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Worst Moments of XY(&Z)

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Ash got 26 years, Liko won't, recency bias fanboys
Well yeah, but considering Ash is the main character I'd say his amount of progression each season contributes to the overall season's quality. And the fact that he made runner up is a bug plus for me

Considering they practically gifted him that second place automatically so he could fight Alan in the finale I cannot really be happy about that.


-The one who FINALLY got some vacation-
For me XY is near on the same level as AG. While there was no BF there was a better badge quest with less filler. And an improvement over BW which wasnt also as bad as the whole OS.


Pikachu Fan
Can't we all just agree XY is a huge improvement over BW? At least Ash had progression this season instead of regression

not really, the gang chemistry is too great to be a background fooder and the sidekick battle record is suck, so from the sidekick side imo is such a regression
for me BWDA and XYZ is same level for now , i'll give XYZ plus because the pikachu early treatment and the ketchup thing


Grass type FTW
I dont know if to consider it as "worst moment", but i dont know what was the purpose of Super Flying Cut if it wasnt even used once after its debut episode.


Pokèmon Master
...the moment Ash gained these traveling companions.


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The worst part of this saga was that the XYZ season be so hasty because affection the development of Master Class Serena and also Kalos League.


Fastest thing Alive
-The whole second part of the Kalos League Finals between Ash and Alain has my eternal hatred for obvious reasons, but ESPECIALLY Deus Ex Charizard X. I mean seriously, WHAT THE HELL, WRITERS?!
-I found the Showcases to be a bit bland, to be honest.
-Goodra and Noivern getting the short end of the stick in the Kalos League. Why bring Goodra back if he's not going to accomplish anything, writers?!
-Ash being captured in the Team Flare Arc only to break himself out in the very next episode. What was the point of having him captured, again? To bring him to Lysandre?

New Konoiche

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I don't often post here, but this topic definitely sparked my interest. Overall, I really enjoyed XYZ, probably more than I have any Pokemon series in a long time. That said, it definitely had a few glaring problems:

1) The treatment of Noibat/Noivern - Easily the worst development of any of Ash's Pokemon even though he hatched when Ash only had four other Pokemon! I can forgive the fact that he didn't win very many battles, as he was a baby, but why didn't he get more than two episodes of development? And more importantly, why didn't he have any personality? Like, at all? Such a waste of a perfectly cute/cool Pokemon...
2) The treatment of Goomy/Goodra - Unlike Noibat, Goomy did have a personality, but not one that I liked and although he was around for, like, 15 episodes, he still got more screen time and development than Noibat. And leaving him at the swamp (even though I didn't like him) also seemed like such a wasted opportunity.
3) Serena's Eevee - I like Eevee as a species, but Serena's was annoying and got way too much screen time. How many times do we need to see it act shy around new Pokemon? Or run away because there were too many people and it got scared? I mean, its not a BAD personality, it just go old after awhile.
4) Serena yelling at Ash for daring to be upset that he lost a gym battle/couldn't make Ash Greninja work - Rant incoming! This was the worst moment for me, bar none. "The Ash I know is always positive and never gives up!!!" So, being angry/upset and wanting time alone for, like, a few hours makes him suddenly "not Ash anymore?" Um, way to deny his perfectly legit feelings, Serena (especially considering that he's, you know, 10)! But that wasn't the bad part, oh no. The bad part was that her "pep talk" about how its absolutely not okay for him to have any negative feelings what-so-ever actually WORKED! Okay, so yes, maybe I'm projecting a bit, but I hate, hate, HATE when media for children spreads the message that its not okay to have "negative" feelings. Maybe the show didn't mean to imply this, but that was still the nasty implication that came across. I mean, did we learn nothing from Inside Out?


Lover of underrated characters
Let's see....
Ash losing to a Gary Stu in the League, said Gary Stu didn't even have a purpose OR reason to be there.
Goodra coming back and not even getting a single win. Noivern not getting to shine in the League.
Not being able to see any of Ash's battles against COTDs fully in the League.
Trevor and Tierno getting shafted after Sawyer came into the picture and becoming canon fodder to other characters in the League.
Team Flare not ending sooner, just dragging on the only awful team Pokemon ever made.
Showcases and how they were handled. The concept was good but they handled it awfully. Serena needed to lose on her own, and bringing back Nini for a rival was just awful. She already had Jessie, Miette, and Shauna. She didn't need FOUR rivals. And also how we didn't get to see Jessie win keys 2 and 3, she just showed up in the Master Class.
Bonnie episodes..... all of them. None were good and I certainly won't rewatch them.
"Releasing" Goodra..... pointless.
Having Team Rocket fight Team Flare with only two Pokemon that can fight.... unfair, there is no reason they shouldn't have had more Pokemon by that point
Talonflame hogging all the Gyms and Noivern not even getting ONE Gym fight to his name. Hello? It is part of Ash's personality to call out type disadvantages in Gyms, he's done it before and he should have done it with Noivern against Wulfric or make it a Noibat/Greninja tag team with Olympia


Well-Known Member
Here's another one I just remember. Goodra vs. Slurpuff. In an otherwise great battle between Ash and Sawyer, this match up was so dreadfully boring. They just stood in place and exchanged attacks that either hit or collided. There was no movement or strategy. It was one of the most boring battles in the XY series.


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Having Team Rocket fight Team Flare with only two Pokemon that can fight.... unfair, there is no reason they shouldn't have had more Pokemon by that point

Truthfully I was disappointed when TR (and most other side villains) just went overall to being outmatched and always losing easily to the twerps by XYZ. Even when it wasn't a curb stomp battle, some plot armour moment would twist it around so the twerps always won effortlessly. Why exactly? I thought by BW they had learned people would stop rooting for Ash's team if they were never made to work for a victory.

I mean Serena's team aren't even good battlers (they cowered from battling MEOWTH when it looked like it was actually going to be even handed) and yet they've won just about every match they've had without taking a hit. Am I supposed to think these guys are competent and well trained just because things bend around for them all the time?
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Whenever Ash appeared onscreen.
Whenever Alain appeared onscreen.
Whenever Sawyer appeared onscreen.

Also Waifu Wars I guess.

U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
Whenever Ash appeared onscreen.
Whenever Alain appeared onscreen.
Whenever Sawyer appeared onscreen.

Also Waifu Wars I guess.

What about the times Clemont and Serena appeared onscreen with no dialogue or credible actions?


yes I'm back
*Waits for Janovy to respond*
Believe it or not, people watch this anime for more than just Ash.


Not being able to see any of Ash's battles against COTDs fully in the League.

THIS ^ I felt like he reached the semifinals too quickly because a lot of battles were omitted. And given the fact that it was his highest ranking thus far in any league, I expected something on reaching it.
Man, just the league episodes itself had many things I didn't like. A lot of Pokemon kept getting KO'd and I expected more from Pokemon who helped their trainers get all eight badges.
Plus I disliked how Ash was ok with losing - I was more pissed for him lol. At least tear up or clench your fists or something THAT WAS YOUR DREAM dammit Ash. He was more upset losing his eighth gym battle which I don't understand :confused:


SM Ash = New Ash
Believe it or not, people watch this anime for more than just Ash.

People may not watch the show only for Ash, but Ash is still the main reason, since the anime is about his and Pikachu's story. Basically, completely ignoring Ash and Pikachu would be like ignoring Charlie Brown in Peanuts.


Ace Trainer
Pretty much everything revolving around Serena. I've never been this frustrated with a female character in this series since Misty and that was years ago.


Well-Known Member
For me:
- Too much spotlight on Ash, which detracted from the others development as characters (especially in the first forty or so episodes). Even now, I feel most of their development are pretty lackluster (not terrible, but could have been so much better). By extension, I wasn't big on the chemistry between Ash and his companions. Due to their lack of development at times, it made their usefulness as a whole just feel (at times) nonexistent.
- Bonnie centered episodes. I found them uninteresting and pointless for the most part.
- Serena's character as a whole and everything surrounding her character. I don't hate Serena by any means, I feel her character never lived up to what it could have been. Showcases were horribly bland and poorly executed. She never came off as a truly competent and legit Pokemon battler, and her never seeming to have to struggle is another thing. Makes it even worse when sometimes her battles are left unfinished. I don't think her crush for Ash hurts her character, but I was never into (what I considered) a one-sided interest. While she isn't a satellite character I felt the season sometimes portrayed it as if Serena was only there for the shipping (which sucks since this goes back to how she was neglected screen time quite often). She just could have been written a lot better. She isn't a terrible character, but she just could have been so much more. Then there's her not even having a goal for the longest time.
- The league in general. I didn't care one bit that Ash lost, as I fully expected him to lose. It's the way he lost that could have been written far better. Then there's the fact that the league in it's entirety was pretty lackluster imo. Then there's people like Trevor becoming straight fodder.
- The abysmal treatment of Noivern and (to a lesser extent) Goodra. Goodra's departure didn't really mean much in the end scheme, especially since it returns only to have a poor performance. Then there's Noivern, which some of it's losses can be explained to inexperience, the league would have been great to give it a decent showing. Definitely one of Ash's most poorly treated Pokémon.
- The group worshipping Ash. It was pretty annoying.
- The rivals were pretty bland this time around.
- Amourshipping would have meant more to me if there had actually been more mutual development of it.
- Ash's quests to conquer gyms being rushed and not handled properly.
- Korrina arc was pretty bad


Well-Known Member
Serena didn't really get much of a payoff in the Team Flare arc. Sure she was motherly to Maron, but still got sidelined. Even with a decent ending, her development still feels unsatisfactory.

I'm also mildly sore they didn't let Meowth do anything badass compared to his teammates, both in that arc or the whole region (usually he gets at least one or two token battle victories per series, e.g. the Plasma finale in BW). As good as TR were in this series, it seemed the one he was most commonly just standing there while Jessie and James did everything. His competence in the showcases compensated a little however.
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