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Worst/Hated battle in Anipoke History

Pokegirl Fan~

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Ash vs Elesa lmao


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Ash vs Elesa lmao
Case closed lol
We've had a lot of shitty battles, but I really don't think this one can be topped lmao, it has ZERO redeeming qualities
Atleast Ash vs Cameron had good animation and Pignite Chad
Trip vs Ash....Ash wasn't a total loser?
Leon vs Alain..... that end bit animation was nice
Ash vs Roxie..... Iris and Cilan were cute while cheering
Ash vs Tobias...... Ash took out two legendaries
Ash vs Alain.....insanely well animated
Ash vs Hapu...... The strats had atleast some basis
Ash vs Hau....Ash still won
Ash vs Drasna.....The writing for the mons was still cool despite the shitty choreography and animation

But Ash vs Elesa is just horrific
Bad writing, mediocre animation, no funny moments, no cool moments, Ash winning feels like more of an insult, the strats make me wanna bleach my eyes, etc. Etc.


Legends Arceus is a masterpiece & SV will be too!
Also, while I still believe Ash vs Elesa is the worst
I do want to mention this horrific fight as well that I don't see brought up much

Ash vs Morrison
I'm sorry but that episode was bad. Morrison sacrifices half of his team for such a contrived reason and poorly baked plot, Ash still almost loses showing Morrison is definitely better, animation is awful, strats mid and an awful end to a shortlived and anti climatic rivalry

Oh and also Ash vs Ritchie was bad, but atleast Charizard was funny


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Alain vs Leon. I honestly don't think a match has been this despised since the Kalos League finals (ironically)


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kind of sad the only unova league battle Ash had that was decent was against Stephen.

though outside of the tournament, Elesa wins hands down.
I agree. Ash vs Steven was a great battle. It’s such a shame his best (and only good) battle was with the rival he interacted with the least. Ash vs Elesa is definitely up there though


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Alain vs Leon. I honestly don't think a match has been this despised since the Kalos League finals (ironically)
Ash vs Alain was actually a pretty good battle, the only problem was the result as there was so much hype that Ash would win. Atleast it was a hard fought battle that recognised the strength of both Charizard and Greninja, and gave some pretty cool feats to Pikachu.

As for Alain vs Leon, we already knew Leon would win and would very likely embarrass him and yet it was still disappointing, Alain's Charizard got no respect at all aside from beating a Rillaboom that was already weakened. That battle definitely fits here, although I agree with Ash vs Elesa being the worst.


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I actually don't mind the Elesa battle too much. It was meant to be humorous and not taken seriously, so I can forgive it for making Ash dumber than usual. This wasn't a case where a character was stupid for the sake of making the battle tougher or easier.

Speaking of characters being stupid for the sake of making the battle tougher. Cameron threw a Swanna at Pikachu and a Ferrothorn at Pignite, just so Ash wouldn't lose 2-6. And it's so weird that Ash didn't just go "Well, let's let Cameron get a sixth Pokemon." No. The match was weighted in his favor unfairly, he was basically fine with this. Cameron threw freebies at him. They made Cameron, a character dumber than Ash by default, even dumber to make Ash look better.