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Worst injury?


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The time I droppen a glass on my toe and the nail turned purple and fell off a few months later. Which I may have mentioned before.

Ahh, I've squashed my toes in my shoes, so this is what my nails are like now lol.


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Well....considering i've broken 15 bones in the last few years(6 in which were within a 9 month span) due to my osteopenia...I'd have to say when I broke my growth plate in my foot for a second time after walking off a sidewalk twisting my foot(yeah that's osteopenia for ya) a few weeks after I broke my other growth plate in my foot from stepping in a shallow hole. I was in a above the knee cast on one foot, and a ankle cast on the one I had broken a few weeks before. Fun huh? x3


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I only have one leg.

Basically, a few years ago I was running through this field. I ended up tripping over and getting a severe knock to the head. I passed out. I must have been out for a while, because when I came to there was a combine harvester in the field. I tried getting up but as a prank my friends had tied my shoelaces together. The combine harvester came closer and eventually it was too late, I managed to dive out of the way to save myself for th emost part, but my left leg was caught up in the almighty teeth of the metallic beast. I recovered fully in the end, sans a leg, and the farmer was truly sorry for my lots, but yeah.

That is the worst injury I have ever gotten. And that's why I can't play pool anymore.

So you fell and got knocked out and your friends, instead of helping you, tied your shoelaces together? You need some new friends


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I broke my 5th Metacarple (hand bone, there your pinky knuckle is) and had to be in a splint for a few weeks (during powerlifting season too RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)

I also have received multiple concussions. I would say about eh, 6 good ones and a few very minor ones. All of them were to an American football related activity. My last one I blacked out on and I don't remember **** from it. Apparently, from what I was told, I was getting yelled out as i was just laying there. (this was 2 years ago in sophmore year)

Knocked me out of football. But I'm glad I'm out of it anyway; our football program is full of tyrants at my highschool anyway.


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I fell and smashed my face into a glass table. Cracked my skull in a few places. I still have a scar over my eye. It looks pretty cool though so it's all good.


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My soft-hearted friend was about to get beat up by a bully, I punched him in the face before he had a chance to attack. He broke my leg ;~;
Also the same soft-hearted friend was about to get stabbed in the arm with a pencil. I dived in a put my hand in the way, bleeding hand...
The same bully broke my left hand a few years ago (different incident, and left is my writing hand) so I was behind at school.
Other than that, NM xD


I broke my index toe acting like a hooligan backstage in the dark. There is a reason why I wear boots at work now. I've burned myself a fair amount too, either by being a naive cook or by handling hot lighting equipment. I actually don't have feeling in parts of my hands as a result. I've got knee problems too, I don't know what brought it on, but I wear a brace when I work now.

I've slammed my head on enough things it would probably be safe to say I've had concussions.. Once I was sitting on a pipe grid about 10 feet in the air, lost my balance, smacked the back of my head into the wall behind me and landed on my back on a pipe below me. I'm amazed I didn't fk myself up, I was working alone too, so if something had happened..

The only other thing that comes to mind is a sledding accident when I was little. I crashed headfirst and got a pretty bloody lip. Amazingly I did not break any teeth or my nose, and I didn't need stitches, but I did sever my frenulum (the tissue that connects the upper lip to your gums). For several weeks after that I had trouble eating a lot of foods. By doctor's orders I had a steady diet of pudding, jello, and ice cream. I was fine with that.
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The worst injury Ive gotten was a broken thumb during football 2 years ago, I hated the tiny cast I got plus the fact I couldnt grab anything
In Grade 4 I fell while running on ice, and broke my right arm. What's bad is that the duty's didn't react even though I screamed at the top of my lungs, they just turned and had faces like this: -_-'' I had to get up and tell them. (they don't recommend getting up) After that, I had to get used to being in a cast for a month or so and write with my left hand.

Also in 2005, some fat kid crashed into me while I was going down the water slide at a water park. I was going at regular speed, he was going really fast. We both collided, I ended up being knocked out, the fat kid wasn't hurt at all! It wasn't my first time being hit by someone at a water park, when I was 3 a 10 year old pushed me and I ended up having a broken leg because of that.
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When I was in the 4th grade, I ran into a hitch of a tractor going 40 MPH and broke my leg, and almost ripped it completely off. Apparently my leg was stuck in the hitch so they had to detach it and take it out at the hospital. I don't really remember anything past me hitting it.


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when i was 7, i was at school sitting on a wobbly baseball bench. my fingers were like, under the bench? (i can't really describe it, i was just gripping onto it i guess)

anyway, it shifted, squished my pinky finger and ****ING that hurt. there was bruising or bleeding under my nail so basically it was all black where the nail bed is usually the flesh colour. ahaha it was terrible. :[

i don't get hurt that often if that was my worst injury.


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i was 14, and i was skating,
and i was in the ramp and my friends told me i could get 150.kr ( Swedish money ) if i did a special trick in the ramp that they was gonna

and i tryed, and it ended up that i ws at the hospital a few hours later...
i had broke my left arm and got a big injury at my b*lls :(

but they do work fine now ^^;
Luckily for me I'm extremely durable so even though I've been trampled by a horse and had a cliff colapse on me my worst injery is a knife wound which wasn't entirely my fault.


I had a mechanical pencil jammed in my palm, lucky for me it was my writing hand! That was the best week of school ever.


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I have a couple that I can't choose between. I snapped my femur falling onto a slab of concrete my seventh grade year, and my freshman year I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus by taking a blow to my knee in a JV game of football.


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I split my head open when I was like three.. I was running around and I ran into the edge of the wall and had to go to the hospital to get stitches afterwards it wasn't pretty.
I had a mechanical pencil jammed in my palm, lucky for me it was my writing hand! That was the best week of school ever.

I've had that done to me with a wooden one. It was hanging from my palm, and my teacher thought it was a trick. lmao. I still have the graphite mark from it. I went home early. c;