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Worst Moments of XY(&Z)

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Litleonid, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. sandtreamftw

    sandtreamftw On and Off Trainer

    Sorry, but I thought it was one of the cringiest things to come out of this series.
  2. Kazuki Mirai

    Kazuki Mirai Well-Known Member

    Man looking at this thread makes me realize how much writing in this series has deteriorated so badly.
  3. noakai

    noakai Well-Known Member

    It was a pretty rough series overall. Lots of stuff early in the series that you can remove with no real story difference so it could have been spent in better ways, taking forever to really give Serena something to do and then her fading to the background by the end anyway and her Pokemon getting the shaft too, Clement's development getting dropped like a hot potato, a lot of Ash's Pokemon not getting much development or outright getting jobbed, the league itself being a mess where screentime was wasted on characters nobody cared about just to show off megas (in fact Trevor/Tierno's screentime was mostly just to show off megas the whole time), Ash-Greninja having a rather meh explanation and possibly being written out at the end anyway (and it getting development at the expense of Ash's other Pokemon), Ash only having one real emotional arc in 3 years....the list goes on. I would personally add that I don't think the group relationships themselves got much development - how many times have Clement and Serena spoken outside of battle exposition? How close are Ash and Bonnie really? - but that's a personal thing. And I know people would add Alan but to me his writing actually makes sense, the problem is that they prioritized Alan's arc over Ash's so he gets to win the league and save Chespin etc while Ash doesn't even though Ash is supposed to be the main character.

    It had some really great stuff and I enjoyed a lot of it but being better than BW as a whole isn't hard to begin with and I think it being better than BW and Ash not getting turned into a complete moron + a canon crush + the battles looking so great + league hype made people think it was better than it actually is. All of this stuff we're seeing at the end of the series that people don't like isn't coming out of nowhere, it's extensions of things they've been screwing up all series imo.
  4. satopi

    satopi Go’s Scyther is indestriketible! <3

    Your whole post is an absolute win. I completely agree but just wanted to point out a few things.
    Ash and Bonnie's relationship is actually the most intimate. If you group their limited moments together, they're really sweet and I enjoy when they interact. It's handled a lot better than Serena's crush as a whole. :)

    Alan is the Hidden Protagonist. It's no secret that everyone on the anime staff loves him.
  5. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    And let's not forget the cheesy scene involving Fennekin and some mud out of all things. That episode as a whole was just awful in my opinion. I'm sure they could have demonstrated Serena's bond with Fennekin in another way that was not something silly as getting dirty.
  6. KungFuMaster

    KungFuMaster KungFu Zen Mode

    And they decided to give him a party? ROFL

    Still convinced it's a birthday party because there's birthday cake
  7. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "How did I know that would be your reaction?"

    By including a birthday cake, they are clearly violating the laws of passage of time in this universe!
  8. KungFuMaster

    KungFuMaster KungFu Zen Mode

    Huh laws? Since when there are laws in Pokémon? Since when did birthday cake became something of time? Since when is Dialga involved into birthday cakes?
  9. Ashton Ketchum

    Ashton Ketchum Well-Known Member

    Ash's and Serena's failures in finales. That killed all chances for perfect end of Ash's story!
  10. DankOverlord

    DankOverlord Komodo Dragons Rule!

    They never had achance since Ash was obliviosu as always and Amour never developed at any point asde from a one-sided crush
  11. 345ash-greninja

    345ash-greninja Assassin Kid

    Ash losing the League. With all his maturity and competence in this series, he deserved to win the League 100℅. I personally felt that Ash's character development in XY reached its absolute peak, especially his maturity and battling skill, so Ash should've won the Kalos League and his story should've ended in XY, with SM having a new protagonist. After 20 years of the Anime, I feel that it would've been better to end Ash's story in a series where his maturity and competence was very high by making him achieve his goal and leaving on a high rather than continuing with him in the SM anime by completely rebooting and resetting him.
  12. Genaller

    Genaller May 16th 2016 - October 12th 2019

    Ash loosing the league. I wasn't able to get off my bed for the rest of the day after seeing that. Honestly, if SM reboots Ash both skill and maturity wise, I'm just going to make a headcannon that Ash won the KL and is currently training for the champion's league. I sincerely feel that by the end of Ash's OS->AG->DP->XY progression he had achieved skill on par with those of the regional champions and really only needs to further train his Pokémon in order to match them in battle. Heck I even believe that GPICSS as they are right now could take any E4 member.
  13. KurashiDragon

    KurashiDragon Well-Known Member

    Worst moments...... hrm.

    - Goodra being released / coming back - Much as I like Noivern, there wasn't very much for it to do at the time it was caught. When it was caught, it was newly hatched so it couldn't properly battle for a while. Not only that but 2 of the 3 remaining gyms were gyms it had a type disadvantage against so even if it did battle, it definitely wouldn't have been a gym match. (Maybe if they had subbed out Talonflame for Noivern in the Olympia match...) And then to add insult to the injury that was ash's team synergy, Goodra came back for the league for no blatant reason. They seriously couldn't give ash another Pokemon? I like Goodra but it wasn't trained for 3 gyms so it went into the league underpowered as heck. To make matters worse, Ash got it back during the Semi-finals so it had barely any chances to shine and the few times it got a chance, it couldn't do much of anything. I feel like the writers changed Ash's team midway through the last few badges due to Goodra's popularity. It's fairly obvious given how badly they messed these 2 up. -_-

    - Rivals - Ok, the 3 mini rivals. I could understand Shauna and Tierno being semi-rivals sense that's what they were built up as but I honestly could've lived without them, if Shota had come into play earlier in the series, i probably would've liked him more than an "......eh". I did like Alan though. Quick controversial note; I don't mind that Ash lost. Kinda wish it was less one sided though. Seriously, why did they make Charizard X so blatently OP in the finals? -_-

    - Lack of League love - I think the writers were on something when working on the league because it's quite clear that not much effort went into it story wise. It's barely cohesive, jumps to far ahead in to short a time, and gave far to much hype for to little a pay off. (EVERYONE WAS EXPECTING ASH TO WIN! Much as I don't mind that Ash lost, I was still expecting him to win in the end. All the pieces were there. Ash is competent, Ash-SmogonFrog being amazing, the Furfrou trainer interaction, LITERALLY ALL HIS POKEMON (save Pikachu) WERE FULLY EVOLVED! If there was ever a time for Ash to win, it would've been the Kalos League.) What this botched league tells me, is that far to little care went into it. All the care went into the Team Flare arc and I do like the Team Flare Arc. I'm just sad for the league is all. Such wasted potential.

    - underloved Charizard-Y - This is more a personal bias than anything else. I like Y's sleak design. Y actually looks like the proper Zard Mega Evolution. I like using it in battle. It was one of my megas in my first y playthrough. I liked using it competitively when I still played showdown. I just really like Y. I don't really hate Zard X but it's to fan pandory for it's own good. -_- From the very start Zard X was a fan pander. So much want for a dragon type charizard. The internet cheered for 40 days and 40 nights when it was first announced. Then it was suddenly everywhere. Smash Bros, Origins, mega evo special. Then in the anime, when Zard Y finally got it's time in the sun, (See what I did there?) It got freakin ONE SHOTTED by Zard X. ;_; No love. No Respect. Zard X is the superior Zard mega now and forever.


    I really do like the XY series. It was clear from the start that this season was Special. Everything was on point. Animation, Story, direction. Yea, there were a few hiccups (Serena taking forever to figure out what she wanted to do only for it to really just be gimped contests was the biggest flop at the start.) but overall it was very much solid. I was very much on the anime hype train. For sure this was gonna be my most favorite season. Then the ending was botched and all my hype has kinda faded into a middling....... it's pretty good. I wanna see them try this whole thing again, honestly. It feels like they can do it right if the drugs are given to them AFTER the series ends instead of in the middle of it. Then again, SM is a comedy. I'll be looking at that one with cautious optimism. Emphasis on the CAUTIOUS!
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
  14. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    THIS. I agree with EVERY word.
    The 2 things I didnt like about XY is :
    - Iris not showing up.
    - 2 Pokemon being released (AT THE SAME EPISODE)
  15. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    A lot of the first half of XYZ was totally monotonous formula, what with TR's constant superfluous interruptions and 'Dodge and signature attack' spam battles that almost played out the exact same way in Pokemon, attacks and order.

    I don't know if Serena actually giving Braixen a proper entertaining to watch battle style in the third to last episode of the entire series was a redeemer or the writers just trolling us after all this time (especially since it was against an opponent she almost certainly couldn't demonstrate much effectiveness against).
  16. My least favourite?

  17. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ There's no tina

    First 40 episodes of XY, too much Ash and Serena was background fodder and Amourshipping was focused on too much. Also Ash taking over some of the Serena episodes.
    The Korrina arc.
    The filler episodes.
    Rivals were badly handled, but I do like how Sawyer's ending was handled and Alan was decent too imo
  18. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    Yes, the dub was horrible lol. I watched the subbed version
    Yes, Korrina arc for sure. It was so un needed and could easily focus on Serena instead.
  19. mystic9899

    mystic9899 Pokemon fan

    i still cringe at that pr video episode
  20. I only watched the mega OVA dubbed.

    Then I watched it subbed the moment I found it.

    The choice of voice actors was so much better in the sub! Daigo's voice is completely different in both versions, and I found myself loving the sub for plain suiting Daigo as a whole more.

    Every ep since I have watched subbed.

    Oh and let me put it this way.

    Part 3 dubbed. That scene in the Devon Corp between Alan and Manon was meh.
    Part 3 subbed. That very same scene gave me chills.

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