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Worst/Hated battle in Anipoke History

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Cameron. That was just insulting to watch. Lucario went full on Super Saiyan for absolutely no reason at all and it wasn’t the evolution process that caused it either as Sabrina’s Kadabra evolved mid battle but it wasn’t OP as it seemed as Ash and Pikachu never really had a battle with a Psychic Pokémon and it’s trainer and Sabrina had an extremely close relationship with Kadabra that it just appeared to be super strong.


Well-Known Member
Ash vs Cameron.

If they wanted Ash to lose against Cameron, they could have had him lose in a regular 6v6 battle, or even better, have Ash also agree to use only 5 Pokemon (As he's always been someone who likes fighting fair).

The fact that they had Cameron come into the battle forgetting a pokemon and then have Ash use 6 and still lose to him, was just humiliating and disgusting. I really wonder what the writers were thinking when they wrote that ****.