocrats, had General Cross leave for the Vatican, introduced a whole bunch of new plotlines about an upcoming war, and... The End.

At first I wasn't very pleased with Death Note, either, but I've grown to like it. I just hate how they changed the ending from the manga to make Light look more sympathetic.

I have to agree with Digimon 02. The entire season was crap, IMO. They were so inconsistant about that Black Ocean, cut the Dragomon plotline completely, and introduced random villains at random times for no apparent reason (Daemon). Then they couldn't figure out what else to do with the story, so they brought Myotismon back just to kill him off a couple episodes later. I liked 02, but those are just my few complaints about it.

Inuyasha, but I'm not going to elaborate. Its ending was better than D.Gray-man's, because at least it cleared everything up. Yeah, Kikyo and Naraku are still alive, but we pretty much get the gist of the storyline, and it ended on a good note.


Well-Known Member
Ending of Code Geass season 1. How dare they take away Lelouch's awesomeness when they showed what happened in the fight in R2.


3rd gen player
The ending of excel saga... im talking about the :"going to far" one and the nonfan service ending, but heck, excel saga is a random anime so idk


probably elsewhere
Digimon Adventure 02. Sealed too much, and everyone having a Digimon in the world makes it feel less special. I OBJECT TO THEM BEING EVERYDAY OBJECTS. Also randomly turning Yamato into an astronaut made me go "???" I dunno... too out of the blue. First season definitely trumps and, though I enjoyed 02 enough, would've been better off a stand-alone.

Full Metal Alchemist, in the first runthrough. Sure, it's nice they got together and all after Conqueror of Shamballa, but in the end Edward never got his full body back, like they promised eachother long ago. Hopefully Brotherhood will truly be loyal to the manga.


Well-Known Member
Death Note
But it was one of the best ive watched since i started =]


The Gazing Eye
School Days, mostly because I believe Makoto, Sekai, and Kotonoha should all die as so to complete some sort of twisted love triangle death tragedy thing..also so I don't have to see Kotonoha holding Makoto's....head at the end...
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Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai had a pathetic excuse for an ending. It was actually alright up until the last 3-4 episodes or around there.


I own the 5th gen
a lot of finite-episode adaptions of manga that're still running tend to end off pretty crappily. A lot of the time, they'll adapt the manga quite faithfully up until the last couple episodes, at which point the anime writers pull their own original plot point out of their asses and rush it to bring about their own conclusion to the story (I have not read Tokyo Underground, but I get the feeling this was exactly the case with the anime up until the characters fell into the ghetto). Then there're those adaptions that conclude open-endedly... though I guess it's not too bad when they end on a cliffhanger or some other pull suggesting either there'll be a sequel, or if there isn't then you can continue the story in the manga.

But off the top of my head, I think the worst ending was from Venus Versus Virus. They defeat the villain and... that's it. They just roll the credits afterwards, no epilogue or anything. The villain just evaporated in a flash of light, here's a very brief shot of the main characters reunited, the end. Now, VVV was a pretty crappy anime as it was... the only thing really interesting about it was Lucia's character design (and I guess a couple of the villains' designs to a lesser extent... opening and ending themes were pretty cool too, though none of this is anything to write home about). Though Lucia's interesting character was highly contrasted with Sumire, whom has got to be one of THE dullest girls I've seen in an anime (in both design and personality). But in spite of its flaws, I was still expecting just a little bit more from its conclusion.
I agree with you about Soul Eater.
I actually liked how the main character won with courage rather than some super ultra special superpower attack. But there was no closure to the series at all. We don't find out what happens to half of the main characters.
The series just ends with Maka, Soul, Death the Kid, Liz, Patti, Tsubaki and Black*Star. D:

Fruits basket also had a pretty bad ending since nothing was really wrapped up. There were way too many unanswered questions left and the whole zodiac never was shown (horse and the rooster).