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Worst/Hated battle in Anipoke History


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I'm sorry, but like, I prefer Vs Cameron over the battle from today. Ash vs Cameron was literally a rebooted Ash vs A Moron, and it still managed to be entertaining in some aspects, animation was good enough, and the choreography made sense for the skill level of both characters at the time, as Ash was rebooted and Cameron just sucked.

The battle may have been a 5v6, but given how Ash was literally using Pokemon like Unfezant over his big hitters from Unova like Krookodile and other competent battlers like Leavanny, it made enough sense for me. Granted, the battle was still horrible, but today's battle just sucked beyond everything I have seen in years in the anime.

High expectations and potential contributes to bigger disappointments, and it's much easier to get disappointed with the strongest trainer in the world vs the one rival that Ash never managed to beat than two newbies fighting each other because naturally, your expectations for the battle will be much higher than usual.

In this case, Leon used G-Max Rillaboom for no reason, and it ended up contributing nothing to the battle other than not allowing him to utilize G-Max Charizard for what would have been a legitimately great and entertaining confront between G-Max and Mega Evolution, but instead, they presented no good justification as for why Leon used G-Max at that moment, other than once again showcasing just how much of a horrible Gimmick it is within the anime, not hitting Chesnaught with a single move, and having its moves blocked by Spiky Shield or dodged.

I'm not even hellbent on Leon using G-Max Charizard over G-Max Rillaboom, but rather about what was the reason for him to do so at the very beginning of the battle, that just felt like lazy writing and lack of effort when it comes to even make a nice choreography for a battle that ended up being horrible in every spectrum of the word for what should be the beginning of the tournament with the highest stakes for Ash up to this point, at least from what they pretend within the narrative.

But yeah, if Ash vs Cameron was a 5/10, this was a 4/10 easily. Both battles sucked and had horrible decisions, but this one, in particular, was a worse offender due to how much narrative weight it should have for the tournament and series in general, nice one writers.


Ash vs Snivy
It's understandable due to Pikachu losing powers but it's still one of the most infamous battles in the series and left a pretty bad first impression about BW


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By sheer numbers, Ash vs. Alain gets to be the most hated. Never have I seen like 800 people in this specific subforum at once. The outpouring of salt from across the world could give every animal who ever lived a heart attack. Twice.


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I don't think it can be Alain because it was really well-animated and good, culminating in an awful decision

Elesa is a good call, but I always hated the 6-on-3 battle with Roxie.
Cameron also bad.

Oh yeah and Pikachu vs Snivy was dumb but the lesser-hated Pikachu vs. Panpour from a few episodes later was also outrageous


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Ash vs the Kuku professor from sm
I didn’t watch most of sm but ppl told me to watch that battle cuz it was good, but I was very bored with it and fell asleep constantly while doing so. No joking
I don't think you even watched their full battle....
Because you want write bad about something SM that make annoys to SM fans.
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For me personally, it's the Lake Acuity battle.

For the fandom at large, probably Ash vs. Alain, even though that one is actually good. Before that happened, it was probably Ash vs. Ritchie (worst anime referee ever) or Ash vs. Cameron or Ash vs. Elesa (dumb character decisions).


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Last week's episode took the cake for me. Tho Ash vs Cameron is a close second and previous champion, since it was a mess in every sense of the word, i don't even know where to start honestly. Ash vs. Faba and Ash vs Hau were pretty bad aswell, with Ash vs Faba being treated as a literal joke and Ash vs Hau being extremely unfair to Hau in my opinion (he genuinely felt like the strongest trainer for the vast majority of the fight).

I don't think Ash vs Kukui is the worst, but i do get where jane is coming from, i don't think she is obligated to like that battle just because others praise it, as it had no stakes, felt dragged out not really in terms of how many episodes it took but how slow some of that scenes felt, didn't exactly inspire any emotion, the Incineroar battle was really underwhelming and the strongest threat and most interesting opponent in that fight wasn't even a pokémon that he trained, acting more as a battle of it's own than part of Ash vs Kukui (hence why i would much rather praise Ash vs Tapu Koko, than Ash vs Kukui). That said, it did have nice animation and it's obvious they put the most effort on it, tho i still think Ash vs Gladion was probably the best fight in that tournament, as it didn't feel dragged out, there were actually stakes and it felt more emotional as it was the first time Ash won the League, even if they could have made it more by actually including something like a scene where all his companions were watching him.

Overall, Ash vs Alain was probably the most hated when it came out, mostly due to it's outcome. Personally, i thought it was one of the best fights, but i do have my grips with it, like them not presenting at least one more pokémon before, other than Metagross and his ace Charizard. It's nice that they kept some things a surprise, but we didn't need to be that surprised.

There are others that i might've forgotten to be honest, probably due to how boring they were (to the point of making me fall asleep). BW battles were pretty dull (and Pikachu vs Snivy was just ridiculous), tho i think Iris' battles were pretty nice for the most part, even if her goal progression wasn't exactly the greatest. JN has a serious problem of trainers one-shotting (or nearly ohko-ing) everything, so i can't say i found a lot of those fights interesting either. Other than that, Morrison's battle was extremely annoying, as his personality was unbearable and his refusal to attack Ash made no sense, considering he certainly must have fought other friends by that point and he didn't even know Ash that well to begin with lol
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For worst.....I'll still give it to Ash vs Elesa just due to how irritating it was, but Ash vs Alain probably wins most hated for the fandom at large considering the salt (even if I personally think it's one of the best). Alain vs Leon in a vacuum isn't terrible but the show doesn't exist on a vacuum, and all the factors going into it (lack of Ash-Alain interactions, half an episode of screentime, stomping, bringing back a character Ash has unresolved business against just to job to someone else) make it stand out really badly.


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For me its Ash vs Nando. Mostly because a lot of the battle was missed. Especially Quilava vs Armaldo. It had only become a quilava just before and then most of its battle was skipped. Plus Nando was an established character so I wanted to see the whole battle